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I would love for our Troops coming back from battles to really not have to endure PTS.....but I'm concerned about this. I believe that PTS is something that happens when someone goes through life changing events and in these cases they are brutally hard core life changing events. Imagine being in battle and killing and maybe even holding your brother who was killed...that is tough stuff to go through and things Veterans will never forget. They serve under ROE that has caused many of their brothers/sisters deaths and prevents them from winning this war and many times the battles. Then they come home to a country that the civilians allow their government to use them as expendable political pawns.

From what this article says, it will remove fear. Everyone that loves a Veteran that had boots on the ground in battles outside the wire knows of the sleepless nights, the dreams, the self blame, the felt survivor guilt etc. And it's brutal! Will it help in that? But, will it totally remove fear to the point of more deaths on the battle field? Fear is very healthy in battle I would think. It seems to me it would be helpful to keep them alert, sharp and prepared.

Then how will this communist government of ours use this against our troops upon return? I foresee this as a tool that will be used by them after our troops/veterans return home to label them and then keep their boot upon our Veterans necks. I foresee nothing good coming from life altering chemicals being pumped into our Troops bodies.

Then I think about the Communist Goals For America.

1963 Congressional Record of the Communist Goals for America

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture--education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.



It's a breakthrough that could help thousands of American soldiers returning from dangerous deployments. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe they may have discovered a way to create a vaccine that could prevent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"What it's going to do is that they'll still have perfectly strong memories of the event. They just won't have the bad health consequences," said Ki Goosens, an assistant professor of neuroscience with the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

you can watch a news interview on video here.

The key is a lesser-known hormone produced by the stomach called ghrelin.

"One of the really interesting things about ghrelin that was sort of unexpected...was that the background levels of ghrelin go up if an organism has experienced a period of prolonged stress," Goosens said. "So the more stressed you are, the more ghrelin your stomach will churn out and so in that regard, it's a stress hormone."

During experiments, researchers found rats given a drug to stimulate ghrelin levels became more susceptible to fear -- but by blocking the receptors, the researchers reduced fear.

"We have a rat model of PTSD and what we show is that rats who've had a prolonged exposure to stress are more likely to have very strong fear memories when they encounter some sort of trauma and that's the same kind of relationship between stress and trauma that we see in people," said Goosens."Our work actually suggests that if you knew somebody was going to be potentially exposed to a trauma, then putting them on a drug that could actually block ghrelin might actually lower the incidence of things like post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression."

MIT researchers are now working on a clinical trial in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

"It's sort of like discovering this whole new seam of biological molecules to study to see if manipulating them in some way has clinical effects," said Dr. Mireya Nadal-Vicens of the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders at MGH.

"We work with veterans returning from the Gulf Wars, or primarily Iraq and Afghanistan," explains Nadal-Vicens.  "The possibility of giving someone, a soldier who is vulnerable or not vulnerable, that's one of the things we're going to look at, to give him a vaccine and have him go off and possibly prevent the formation of PTSD, which is really one of the big issues that we're struggling with with the returning veterans."

Goosens views the development of a preventative strategy for treating stress-associated disease as huge leap forward. But MIT researchers also have reason to think that that blocking ghrelin might be something that can be done after people have suffered a trauma.

If so, the number of people helped by these findings could potentially expand to include those that suffer sudden unexpected trauma, like a terror attack, or extended periods of extreme stress, such as rebuilding after a natural disaster or surviving child abuse.

"This could represent a place where, with medication, we could help people undo the effects of pretty severe exposures to difficult social situations so it could be very promising," said Nadal-Vicens. "It could be something that we think about for all sort of individuals at risk and seeing whether we can produce long-term or intergenerational effects."

However, the goal is not to change someone's personality or erase a bad experience.

"Our work is not trying to generate people or animals that are fearless or somehow get rid of their traumatic memories," Goosens said. "What we're trying to do is simply prevent those traumatic memories from leading to post-traumatic stress disorder." 

Molly Line joined Fox News Channel as a Boston-based correspondent in January 2006.

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So it is not to erase a bad experience, it is to cause an un-natural reaction to said bad experience. Sounds to much like attempting to turn our fighting troops into machines with little or no feeling at all. It would be all to easy then to declare them mentally disabled because they would no longer have the ability to care what happens. War is supposed to have these adverse effects, it is what should prevent most from going to war without exhausting all other options. Only problem is the ones who decide when to go to war and make up the roe have no clue about what war is.

For years our government has used our service men to experiment on...without their knowledge of what was actually being done to them.  Remember the "mad" scientist that invented Frankenstein?? Remember Hitler and his insane experiments on the Jewish people? Scientists today make big bucks working for their governments, none of their experiments are FOR the people. It is all about the take over of the world by the elitists. Our politicians are responsible for what happens to the American people, our service men, and our country. If they say they do not know what is going on, they are either stupid, or they lie. MOST of our politicians are very good at telling lies. Lets face it, they get a lot of practice when running for office.... 


They do not do testing like they did a few generations back; now they don't bother...they just fake the paperwork.

I personally believe that this is just another 'mind control' event and will not benefit any veteran whatsoever.

I don't trust this what-so-ever....Genetic engineering to say the least....What effects is this vaccine going to have on the children of these veterans?  If you can't tell me what the long term effects are, I wouldn't take it.........It is another attempt at MKULTRA mind control experiments...BEWARE !!!!

Maybe our government people, such as Congress and those in the White House, should be given the first batch of injections and wait 10 years for the test results before injecting our military personal, Paul. 

Semper Fi!  GySgt Thomas Lakin, YSMC Retired

Hey Gunny,  That just might be whats needed, maybe a little dose of Thorozine as well !!!

Thanks for the information.

Most of what is published on the MIT New Tech blog is speculation about technology that might happen, and often does not happen.  I remember reading the highly enthusiastic reports on such failed companies and their technology as Fisker, Solyndra, and others. So the operative word here is "possible".  Researchers will say anything is possible to get funding money.  It does not mean that the research work will ever result in anything that can be used. Chances are that if they get some results that they can put into use, we will never know about it if it does the evil things discussed above.  It will be passed off as something else, unless someone blows the whistle.  

This would be great news indeed if there were clinical trials with 95% or better favorable results.

I would like to see a little more time & $ spent on viable treatments for those who have already been diagnosed and are "difficult to reach" while in treatment, remove the potential lables for as well. The VA has a great track record of masking the disease and pumping vets full of pills to dumb them down and keep them subdued. I was treated for 10 years with a max dose of drugs, finally seeing little relief I quit taking them and went to a civilian Dr. who immediatle recommended I stop the VA meds and try another; within a month it was like Dorothy in the Wiz of Oz, opened a door and it was all technicolor again. Final Report from Mayo Clinic neuro forks stated "over medicated and under treated"; worst of all, I had a claim denied as comp guy sid there is nothing wrong, despite all the medication. I have refiled as FDC using Mayo data and also filing an 1156 against comp guy. This is an area that should be studied, competience of those being paid to provide care and treatment of those who missed a preventative vaccine.

What happened to you is like so many other things that go badly when government bureaucrats and technocrats make decisions. There may be some good doctors in the VA, but by working there, they have to obey the rules, and those rules are most likely designed to keep them from getting blamed, not just to cure the patients. . 

Kind of sounds like the VA doing lobotomies on 'shell shock' victims after WWII to "cure" them. I think I'll deal with my PTSD on my own and leave MIT and the other government funded research groups and obastards to their own resources. They have already figured out ways to take our guns, ammo, now working out our money,( just a little bit at a time from retirees). They keep on and they will soon piss off enough of us to really start some trouble where some might even go out and vote. I do know for certain that rallies will be starting again in Florida's 1st Congressional District after the 1st of the year. Here we go again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

As a veteran, a Marine who has seen his share, is fortunate enough, or "Blessed" to be able to deal with these issues, and help others deal with them, I understand what is at stake here, and I would like to hold hope.

     At the same time, nothing that has been done by deliberation in government in the past couple decades has been well considered from the perspective of the Soldier or Marine going outside the wire, it is all seen as a "government problem" or a "community problem", people outside, looking in to the lives of those suffering, and desirous of imposing peace on them, rather than finding root causes and helping to find a place of peace for such people to find their own way to live in.

      I have no trust in a society which drugs its weak, its elderly, to keep them quiet and out of sight, not while the same society actively pursues some, like my wife, who has been gracious enough to take on the Gulf War syndrome I have, and share, who has been mis-diagnosed for the first decade, and improperly treated, and now is being hounded by that same government agency which never followed the doctor, but sees my wife as "a potential drug addict, and is bound and determined to reduce her dependence on drugs", even as she lives with multiple sclerosis, for life, and will never be better than today, and will ever increase in pain, in loss of control of her own life, and will only continue down this path, unless a major break-through is found.

      No, I don't believe in such a drug, I've seen dozens of drugs tested, hyped by different agencies of government, I've been the victim of one commonly used for mothers giving birth in the fifties and early sixties, as both my sisters are, they born with hypo-thyroid problems, not noted until my younger sister was reaching puberty, causing sterility in my elder sister, also in myself, and treated which allowed my younger sister to have two children, and reach her normal height.

      The government is always looking for drugs which allow control over people while keeping them smiling.  I will never forget Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest", if no other drug will work, there is always the wonder drug, high voltage.

       The most crucial problem is those who start, cause, and foment wars are seldom forced to take the front lines, and live in what they produced.  The best solution to war is to ensure those fomenting, are first to fight.

       Thomas Jefferson never left off his statement "every generation or two needs to have revolution, to clear out the evil, the dead wood, and to re-ignite the fire of liberty in the bellies of people, bored, and falling for ease".  he wrote about it constantly, in dozens of phrases, in many ways, but always pointing back to the fact men will get lazy, we will allow others to rule us, if they do so gently, with love, apparently, and it is only when they feel no need to coddle that we feel the real truth of who and what they are.

       Any love for Hilary! out there right now?  Those who say yes in their hearts have lost all their soul.  We are in the fight of good and evil, we have been for all time, but it comes to a head from time to time, as we reach points of no return, and we have all the example of good before us, and every sign of evil, equally to be seen, all that matters is the choice we choose.

     I live a life in part determined by the drugs the government considered necessary for my survival in the Gulf, in the event chemical and biological weapons were used, or I were exposed.  I have shared my "Gulf War Syndrome", with my wife, my daughter, my son, and my dogs.

     Government drugs are for the convenience of the government, and they seldom accept responsibility for the outcome.  Remember, "I'm from the government, I'm here to help".

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

p.s.  six months after my father-in-law died from the impact of agent orange on the whole of his body, thirty years lived wracked with pain, my mother-in-law got a check from the government for her husband's illness, his pain and suffering, and while I was grateful for this last benefit for a woman also wracked with pain, and suffering, I am still angry government denied any real help until my Brother in Arms, Marine, Father, grandfather to my children, died. jem



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