I do not presume to be leading anything or anyone but myself.

Momentum is ours.  Bama looks like the cheap marxist thug he is. Democrats are leaving obamacare in droves. Black people are standing up to the democrats it seems, for the first time since Jim Crow laws. The youth are rebelling against the powers that be. The silent majority is no longer silent. American conservative groups are all going to be there.

The ideas about what are going to happen in DC are all over the board. From a full assault (thankfully this is minimal), to a giant rally that's so impressive that all our leaders will all resign in shame. This last one seems to be the prevailing thought in all the posts.

Are we going to DC to stand there and be so impressive that bama immediately moves back to HI or Kenya or wherever? Because in my mind it would be a complete waste of time to expect his admin and our congressional traitors to just give up because of an impressive rally.

That kind of rally would not be momentum. It would be ceased momentum. It would not remove anyone from office, and it certainly would not conclude with the likes of Soros being kicked out of the country.

If you are under this 'impressive rally' idea, I ask you to reconsider what is happening here. OAS is the center of America's gathering momentum. Momentum accomplishes the things we desire. Not camp-outs.

Think of it this way. What if Aragorn and Gandalf had brought their armies to the gates of Mordor, held a rally for a few days and then left. Those we oppose do not love or respect us, nor do they intend to give up power over us because we threw a picnic. They have no integrity. They don't even respect those in their own crooked ranks, let alone the rest of us. They hold us in contempt, and sit in rooms devising ways to do the devil's work to the rest of mankind. They have no other desire than to control everything about us. Like Sauron in Mordor, they will not yield so easily.

Momentum gets things done, and we have it. A rally would not accomplish any more than to give us a reason to complain that the media never cover it.

So, what exactly does everyone think is going to happen when we get there? Are those of us who know what is going to happen, trying not to say it loudly for fear of jinxing it? If true, then so be it.

But if you are under the impression that we are going to DC, willing to crap in plastic bags, sleep on the ground, and have no speakers or leaders because we want to have an impressive rally with some good chanting, think again. 

I'm going to DC to get things done with momentum. Otherwise it will just be a rally.

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Agreed. Ants don't  talk much about details either....but they tend to get the job done. 

Momentum needs multipliers to keep it going. New ideas are multipliers keep them coming. The more ideas we come up with the more interest they generate the more people it will bring on board.



great point. the dynamic development of OAS seems to be thriving on new ideas.



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