Constitutional Emergency

Happened in Macedonia - testimony in court: 

EXCERPT:  "During his testimony, Ukshini admitted that the US Embassy in Macedonia, OSCE officials, top US and British commanders at the NATO base in Kosovo knew of the planned attack in Kumanova.

Ukshini stated the US Embassy and OSCE guaranteed their "safety" prior to the terrorist operation, adding he was surprised the Macedonian police refused orders by the US Ambassador Jess Bailey and later OSCE to halt the assault on the terrorist group.  Shefket Kolach had direct line of communication with the US Embassy and OSCE, admitted Ukshini.  The obvious question is why would a terrorist have a direct line of communication with a foreign embassy and OSCE officials?

This is precisely what the US Ambassador in Macedonia was trying to prevent, this sort of information getting out.  Ironically, literally everyone in Macedonia has knowledge of this, but it is different when this is stated in a Court testimony, makes the US Ambassador and essentially his old bosses at the State Department complicit in a terrorist attack."

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Judicial Watch is now on this case:

I think the problem in this war between the parties is for example if the left feels their beliefs are correct explain why their beliefs are correct and show evidence of it through priori examples. I believe if you took the liberal belief on just about any issue and looked at it logically and took it to its end result (Socialisum for example) people could readily see the fallacy in their beliefs. What's the end results of open boarders with out vetting? What's the end result of fighting a war and not defining the enemy? What's the end result of not only allowing illegal immigration but providing them with financial aide, health care and food assistance ? What's the outcome of not using the resources that are available within our own nation? What is the end result of not allowing ALL citizens the right to self protection? I could go on and on but their beliefs are not being challanged. I think all problems can be boiled down to two categories. 1) Not knowing the Truth 2) Knowing the Truth and turning away from it. If what you believe is the Truth you should be able to show some proof why it is true. The left is getting away with not having to answer the hard questions. I believe many of them know the Truth but they would rather serve the lie because it is more benificial to them. The liberal citizenry I think for the most part just believe the lie. No one took Bernie Sanders to task and ask him to show by past examples why Socialisum is better than free market capitolisum. They simply wrap their incorrect beliefs in a coat of good sounding words (equality, freedom to act however you please even if it means killing the unborn, taking all weapons will result in peace and less crime, etc). It might do well if the right called the left to task on on their beliefs. For instance Chicago has been run by Democrates for decades, they have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation however, their economy is in the toilet and the murder rate is the highest in the nation.
To me.... The left cannot stand and show that what they believe is not only not true, but it will eventually destroy all who act on their beliefs.

You're right Michael, The left knows what they are pushing is all lies, Socialism and Communism does NOT work, and they know it, but they don't care,,, They don't give a damn, that's Your problem........
As long as they end up at the top - - - In control of everything, (especially the Money) And as long as they end up with absolute power over everything, they don't give a damn if the rest of us starve to death or get shot in the streets,
The Second Amendment was specifically written so the common people could protect and defend themselves against an tyrannical Government. The left knows this, and they are scared to death over it. It's why they keep pushing for more and more gun controls. They don't give a damn about Chicago murder rates, As long as they can take the weapons away from any one who might use them against them, the dictators and tyrants in power.
And they also don't care about killing a few diplomats and Ambassadors either. As far as the left is concerned Russia could go right ahead and rebuild the entire USSR Soviet Union if Putin wants too.
If you and I end up under the wheels of a Military truck or a tank that's our tough luck,, just as long as we can't shoot back.

U.S. Gives Soros Groups Millions to Destabilize Macedonia’s Government

Even as we pursue the truth about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails from a recalcitrant State Department, we are learning of another of the department’s nefarious activities. Our Corruption Chronicles blog has the story.

The U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia by colluding with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. Barack Obama’s U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess L. Baily, has worked behind the scenes with Soros’ Open Society Foundation to funnel large sums of American dollars for the cause, constituting an interference of the U.S. Ambassador in domestic political affairs in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

The cash flows through the State Department and the famously corrupt U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID), which is charged with providing global economic, development and humanitarian assistance. USAID has allocated about $5 million to leftwing Soros groups in Macedonia since 2012, documents show, and at least $9.5 million has been earmarked by the agency to intervene in the Balkan nation’s governmental affairs for 2016-2021. State Department figures have been tougher to come by and Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the numbers. Judicial Watch also fired off a public records request to USAID because the preliminary figures, obtained through various sources in both the U.S. and Macedonia, appear to be incomplete.

Here’s how the clandestine operation functions, according to high-level sources in Macedonia and the U.S. that have provided Judicial Watch with records as part of an ongoing investigation. The Open Society Foundation has established and funded dozens of leftwing, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Macedonia to overthrow the conservative government. One Macedonian government official interviewed by Judicial Watch in Washington D.C. recently calls it the “Soros infantry.” The groups organize youth movements, create influential media outlets and organize violent protests to undermine the institutions and policies implemented by the government.

One of the Soros’ groups funded the translation and publication of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” into Macedonian. The book is a tactical manual of subversion, provides direct advice for radical street protests and proclaims Lucifer to be the first radical. Thanks to Obama’s ambassador, who has not been replaced by President Trump, Uncle Sam keeps the money flowing so the groups can continue operating and recruiting, sources in Macedonia and the U.S. confirm.

With a population of about 2 million, Macedonia has one of the more conservative governments in Europe. This includes the lowest flat tax in Europe, close ties with Israel and pro-life policies. The country recently built a border fence to crackdown on an illegal immigration crisis that overwhelmed law enforcement agencies. Between 10,000 and 12,000 illegal aliens were crossing the Greek-Macedonian border daily at the peak of the European migration crisis, a Macedonian official told Judicial Watch, and the impact was devastating. This is likely of big interest to Soros, a renowned open borders advocate who pushes international governance, diminished U.S. global power and an increase in Muslim immigration. Soros spent tens of millions of dollars to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Just this month Hungary’s prime minister lashed out against Soros for funding groups to secretly influence the country’s politics. “Large-bodied predators are swimming here in the waters,” said Viktor Orban in his annual state of the nation speech. “This is the trans-border empire of George Soros, with tons of money and international heavy artillery.”

This appears to be the case in Macedonia with the help of American financing. There have been a number of violent protests in recent months that have been coordinated by Soros’ Open Society Foundation through its U.S.-funded NGOs, sources tell Judicial Watch. Some U.S. members of Congress have expressed interest in the issue and have demanded answers from Ambassador Baily, USAID and the State Department. In typical fashion, the State Department has stonewalled the inquiries and USAID hasn’t been much more forthcoming. Last month Utah Senator Mike Lee sent Ambassador Baily a letter asking questions involving the U.S. Mission to Macedonia’s involvement in the political process and its connections to the Open Society Foundation. It’s unlikely that Americans will receive answers, especially since Baily is probably on his way out. The fact remains however, that millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have already been spent on this illicit operation and the government agencies need to be held accountable.

It became increasingly clear toward the end of the Obama administration, as it gave up all pretense of being a traditional administration operating somewhere near the center of political thought, that Rules for Radicals was its guiding bible.  Our new secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has his work cut out for him.



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