Constitutional Emergency


Watch los Zetas kill Mexican women after stripping their tops down so their breasts will be exposed for this video they shot of this mass murder WITH OBAMA AND HOLDERS FAST AND FURIOUS MILITARY GRADE FIREARMS! As you watch this remember the POS POTUS and POS DOJ seat GAVE these weapons to these murderers who killed these Mexican women and many many more Mexicans!

I didn't expect to see their heads chopped and sawed off. BUT people must look at / watch what they have allowed Obama and Holder to get away with and what is still going on because of Obama, Holder and Fast and Furious! Those Mexican women would want every one to see this and stop it so their female family members won't go through this! Think about it....Obama and Holder used YOUR/OUR money to make this happen!


Also remember a while back I said something about no consequences from Issa's hearing and folks jumped so quick to tell me I was wrong. No consequences ever come out of any of Issa's hearings. They are smoke and mirrors.


Do not try to make me remove this because YOU don't want to look at it. Will you become the like the German self-titled Christians and sing hymns and look away? Imagine the sound that God hears...That shame won't sound like God honoring hymns!


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They don't care.

I am so sorry Twana, I could not look at them being killed, this Country must wake up...Or it will soon be us in the firing line....

God hlep us!

I think the garden have filled itself with the weeds that ar not cfavorable to the Flowers of the USA.  Time to figure out a way to weed them out.  The idea is based on the saying, "How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time

How do you clear a garden,
"One weed at a time".

This is but a tiny sampling of the real War on Women.

You can add to the list sex trafficking of young girls and the so-called "honor killings" of innocent women by the so-called religion of peace.

I don't know how the the so-called women's movement in this country can remain so indifferent, so silent in the face of these horrors.

The American Communists, Democrat Socialists and Republican Progressives? Their silence is understandable; this blood is on their hands.

Watch it, once, twice, as many times as it takes until you accept that the powers behind this have no souls. This si what we are up against.

Truth is hard to witness, brutality is real, and it is happening, just think, right to the South of us. People feel very uncomfortable witnessing the true facts, that by not acting, by not resisting, not fighting back, what can happen.   Better turning their backs, and denying the obvious, that things will "right themselves", "just go away" and in the video regarding Germany, where the ignorant Masses listened to Lies, lies like we have right now, and through their extreme lack of knowledge, they voted for the Lies.  Well, we now have a Country in utter Chaos, and a great Healthcare System being destroyed, and still the Crowd in DC is, for the most part, running around saying "I don't know", "I didn't say that" "how did this happen" "It is working".  Collectively, how dumb are we?



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