Constitutional Emergency



By J.B. Williams
February 17, 2016

The simple fact is… these globalist media controlled circuses we shamelessly call “debates” are much more akin to a cat fight at the local tavern, after a couple liquored up street hookers get into a brawl over who gets the last $20 John of the night…

These commercial events we call “debates” are designed to make every person on the stage look like an idiot… and so it should surprise no one that every event ends with every candidate on the stage looking like a lying, back-stabbing, self-indulgent egomaniac that shouldn’t be entrusted with the job of local dog catcher…

The phrasing of every “media controlled” question is designed to make each candidate turn their guns on each other, circular firing squad fashion, for which, the media moderators will then gleefully basque in the afterglow with the full knowledge that they had achieved their lofty goal of making everyone seeking the Oval Office, look like a sandbox full of preschoolers.

What a ridiculous way for any intelligent society to choose a President, Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world…

Having established this as the foundation for this discussion, despite the embarrassing media behavior and the even worse behavior of the “stacked audience” in the room at last Saturday evenings so-called debate, these were not the most offensive moments in GOP debate history. Even the repeated use of the word “liar” was to be outdone.

The most offensive moments in GOP debate history came from none other than the two U.S. Freshman Senators in the race… neither of whom has the constitutional right to even stand on that stage!

In a failed effort to honor the just deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who had just been found dead in his resort hotel room earlier that morning, Senators Cruz and Rubio sought to “make political hay” on the death of the Constitutions best friend on the High Court, both acting as if they are themselves “constitutional originalists” like Scalia, as they stood on that GOP debate stage in direct violation of the Founders clear “original intent” of the “natural born Citizen” clause in Article II.

By “natural born Citizen,” the Founders certainly did NOT mean “anchor babies” via 14th Amendment naturalization, as is the case for Marco Rubio, native born on U.S. soil, but to two foreign Cuban citizens at the time, who eventually naturalized to the USA four years later… nor did they mean a person “born Canadian” who remained a legal citizen of Canada for 43 years, until he decided to seek the Oval Office with NO proof of legal U.S. citizenship of any kind, as is the case for Ted Cruz.

On the passing of one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices in U.S. history, two ineligible frauds seeking the Oval Office from the U.S. Senate tried desperately to ride the coat tails of Scalia’s death to the lofty status of “great constitutional originalist…” – a term certainly befitting Justice Scalia, but in no way suited for the two frauds illegally and unconstitutionally seeking the Oval Office today.

The mere fact that the Republican Party would even allow the two frauds to enter the race, much less stand on that stage and compare themselves to a true “constitutional originalist” like Scalia, on the day of his untimely passing, makes this event the most offensive moment in GOP debate history…

The Republican Party is now officially no better than the Democrat Party, which defrauded the American people in 2008 and 2012 with their support of “the first black president” who happens to be neither “black” nor “natural born American.”

Trump calling both Cruz and Rubio “liars” is the understatement of the century…

The truth is… Trump and Carson were very likely the only two in that room last Saturday night who were telling the truth… nearly everyone else in the room is a “liar…”

For the record, legal scholars are NOT “constitutional scholars.” Quite the contrary actually… they are experts at undermining and usurping constitutional law via their use of British Common Law tactics they learned in Law School.

History Scholars are Constitutional Scholars…. They are the people who have studied the historical foundations for everything our Founders created, everything that appears in our Founding documents, everything that is the foundation for American freedom and liberty.

99.9% of all modern day lawyers in the USA do not know and even more importantly, do not care about the foundations of freedom and liberty or anything in our Founding documents. They were taught in Law School that “they are the law of the land.” That they get to establish law by merely “setting a precedent.”

In the good old days, they did this via “case law,” court decisions. But now they think they can do it by mere opinion letter… Just like Obama thinks he makes law by Executive memo.

And, too many Americans are none the wiser today… finding themselves convinced that someone with no U.S. citizenship authentication at all (Cruz) would make a great president!

Caught in lie after lie after lie, Cruz supporters now demonstrate that their problem isn’t that they don’t know Cruz is a fraud, it’s that they do not care.

The RNC is worried about Democrats lining up behind Hillary and Bernie, two communist criminal idiots when in fact, they should be far more worried about the fact that they cannot line voters up behind any one GOP candidate, due to their massive effort to mislead and divide their voters over the two RNC insider ineligible candidates…

Now, are Beck, Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Kelly and O’Reilly as ignorant of the Constitution as they appear? Or, are they really nothing they appeared to be, before exposing themselves as mere RNC stooges in the 2016 election cycle, standing up for obvious frauds like Cruz and Rubio?

Our Founders were not extraordinary men… they were 56 ordinary men who somehow came together, set their differences aside, and stayed in the room long enough to somehow complete an extraordinary act that could never be accomplished today, or maybe ever again.

The American people will be foolish to ignore these foundations, as without them, including Article II eligibility, they will have no sovereign nation, no security, no freedom and no liberty. May God help those too foolish to help themselves!

© 2016 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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If you read all of what I've posted it lists the dates on which this was changed.  Whether we like it or not, the Supreme court hears specific cases and makes decisions which automatically change the meaning of what is written in the original Constitution.  I've listed all the information.   I'm thinking it was 1868 but don't have time to double check that.  I'm sure you've heard of the 14th Amendment?  It is easy to find on google.

Loral, this is all hogwash, I'm sorry to say.  1) The 14th Amendment does not talk about 'natural born' citizens.  It only talks about citizens.  2) The definition that the constitutional Framers were going by when they put that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY; because of its sensitive nature, particularly for the occupant becoming as well then the Commander-in-Chief of the nation's military forces - was based on the American common law, or Natural Law, of the day, as codified in de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law'.  That material defined an nbc AT A MINIMUM as one born of a citizen father of the soil.  (The mother was considered legalistically as One with the father.)  This eligibility requirement HAS NEVER CHANGED.  Such a substantive part of the constitutional contract can only be changed by a constitutional amendment.  There has never been one of those on this subject.

Although actually, both current major political parties tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08, to get just such an amendment started through Congress (the different proposals all including this common-denominator specific requirement) - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this specific issue.  So: They both KNEW, what this term meant.  And means to this day.  The current Usurper in the office notwithstanding.

Who needs to be brought to justice on the issue.  And fast.  Before it's too late to save the federal constitutional Republic of the U.S.A. from the hijackers who are trying to do it in - from both sides of the political aisle.  The New World Order being a combination of socialism and fascism.  Another, though extremely related, subject. 

The ONLY LAWFUL way to change the Constitution is by amendment, no other way. The 14th only applied to freed slaves & scotus justices should be impeached

Loral, your position is Absolutely FALSE. So you believe every piece of tripe you read on the internet? Then you have no need to be here as you are beyond hope.

Really? Show me where in the Constitution is says that? You are also confusing native born with Natural Born. also no need for a parent to be Natural Born, you need two CITIZEN parents at time of BIRTH. they caan be naturalized before birth as well.

Thank God there is someone else out there that understands Natural Born Citizen! I no  longer feel alone

the unholy act of scotus set in motion America's course to destruction..Obama's administration has assaulted Christianity

in every venue  .the repeal of DADT , has demoralized the military , hundreds of worthy general officers were sent to

early retirement. perversion / drug use at every turn , ..

this nation is controlled / exploited / manipulated by global elite society using your government as  lackeys.

as i have stated and now JB Williams writes, RINO debates are designed to ensure no honest person ever becomes POTUS,

further , that any candidate participating is a duped idiot.

this nation has become the 21st Century SODOM and GOMORRAH.

The Constitutionally run Country, America, has been undermined by those self seeking leftist types. Nobama has, in fact, set a prescient by his illegally taking a victory as President of a Country which’s foundation was set up against such a power grab. He broke the rules, and the mold of the unconstitutional victory of a non eligible to win the election of our President’s chair. Nobama, however, did not do this feat alone, he was pushed, shoved, and heavily funded, and shoehorned in by the powerful elite, to groom him for that win. He had a amazing slogan, “ Hope and Change”, we are going to “fundamentally transform America”, then immediately after his election vows were lied, had ALL of his pre President records sealed. Then said “ We re no longer a Christian Nation”. Did we vote for Barack Hussein Obama, or did we vote for the late non great, Barry Sotero?.
How does it happen, that any individual running for the Highest Office in our Country, and the ability for a complete takeover of it, is not even required to show a true Birth Certificate, his Social Security card, furnish all documentation of his lead to that position, and not have to show proof of all passports he has traveled under, and to where?.
Our Constitution gives a full breakdown of who is eligible to run for the office of President, qualifying age, and a Natural Born Citizen. How can it be that these proofs are not required to be furnished, and fully examined, before any candidate for the position can legally run?.
The voting eligibility laws say a person must be 18 years of age, and a Citizen, for the right to vote in this Country, so how is it we cannot verify that they meet these requirements?. Because their feelings will be hurt, or they will feel as if they are being treated racially ineligible, or they are being profiled?. The Constitution is quite clear on both subjects, so how do so many slip through the cracks. Then there is the electronic age, where we vote by computer. ANY computer can be hacked, and set to do what the hacker wants it to do.
How do all of the Military votes, just simply disappear and cannot be counted, while the elections are just held without them?.
I say, any who register to vote, must prove they are legal to vote, both Citizenship and age, to be able to register. Once registered, a person may vote, but ONLY if they are registered in the National registration registry, sign in, and are then marked as voting. We have been ruled unconstitutionally for over 7 years now, and I am tired to death of it. How can a President take the oath of office, to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies foreign or domestic, without legally being arrested for treasonous acts, when they deliberately go against that founding document?.
And finally, how does a President manage to make laws by executive order?. Does this not take our house and senate approval for it to happen.
How can 9 people who are supposed to be Constitutional scholars, be appointed by a President only, serve a lifetime in that office, instead of having a term, such as 4 years, with 1 more term, if voted in by the People. Since the SCOTUS is the last stand, on a constitutional issue, should not we make sure that they are rotated by vote of the people, so that one President cannot get a solid majority there, which serves him, instead of the People they are also sworn to protect, along with the Constitution?.
Many questions, few if any satisfactory answers. These are the exact ways Dictatorship is attained, and the peoples become merely subjects. We do not have a lot of time, people, to take our Country back. We must do so by any means necessary, or we will be sheep, and our leader will be the bad shepherd. We will weep bitter tears, but too late.
Excellent article, and oh so very true. It seems at times that it is like watching a boxing sparing match, rather than a debate for President. We the People need a selection of moderators who will ask the questions we need to hear, from each and every candidate. We need to hear all of their standings on the issues, and what they would do if elected, to change them for the better. What they would do to bring our Country back to the people, and whither or not they have what it takes to respond sensibly to our enemies, even if it requires conflict. We do not need another scared little boy, who believes that peace can be met through kindness, to those who swore to kill all infidels. We need a true leader, who can and will take the advice of the many expert advisers in their individual fields of expertise, weith their thoughts with their own, and take action accordingly.
This I can say, without hesitation, Justice Scalia will be sorely missed, and I fear in the very near future, he will be missed even more, as a replacement is picked. I see a Muslim in our SCOTUS future. There is one in about every other critical office within our Government, so it stands to reason that his pick would be the final nail in the American coffin.

I would like to offer my most heart felt condolances to the Scalia Family, and many friends. We have also lost a strong voice for conservatives, with his passing. I do hope that in the not too distant future, justice will come to all of them, and resolve of a definite mystery.

Trump is right though they do stack the audience b/c they want JEB OR KASICH BUT IT SEEMS THEY ARE SETTLING 






Why can't we get this out on twitter ? Write what is in article 11 . people do not know. And you know why ?
Because our school systems have to be torn apart and put back together.. Our teachers should have to sign that they will teach without personal opinions.. of their own. Kids know nothing .. about civics.. nothing about our country anymore.
They do not know what it means when you say what is the capitol of a state.. .! How to elect a president./
These kids will be running this great nation some day... and the last 20 yrs have been a wash out , for education.
So now we have ignorant people going out to vote.. ... they judge it on color,,, what kind of clothes they wear..? and Everything , other then integrity, honesty, and protecting our country.
Obama never protects us... he cares more about bringing more people here to America , that hate us and want us dead.
then allowing us to live free, and with out fear. its just disgusting.. everyone feels like just giving up. thats why they want Trump.. at least ... he will fight for us... and not care about politics.. Thats the reason for his rise.! people are sick and tired... period.

Hell, the only difference anymore between the two parties is the name-lawyers controlling lawyers run by lawyers paid by lawyers with lawyers making rules. We the people have no control over any aspect of controlling government any more.It has turned into the government doing whatever it wants!! Even the vote doesn't matter, when the two party candidates are the only ones on the ballot!!



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