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Use any of the information below to help with talking points in a call or use as your own to send a letter/fax, etc..............      Find your representative or call the capitol switchboard and ask to speak to your reps office  202-224-2131

December 22, 2014

TO:  Republican and Democrat Representatives,

Subject:  Removal of Rep Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Speaker Boehner is doing great harm to the nation and Republican Party.  Blood flows as weak leadership continues to drag America toward total destruction.

Two huge issues, more than any others, prompted Americans to turn in droves to the Republican Party in November 2014 – Barack Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional executive action to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and the deliberately deceptive restructuring of America’s health-care system through Obamacare, which threatens to completely unravel the greatest health delivery system in the world.
Before the election , virtually every Republican running for Congress solemnly vowed to STOP this lame-duck president who is so determined to do whatever he wants, the Constitution be damned – while essentially daring Congress to "Try and stop me."

NOW YOU HAVE THE POWER, RIGHT AND DUTY TO STOP HIM. But it won't happen with John Boehner leading you. You know this to be true. The trillion-dollar budget deal is just the latest proof that Boehner is not capable of leading the House to victory during this critical period.

Speaker Boehner must be replaced. Please do your part in making this happen.

Our country's future depends on what you and the other House members do right now.

The people you represent and the nation are watching.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

111 Overview Drive

Crestview, FL 32539


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Unfortunately a lot of the people they elected may not be much better than what they replaced. An elephant pin on the lapel is no guarantee that it is worn by a patriot constitutionalist.

Totally Agree!

WE THE PEOPLE " need direction... to do this... what do we do ???
we are all frightened to death at the loss of this great country..! and where is our so called leader... taking a 7 million dollar vacation with all his cronies. while the fires burn .
Tell us what is our first step !!!!???

Nancy, it is time for all of us to be leaders. We can't rely on Government. Gather your friends and neighbors. If you have friends that are Veterans get them involved. If you have too shame them into complying. The Speaker has to go! That is step one. If no compliance, we converge on state capitals, pitchforks in hand. Watch Washington State in January. They will be setting an example. We need to follow suit.

Don't hold your breath!!

It's easy to find your rep's contact information. The Government lists them all.

Now the next question is - are there better way to contact these people?

The answer is yes, each one of them now has their own campaign web site, and every one of them has contact information listed on those web pages.

Copy and paste this letter into your word processor, add your name to the bottom of it and send it to your rep at both locations.

I just sent mine to my Rep.

Will you?

I just sent mine. Had my husband sign one too. Called all my friends and neighbors to do the same.

Replace both Mitch McConnell and Mr.Whiner, they are old establishment Rhino's and both need to be removed. Offer Trey Goudy to Speaker of the House and Offer Ted Cruz as Senate Leader. If we can't do that, then a Call to Arms is in order because obviously, we have no leadership and we can't wait for another two years for BO to complete his term and the do nothing House and Senate to sit on their hands pointing fingers at each other while BO continues to destroy our society and more than likely, execute Martial Law on the American people and declare Congress null and void, while he declares all American's terrorist and destroys the rest of the constitution and invites the UN to execute gun consfication in this country with the UN troops already hidden, but readily available when called into action.

WWW.COSACTION.COM -----> I Concur !

I will not support an Article V Convention of the States. This particular section of the linked article was written by Publius Huldah, who is stated to be a constitutional attorney and blogger for Freedom Outpost:

"In the only other Constitutional Convention, called by delegates from five states in 1787 for the purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation, the delegates “ignored the rules (set by the Continental Congress) and wrote a whole new Constitution,” Huldah said.

She says the new Constitution ended up being a brilliant document, thanks to the leadership of brilliant men.  “But we don’t have James Madison, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton around today to protect us,” she said.

Quite the opposite, Huldah says. While many noted conservatives have thrown their support behind the push for states to call for an Article 5 constitutional convention, she said “Marxist lawyers” such as Eric Holder and Cass Sunstein have also voiced support for such a convention to correct “defects” in the current Constitution.  Whether the Second Amendment, or any of the other iconic American liberties contained in the Bill of Rights, would survive such an overhaul is highly questionable, she said."


Bob Livingston, also concurs it could be very dangerous:  "Some have posited the notion than an Article V Convention would be a remedy.  I have serious doubts that the outcome of such an undertaking would leave us less under tyranny than more.  The same fascist corporations that control Congress and the president would likely take control of any such convention."  Mr. Livingston also states:  "But one route for remedy is nullification.  It's a process already taking root in Colorado; Washington; Oregon; Alaska; and Washington, D.C. - all of which have nullified federal laws on marijuana.  Nullification is a legitimate process and was first used by Jefferson and Madison in 1798." 

A Constitutional Convention is NOT the same as an Article V Convention OF THE STATES.  In the latter, ALL of Congress and the two other branches are not involved AT ALL..... it is done by state legislators and is a way to leave them in the dust!

Not, not, not!  Do you really believe Eric Holder and Cass Sunstein would be present in a Convention of the States???  The best info is in Mark Levin's "Liberty Amendments".........

"call for an Article 5 constitutional convention"   >>NOT.


There are no specific instructions for a con-con/Article V Convention, which are basically the same thing,. The only other alternative is Congress passing amendments and sending them to states for ratification, which has been the only approach since 1791.- or another bloody revolution.

Read this and reader comment links for a more complete assessment:

Ask yourself why George Soros is so eager to have a convention. Hint:



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