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Use any of the information below to help with talking points in a call or use as your own to send a letter/fax, etc..............      Find your representative or call the capitol switchboard and ask to speak to your reps office  202-224-2131

December 22, 2014

TO:  Republican and Democrat Representatives,

Subject:  Removal of Rep Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Speaker Boehner is doing great harm to the nation and Republican Party.  Blood flows as weak leadership continues to drag America toward total destruction.

Two huge issues, more than any others, prompted Americans to turn in droves to the Republican Party in November 2014 – Barack Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional executive action to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and the deliberately deceptive restructuring of America’s health-care system through Obamacare, which threatens to completely unravel the greatest health delivery system in the world.
Before the election , virtually every Republican running for Congress solemnly vowed to STOP this lame-duck president who is so determined to do whatever he wants, the Constitution be damned – while essentially daring Congress to "Try and stop me."

NOW YOU HAVE THE POWER, RIGHT AND DUTY TO STOP HIM. But it won't happen with John Boehner leading you. You know this to be true. The trillion-dollar budget deal is just the latest proof that Boehner is not capable of leading the House to victory during this critical period.

Speaker Boehner must be replaced. Please do your part in making this happen.

Our country's future depends on what you and the other House members do right now.

The people you represent and the nation are watching.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

111 Overview Drive

Crestview, FL 32539


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I understand how you feel Cliff....there are days when I feel the same way you do. I also am tired. Some days I feel defeated......but...... I'm sure none of us felt as bad as Gen. George Washington did. The utter discouragement he felt surely had to be overwhelming.

Please buck up...please do not abandon the Patriots, your Country and God. It's always darkest before the storm. We need you and every person like you. To give up is what the enemy wants. If you simply can't comment any least pray.....that in itself is the most powerful thing any of us can do. God will make a'll see. Just hang on. God Bless.

Great attitude Forrest Jane Cline. My High School cross country coach taught me one of the most important life lessons: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  When the going gets tough, I often think of Coach Joe Bessel, a transCandaian race winner, sweating, huffing and puffing in his 40 something skin to keep up with us, while dispensing advice and exhortations.

This must be his son I just read about. I guess he got the same advice.

Joseph Bessel, 31, of Freeport, N.Y., a schoolteacher representing the New York Athletic Club, won the Metropolitan AAU eight-mile road run in the Bronx with a time of 43 minutes 38 seconds, beat the old course record by 13 seconds for the two-lap course.

No, it's HIM!  This was a 1962 article, now on the web:

I suppose he was younger than he looked. Too many trans-Canadian races.

Cliff, I understand completely how you feel, we all do at times. Yes this mess is very discouraging. However we can NOT afford to give up, failure is NOT an option. Yes - words, and so much words, just words, it does get tiring.

We DO have some encouragement however. OAS and this PFA network HAS had a definite impact, the American people are waking up to what Washington is doing. We saw that in the results of the mid term elections. Will those elections and the new members of Congress have any good results? I think that depends on us. Now that we've managed to get some new people elected and some of the old-guard life time politicians removed, it's up to us to make sure those newly elected and returning politicians do what they were elected to do. It's up to us to make sure politics as usual is OVER and DONE. NOW is the time for Americans to stand up, get in their faces, and demand the reforms they were elected to implement. No time to sit back and simply hope they do the right things, we need to MAKE SURE they do what they were elected to do.

We're not "asking" that's done and gone, now is the time to DEMAND, they will either do what we elected them to do or they will be removed.

More words? Perhaps, but there IS encouragement.

I'm a pilot, and one thing we learn in pilot training; Never give up. There can never be any such thing as "I can't do it". We fall back on our training and we find a way. And that's the same way it is here. Failure is NOT an option.

GOD Bless, and Merry Christmas.

Cliff.........there are always ways to have tangible impact....whether we win them all or not, we still have to try.  I don't know if you have participated in this movement or not, but it's gaining attention.  If America would get behind it we could change the leadership in the US House..........what the impact would be I don't  know, to do nothing is to continue the backward spiral........check this out and give it a whirl.....

Amen. There just aren't enough people who give a darn yet. Merry Christmas all

I happen to agree with you. I read the Bible and believe with all my heart and soul that this book is God's book. He is the author and everything he tells us in Revelations must happen and is already happening now. You are right that the world has gone mad. People are so corrupt and so many have turned their backs on God. God is such a wonderful God who only wants to do good, but many blame him and keep sinning constantly. It's quite obvious that Satan is running around causing evil everywhere possible. He knows his days are short and he knows he will be destroyed. I have total faith in our Lord and believe that without him we are doomed. I pray constantly and know that Jesus will return again to save all the good people. Thank you for your powerful post. We must continue to pray for one another and not give in to Satan ever.

To the Old Grey Owl: What a beautiful testimony here about are Loving God(Father, Savior, Holy-Spirit). There is nothing impossible for them at any time. Ge. 18:14 God People are broken into three parts-- Israel, The Elect, Chosen, (Gentile People). Old Grey Owl, I would encourage you to pick up a bible call Thompson Chain Reference Bible and check out Rom 9:(23-26). God said; you were once not my people, but now you are called the children of the living God. More to come if you want to hear it. H.N.Y        

I truly believe the U.S. Government may have just screw all America. On 7-1-2014 the Congress and Senate put into effect HR-2847, it appear to me they our leaders may have cause TRUE Collapse the U.S. Dollar. After the dollar falls officially, Martial laws may go into effect to prevent us from prosecuting our corrupted government. Remember what Obama said in Brussels with 19 second clip, we America people and soldiers are to dumb to take care of ourselves. The New World Order will take care of US. If anyone has more information on this HR-2847, please send me more information, I did check this on Google and there were a few articles written about HR-2847 and also appear on snoops with some information as well. I don't feel the government cares any more about "We The People anymore". All our wealth may be gone soon.

Fire Boehner now ..start the movement immediately by calling your congressman & women to put in serious terms to expel him from leadership "IMMEDIATELY"  WWW.COSACTION.COM

anymore info on HR 2847 ?? That is scarrey to think of becoming a reality ?

we all should have marched with COL RILEY - when he advocated us to do so.
If we did we may not be in this mess now... and it will get worse... if we do not stand as one team.

I did a rudimentary search and found the following, along with a video ad from Stansberry & Associates Investment Research.  Perhaps they are simply trying to drive business their way?  Most other links are references to the 2010 law: Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act. (put out by Stansberry & Associates, a financial management firm)

Also, this from Snopes:

My concerns are what happen when the Dollar become worthless? Do we have hyperinflation? What already has happen in Germany back in thirties. Has anyone out there seen the government plan after all this has happen to us? Again does this mean will be under Martial law, and fighting to protect ourselves. I don't like being blind sided. I don't believe the banks and other institutions are informed until after the damage is done. Keep a clear head, and if you see something, please informed us so we can investigate to protect us before it to late. Stanberry is making money on fear, but be alert I feel something is going to happen soon.   



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