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Use any of the information below to help with talking points in a call or use as your own to send a letter/fax, etc..............      Find your representative or call the capitol switchboard and ask to speak to your reps office  202-224-2131

December 22, 2014

TO:  Republican and Democrat Representatives,

Subject:  Removal of Rep Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Speaker Boehner is doing great harm to the nation and Republican Party.  Blood flows as weak leadership continues to drag America toward total destruction.

Two huge issues, more than any others, prompted Americans to turn in droves to the Republican Party in November 2014 – Barack Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional executive action to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and the deliberately deceptive restructuring of America’s health-care system through Obamacare, which threatens to completely unravel the greatest health delivery system in the world.
Before the election , virtually every Republican running for Congress solemnly vowed to STOP this lame-duck president who is so determined to do whatever he wants, the Constitution be damned – while essentially daring Congress to "Try and stop me."

NOW YOU HAVE THE POWER, RIGHT AND DUTY TO STOP HIM. But it won't happen with John Boehner leading you. You know this to be true. The trillion-dollar budget deal is just the latest proof that Boehner is not capable of leading the House to victory during this critical period.

Speaker Boehner must be replaced. Please do your part in making this happen.

Our country's future depends on what you and the other House members do right now.

The people you represent and the nation are watching.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

111 Overview Drive

Crestview, FL 32539


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Living in Ct I have three demos as representatives....Lots ofluck to anyRepublican...No help at all!!  7 more months and I will be out of here.!!!

There may still be some hope in replacing Boehner as speaker yet. Time to crank up the heat on YOUR representatives.
Don't let this opportunity slip away people, lets gett-er done. Every one of those votes up there counts.

Call YOUR rep TODAY.

Your Political Power has all ways been within  your grasp, you since it but it eludes you, some become frustrated as they search for a way. what you search for is not within my riddle of words, its knowledge.

Hey Folks, I've got a message for John Boehner and Barack HUSSEIN Obama;

I have a list of 40 Congressmen & Congresswomen who will vote for a new speaker candidate up front! We need 29 to vote for someone other than Boehner!
Congressman Louis Gohmert has stepped forward to be our next Speaker. He is an excellent choice since he has been in Congress several terms and has not compromised his principles!
See: www.

Here's another Dump Boehner site you might want to view

Best thing you can do right now is call as many GOP Congressmaen as you can reach and tell them in no uncertain terms- 

No Boehner

No Amnesty

No Obama care funding

Gohmert seems like best prospect now.  Gowdy not running?

Boehner won on the first vote...

The numbers:

Boehner 216

Pelosi 164

Webster 12

Gohmert 3

Yoho 2

Jordan 2

Cooper 1

DeFazio 1

Duncan 1

Gowdy 1

Lewis 1

McCarthy 1

Senator Paul 1

Sessions 1

Colin Powell 1

Present 1



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