Constitutional Emergency

Practices and abuse of Government powers and authority reminiscent of the early Russian KGB, Mao Zedong's Red Army, and Hitler's SS Storm troopers.

The Mueller investigation into Trump campaign and Russian "collusion" is nothing more than a cover-up of all evidence that might lead to the prosecution and indictments involving Hillary Clinton and the Uranium-One scam. By now the whole world knows that Hillary Clinton acting as the US Secretary of State sold twenty (20) percent of all US Uranium assets to Russia. It is also being reported that at some point during these events Robert Mueller was employed as an emissary by the SOS to deliver a "sample" of the Uranium ore to Russia as verification of it's enrichment potential. We also know that that Russia/Trump Collusion dossier was a product of CIA chief Brennan and Hillary Clinton, along with the consent and assistance from the (then) administration in the White House, (Obama administration). The Dossier was a complete fabrication by the FBI and CIA. FBI Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were instrumental in creating that dossier, Senator John McCain was instrumental in passing it to the FBI for investigations into the Trump campaign. Strzok and Page emails reveal that they were discussing some way to "Stop" Trump from becoming President. They discussed creating an "insurance" screen to make sure all of the corruption that was taking place within the Obama/Clinton years was never revealed. That "insurance screen now turns out to be the Mueller investigation itself.

By continuing and perpetuating that "investigation" Robert Mueller is effectively blocking all investigations into everything else. He is obstructing justice by blocking any investigations into Obama, Hillary Clinton, and anything pertaining to that Uranium-One scam. Including his own involvement in delivering that "sample" of the Ore. For Mueller, Obama, and Hillary it's all one big CYA, (Cover your Ass) operation. The Mueller investigation IS the "insurance" policy Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were referring too.

Now in an effort to continue and perpetuate that cover-up Mueller is investigating everyone around President Donald Trump. Including his personal attorneys and members of his campaign staff. Plus Now Mueller has begun investigating members of the Trump family. He reportedly has started investigating Donald Trump junior and any of his businesses.
This is in effect weaponizing his position and the DOJ itself. He has turned his authority and position into a weapon to be used against a duly elected President of the United States of America. This is not only an obstruction of justice and a cover-up, but it is also extremely dangerous activity and a misuse and abuse of our Justice system. Characteristic of the Russian Communist KGB.
Nothing good can ever come from allowing members of our own federal Government from using and abusing the powers and authority of their offices as a weapon against our own American people.

This type of practice and abuse of power is reminiscent of all totalitarian regimes, it is reminiscent and characteristic of Stalin's Communist Russia, Mao Zedong's Communist China, And Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany. And it CANNOT be tolerated here in America.

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