Constitutional Emergency



Islamic butchers, elements associated with al Qaeda, attacked the American Consulate and Annex on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya killing two retired Navy Seals, a State Department employee and the United States Ambassador. Nearly all elements of government from Libya to the White House watched the action via video feed, could clearly analyze the threat, did nothing and then lied, blaming a video, and denied the terrorist attack across the media to the world.

Barack Obama and his Administration denied three requests from operational security personnel for help in fighting the attackers. After the second denial for support was issued, ignorning a "stand down" order, the Navy Seals departed the Consulate Annex to give support to the Ambassador and others under attack at the consulate. These team members did not find the Ambassador but managed to rescue an unknown number and recover the body of employee Mr. Smith. After relocating from the Consulate, fighting their way back to the Annex, another call for help was issued but was also "denied". Both Seals would later be found dead at their weapons.

Nothing is more putrid, cowardly, self-serving, than a chain of command that would watch and abandon Americans fighting for their lives in order to satisfy a political policy. No foreign policy nor any foreign government, no matter how much they might whine about U.S. military action on their soil in support of other Americans, can ever be an excuse for not taking whatever action is necessary to save our fellow citizens.

Barack Obama is a traitor of the United States Constitution, a violation that demands impeachment and follow-on criminal prosecution. The greatest threat to the United States of America is Barack Obama.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret 

Online Editor

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