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Muslim doctor whose Nebraska clinic infected dozens with hepatitis, killing some, blames "anti-Muslim sentiment," applies for reinstatement

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Javed.jpgJaved: Trying to fool the kuffar again

"Unsanitary practices in the Fremont clinic led to hepatitis C infections in at least 99 patients, several of whom died." But it was all "Islamophobia," don't you see? After fleeing the country to avoid prosecution, "in Pakistan, Javed became a public health official and reportedly blamed the situation in Nebraska on anti-Muslim sentiment."

Islamic Supremacist Chutzpah Alert: "Doc whose Fremont clinic infected patients with hepatitis seeks N.Y. license to practice," by Rick Ruggles for the Omaha World-Herald, December 27 (thanks to LJ):

Dr. Tahir Ali Javed, whose Fremont cancer clinic infected dozens of patients with hepatitis a little more than a decade ago, has applied for reinstatement of his medical license in New York.

Javed, 47, fled to his native Pakistan 10 years ago, when the severity of the hepatitis outbreak became known. His medical license in Nebraska was revoked. He surrendered his New York license.

In Pakistan, Javed became a public health official and reportedly blamed the situation in Nebraska on anti-Muslim sentiment.

Unsanitary practices in the Fremont clinic led to hepatitis C infections in at least 99 patients, several of whom died.

A Fremont-based group called the HONOReform Foundation grew out of the tragedy. It promotes sanitary practices in health care settings. The “One and Only” campaign that it advocates seeks to educate nurses, doctors and others of the importance of using syringes and needles only once.

Javed could not be reached for comment. His Omaha attorney, Michael D. Jones, said he hadn't had contact with Javed in years.

Antonia Valentine of the New York State Education Department, which rules on restoration of medical licenses, confirmed that Javed has applied for reinstatement.

Valentine said in an email that the application will be investigated and referred to two committees before the New York Board of Regents rules on it. It's unclear when the ruling will be issued. Valentine declined to provide further information.

Steve Langan, executive director of HONOReform, said, “Sick people were injured, some of them died, and no justice has been done.”

The Nebraska Attorney General's Office pursued the revocation of Javed's medical license in 2003. It accused him of unprofessional conduct and gross negligence for allowing staffers to reuse syringes, which contaminated large bags of saline with hepatitis. The saline was used to clean out implanted devices that administer chemotherapy and other medications to cancer patients, infecting patients with hepatitis in the process.

The allegations said Javed had been warned multiple times that his office used unsanitary practices in administering the drugs and continued to allow it.

The Attorney General's Office also accused him of exploiting a patient to conduct a sexual relationship with her. The attorney general alleged that Javed, a cancer specialist, gave the woman a false diagnosis and told her not to seek treatment elsewhere because other providers would inform her insurance company and she wouldn't be able to get insurance again.

Documents indicate that Javed admitted to little. The exploitation accusations were dismissed. Javed chose not to contest the case against him and agreed to a settlement in which his Nebraska medical license was revoked in September 2003.

New York records show that Javed surrendered his medical license in that state in 2004, after he chose not to contest the Nebraska allegations.

Travis Bennington, a Fremont attorney who co-wrote a book on the case with one of the victims, Evelyn McKnight, said Javed fled to his native Pakistan before any criminal charges could be filed....

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I'd infect that bastard with a hefty dose of lead...

Lord help us JESUS! How many others are practicing that we don't know about?

I have noticed in places that are run by muslim men are not as clean as they should be. I also have been in places where the wife is invovled and the places are very clean. There is NO excuse for this low life to be allowed ever to come back to OUR country. When is this nightmare of this muslim in OUR W/H  go away? I see so many people in actual fear of all barak hussein is going to do to the family as to taking OUR money to feed his habits??

God save us from this evil.

Reply to JOhn--They don't deserve to work here. They don't like us or our country but they sure like our money. Don't use muslim docs and don't take any of your family to them. Refuse to be treated in the hosp. A lot of hospitals have what they call hospitalists, it means that if you don't have a doc on staff then you get a hospitalists to take care of you while you are in the hospital and they are mostly muslim. You have the right to refuse any doc, please do.

Hospitals are hiring so many of these muslim docs. They don't want a woman to tell them anything and some have a lot of trouble with nurses and the closeness we have with some docs. They want you to walk behind them and don't dare try to be friendly with them or shake their hand. I don't trust any of them and would not let them treat any of my family members. As a nurse, I have heard them stand out in the hall and talk in arabic or whatever hocking and spitting language they use. They don't use english that is for sure. I had one curse me in his language one night because another doc ask me to call him. It was 4am and he yelled and hollered on the phone "why are you calling me at 4am?" I told him because the other doc had ask me to and to do it now. So he yelled at me in some language I couldn't understand. Someone said how do you know he was cursing you? I said well I doubt if he was telling me what a great nurse I was. LOL. I wish we would get rid of the muslim doctors. Who knows what they are giving you or how they are treating you.

Ditto from a Physical Therapist- I either walk next to them OR ahead of them. Screw their shariah

In 1993 I had severe stomach pain, went to the local ER and they gave me a shot for the pain and referred me to a surgeon who would see me the next day.  He was from Iraq and very condescending.  He had no receptionist and no nurse.  No woman anywhere in the office. When he examined me, it did not feel right.  He kept telling me I just needed a man.  On the form I had to fill out before he saw me I had answered the marital status question "divorced."  Long story short, he ordered a lot of tests, dragging them out for weeks, then finally an endoscopy.  When I awoke from the endoscopy I knew something awful had happened.  The nurses told me they'd been trying to wake me for an hour.  When my friend drove me home, I was in a lot of pain... in my jaw and eyes and violent headaches.  Before the procedure, I had dark blue eyes; after the procedure light blue eyes a lot of eye pain and blurred vision. After seeing this doctor for my diagnosis several days later, he asked me to sit at the end of the exam table.  I did.  He came  up and stood between my legs, close to me, and asked me if I remembered what happened in the operating room.  I told him no, because the last thing I recalled was him jamming something into my IV that must have knocked me out because the last thing I saw was the nurse grabbing a pillow and rushing toward my head as I went from a sitting position on the operating table to unconscious.  This creep smiled and told me, "I knocked you out and took advantage of you!"  Words I will never forget!!   Of course I reported him to the hospital, but the damage he did was done.  He diagnosed me with numerous bleeding ulcers and said he'd cauterized them, which explained why the ulcer pain was gone. He had wrenched my jaw out of place and I saw a half dozen doctors who were all afraid to touch me.  It took several years for my jaw to become near normal again, and a lot of medical bills.  I tried to sue this creep, but there were no witnesses, because he had no women working in his office.  He was always alone or there would be middle eastern men in the waiting room with me.  But never a female to be seen.  When I tried to sue him, he told my lawyer that he had warned me of the things that could happen to my jaw during an endoscopy, which he never did.  He is still practicing here. 

Another thing... when he entered the OR, the nurses, who had been very nice and had been talking to me, suddenly dropped their eyes and looked at the floor and the mood in the room drastically changed, which I thought very strange.  They did not look up until I was being "knocked out".  Since then, NO foreign doctor can come near me or my family.  I am not shy about telling staff, NO foreign doctors!


Marra; advice too late: for God's sake, NEVER allow ANY doctor, foreign or domestic, to examine you without  a female nurse in attendance.  If no nurse is in attendance, have a trusted family member accompany you.  I am with my wife whenever she is in the presence of our doctor....and no one ever objects.

Herb, back then I'd never been sick before or needed a doc, except for when I had my children.  So I had no idea what to expect in a doctor's office or what my rights were...until that horrible incident.  I seldom see doctors, but when I have since then, there's always been a nurse right there with us, and I've also brought family members with me.  But thank you for the information.

Sad to hear that they permit pigs like that into the medical profession; no wonder that America's medical problems keep multiplying. 

They are all out to kill the "infidel" where-ever and how-ever they can...Hep-C was his weapon of choice...Would it be politically incorrect to ask your doctor if he is Muslim???  Trust non of them, they know exactly what they are doing........

His infectious ways are that of a sleeper, terrorist aiming to kill Americans-if it were anti-muslim by patients with cancer, WHY would they be in his clinic



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