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Must See Videos! Combat Veterans Speak out for Romney: The Video

Fellow Veterans:
On Monday at the St. Augustine Romney Victory HQ, we held a Combat Veterans for Romney event, and I wish you could have been there and felt the passion and power of their plea to fire Obama as Commander in Chief. The place was packed with patriots and some patriotic students. Our lead speakers were Billy and Karen Vaughn who lost their son Aaron, a SEAL Team Six member in Afghanistan. The Vaughns said: "Obama painted a target on our son's back." I am attaching three short video segment links of the event. I urge you to give these videos maximum distribution. I dare you to watch them with a dry eye.
In first video Karen and Billy Vaughn speak the truth about the Obama administration's betrayal of their Navy SEAL son Aaron.
The second video shows LtCol. Ron Birchall, USA (Green Beret) ret and Tom Waskovitch, USA, SOG Team (Black OPS) holder of the Viet Nam Cross of Gallantry, and Bronze stat with "V" discuss why Barak Hussein Obama needs to be replaced as Commander in Chief by Mitt Romney
The third video covers Lt. Col. Jake Iles, USMC, ret, holder of 3 DFC's, Bronze Star, and 20 Air Medals says there is no honor in the White House. Student, Michael Reichenberg learns a powerful lesson about Honor, Character and Patriotism.
William Korach
Former Commander, USNR
Chairman, Veterans for Romney
St. Johns County, Florida

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Obama has to show his real Birth Cert or send him back to where he was born KENYA....

Bastard Obama do not care about Americans, he in for himself, nothing more. His leftist buddies are protecting him. He is the LAIR -IN- CHIEF.

Oh how many times in the past months have I stated what an honor it is to be associated with each and everyone of you. Every time I open a link to our site my eyes see the glory, what do I mean we are gaining new patriots each and every day, however tho it should be more than doubled each day. We have an honor in this nation to promote the best and we are. And by gosh we are doing it. I ask each and everyone of you to invite a new person to become a member I have personally gotten more than 12. How many have you got. The old saying united we stand. Twana I want to that you for the countless hours you spend each and day helping us. Today encourage someone to !!! VOTE !!! Nov 06. God Bless each of you. And Pat you are so correct Obama needs to prove himself.

It seems our government has tutrnned against our military. our fighting forces are the greatest ever known on this planet and our government should pray these forces are never pushed to turn on the government. I dont think a few thousand political figures could last more than a few hours before they were all rounded up and held for judgement by a military tribunal. Our fighting forced were deserted  by our government on the field of battle after responding to an attack on SOVERIGN AMERICAN SOIL I feel this is treason and should be investigated by our military, law enforcement, and political body. I voice this opinion on the freedom of speach countless americans that have given their life blood to protect. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS EVER SERVED TO PROTECT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!

Obama has no character.

To the Vaughn family, my deepest condolences. It is my belief that just as Ambassador Stevens was sent into Benghazi to be assassinated by Obama and Clinton, Seal Team 6 was also sent to their deaths.

The Afgani Government and the Afgani military had Team 6s flight plan, estimated time of arrival and what aircraft they would be flying. This is the same Afgani military that has turned on and killed over 50 American troops, the same troops that trained them.

The treason must stop and those who have committed treason must be held accountable. That would be Obama, Biden, Clinton and all of their minions. I just hope Mitt Romney has a big enough set to do what must be done once he's the President.

Is the United States Air Force supporting Obama?

Thank you for this. Through these videos of patriots as well as to meet fellow patriots who comment here, I am daily in such good company. God bless all these people who love and contribute to our country. 


Is the US Air Force supporting Obama ? HELL NO.



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