February 2016 will mark the anniversary of when I first arrived in the State of Texas.
February 19th, 1960 I arrived at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas to begin basic training.

If my old fashioned math still serves me correctly that will be 56 years ago since I swore an Oath to obey, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Since that time, although I did not serve in combat my self, I have witnessed the assignation of a President, (JFK), The Viet Nam war, Pol Pot's Communist execution of millions of Cambodian and Laos people. I've watched and listened while 58,000 American service men died in Viet Nam war. I've seen our service men and women fight for freedom, and many have died in several other places around the world since that time in wars too numerous to name. During that time I've witnessed in the 1960's and early '70's many groups of people that were apposed to war demonstrating against it. No one ever really wants to go to war, but some of these protesters back in the '60's went a lot further than simply protesting and marching in the streets. Some went to Canada to escape being drafted. Others formed or joined groups like the Weather Underground and attacked Federal facilities and killed several people. They even bombed the Pentagon in 1972. When confronted by police in some of these attacks they would refer to the police as “Pigs”.

After the war when our service men and women began returning home, unlike those who returned home after WW-II and were greeted with great jubilation, pride, and celebrations, these groups of people would deliberately meet them at the airports or at the ship yards. When ever possible they would spit at them and throw things at them. Our troops were referred to as “Baby killers” and “murders”. Out of these groups several individuals stand out in particular, Bill Ayers, Bernadene Dorhn, Saul Alinsky – (Died in 1972), Jane Fonda, and John F. Kerry (from the US Navy.)

With the possible exception of John Kerry these people were hard core Communist supporters and advocates. I will not bother here to go into the actions and records of John F Kerry in 1973, anyone who is interested in that can look up the “Swift Boat Veterans” and his testimony before Congress in 1973. But I will say that what these people did back then was pure, unadulterated and simple acts of High Treason against the United States of America. They did in fact under the definitions of that terminology (High Treason) aid and comfort the enemy.

Today the followers and friends of these people are currently in control of the United States Government, Including John F. Kerry who currently serves as the US Secretary of State. Many veterans of that Viet Nam war remember these things and know that what I've said here is true.

None of these people like Bill Ayres, Jane Fonda, and John Kerry, and the others were never charged or convicted of treason. America was wounded, we were tired of conflicts, tired of all the fighting and marches and anti-American protests. America simply wanted a rest. So instead they were simply given a pass. And their acts of Treason were set aside, dismissed, ignored, and mostly forgotten.

Today they control our Government. And today they have declared that anyone who has sworn that oath of Military enlistment to obey, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign or domestic, to be potential domestic terrorists.

As I stated at the very top of this article it has now been 56 years since I swore that Oath of enlistment.

Today I am wondering why. Why did 58,000 men and women give their lives in Viet Nam, 5,800 in Iraq, and countless more in other places around the globe since that time.

Why? What has it all been for?

What has it all been for when America has now become the first and only nation on Earth to join the “New World Order”. America has now been handed over to the United Nations and the “Fundamental Transformation of America” has nearly been completed. So far the only person that has given his life in defense of freedom is an Arizona Cattle rancher, Robert LaVoy Finicum, killed by the very same Government that is being run and controlled by those Communist sympathizers and traitors I speak about here.

I swore an Oath to a Constitution that no longer exists. It has been destroyed and abolished at the hands of these people. R.I.P Mr. LaVoy Finicum, the first (and only) casualty of the war to Transform America.

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Happy? anniversary Old Rooster. You have hit many nails right squarly on the head. I am one of those who were call a baby killer, rapist, war monger and other unforgiving terms upon my return from Vietnam in 1969, so I know first hand about what you speak.After arriving at the  Ontario airport in California, I disembarked the airplane on the tarmac,  dressed in my military Airborne attire, I entered the airport building and ran head on into a group of war protesters. After having been spat on by a male and female protester, I turned and faced the two protesters and told them that I had just returned from fighting for their right to call me the litany of names and asked them both if they kissed their mothers with those filthy mouths and then proceeded to the exit never looking back. For anyone who might wonder what a day was like in Vietnam I ask you to review my company's battle for Hill 947 in March of 1969 as written by our 4th platoon leader Lt. Bauer while all the protesters were busy bad mouthing the brave men I served with back home. You can read about that experience at:  http://www.ivydragoons.org/Files/Hill%20947%20Story_htm.html. To this day I am NOT Fonda Jane (or Hanoi Jane) or her then boyfriend Tom Hayden. I would have loved to have any one of those protesters with me on the front line so they could see first hand what they were protesting. I'm sure if they could see, smell and taste what it means to defend the United States they would come away with a different point of view. As yourself, I too still stand firm on my oath. My patriotic heart beats Red White and Blue.

While the murder of LaVoy was uncalled for, unnecessary and committed by foreign enemies on our soil as an act of war it will now only be a matter of time as there are scores of "patriots" headed to Burns for a protest scheduled for tomorrow and God only knows what the outcome will bring. I fear things could get out of hand as the so called feds and the State police still high on their act of stupidity having whetted their thirst for blood just may have a strong desire for more.

With 348 days remaining before the scheduled departure of the most arrogant, evil, repugnant vile person to have usurped the office of president (small case p deliberate). I know you have deep rooted fear that he will not go quietly into the night and refuse to vacate the premises and I too share that fear. What more can he do to destroy this country anymore than he already has in the remaining 8,352 hours? As for handing this country over to the United Nations, he lacks the authority as that authority belongs to we the people so any deal he makes is null and void. The Constitution of the United States of America may be dead but the Constitution for the United States of America is alive and well from what I can tell. We will have our day and our victory will be sweet. Again, enjoy your anniversary as much as you can, all things considered.



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