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My concerns are all the people beating their war drums and calling for a fight not unlike Don Quixote and his adventures.  My question of the day is, who to fight and where?  My experience is that unless you have looked through the sights of a rifle at another human and pulled the trigger, not out of anger but rather because you are a soldier, then you have no idea what you are calling for.  At some point our enemies will become emboldened enough to press their evil down upon us.  They will bring the fight to us rather than us to them.  Gun control, registration, and ultimately confiscation come to mind and I for one will be the first to refuse any and all attempts to disarm me.  Maybe there will be a disaster of some sort; it matters not, only that they will come.

My counsel is to prepare for those times.  The time is fast approaching where we will need every man, woman, and child to do their part, but it is not yet here.  Running off on a quest provides the other side the opportunity for a little target practice and undermines any credibility we have for restoring the Constitution.  Involve yourselves at the local and state level and fight in the trenches.  Put up food and ammo, lots and lots of ammo, and create neighborhood watch groups and then link them together.  I say watch group because militia seems to be a bad word now and scares people away, but a neighborhood watch group is friendly and benign.  Alone you will fall and your neighbors will only watch in fear if not organized, but organized they will call out and band together.  Maybe not soon enough to save the one, but once engaged they will fight as a group to save others.

There are a number of ways to get involved and at the same time gather intelligence about what the other side is doing.  Aside from becoming engaged in local politics which you should then do more.  After creating your neighborhood watch groups and then linking up with other neighborhood watch groups in your area you can reach out to the local police and fire departments.  Many departments have reserve or volunteer forces.  You don’t get paid and you might have to purchase your own personal equipment, but you become an insider and will learn much of what’s going on locally.  Others can volunteer with your local Emergency Management Office.  They are linked directly into FEMA and DHS. Foot stomp - Hint, hint, hint…

On a local level you will learn about emergency services, food stores, and water.  You will also find out where fuel and equipment are located as well as where medical supplies are and where they will be located in an emergency.  But the greatest asset will be the social engineering and the level of trust gained between yourself, your group, and the local authorities.  You gather inside information and then use their resources when the SHTF. 

These organizations will have communications, local and national, when the civilian sector goes down.  They will have food, fuel, and meds when none can be had in the civilian sector.  If you and your local groups are on the inside when it all goes down your chances of survival goes up and if this is happening nationwide then we control those assets and deny them to our enemies.  Another side to this are utilities like water, sewage, and power.  With a little ingenuity and forethought local people can control and protect these services to ensure they are available to the people. 

All of this will take time, but this is where the trenches are and the fight is.  Not on a national level and not in Washington.  I think Washington is lost and like a cancer must be cut from the host.  We are being assailed from all sides and at all levels, but we are not without resources and we lack leadership.  We own all that the feds are using.  Don’t let them have it.  Find National Guard Soldiers in your area and invite them to join.  You will find them to be an invaluable resource as well and they have lots of neat toys that you will ultimately need.  They will also provide leadership on a local level that we all desperately need and they are plugged into the machine and can help fill in information missing elsewhere.

I truly hope this helps to direct people in the right direction.  Right now Don Quixote is jousting with windmills and the King is showing off his new cloths.  Everyone is laughing and we should be ok with that as we work quietly in the trenches and build our defenses.  I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t all look bad.  I don’t see it as a cake walk either and I am certain there will be violence, but I know too that this is America and we own it!  It is ours and we must fight, but let the fight come to us.  This is the only way to win and restore our Constitution.

As a foot note: I don’t believe in secession.  I do on the other hand believe in exile.  After all is said and done and we have excelled in our struggle against this evil dictator and his misguided hoards, we as a country must exile New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angelis, Chicago, and any other city where people are collected and wish to rule from the left and not from the Constitution.  They can have their own little countries and rule as they wish, just not with my money.  Just a thought…

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Very good words ... that neighborhood connections is critical ... that is what we need to concentrate on ... it is like you said, it is mostly local that we will be dealing with, even tho it may be a national thing ... it was like that back then ...

everybody will find their comfortable niches and the national thing will be taken care of by those who are more comfortable with it ... it will work out ... it is when we go over our abilities that problems happen and we get defeated

we need the base solid and it will work out, Yahweh willing

This is the most intelligent piece of wisdom I have seen to date, anywhere.  And, you are correct.  Pick your battles, don't waste energy fighting windmills. 

Gather information pertinent to your needs, then the needs of others.  start by checking out the multiple prepper/survival sites online.  Just remember to evaluate each site for it's use to you and your family.  Some are very good, some are merely wanting to panic and generate sales.  (keep a salt shaker nearby while reading these sites).

It wouldn't hurt to find out what is going on in your local area.  Urban survival is different from rural survival and what is needed can vary due to location.

It is up to you to provide for yourself...YOU are your first line of defense, whatever your age.

Yes, may want to prepare and sooner rather than later:

A jihadist website posted a new threat by al Qaeda this week that promises to
conduct "shocking" attacks on the United States and the West."

 Read more:

Much is good but some things will not happen . In a natural disaster this will work however you will never be able to control the water , electricity and the food . The Army a few years back sent in teams of junior officers to learn how to run the necessities in your cities . These are the first things that will be gobbled up by the adversary .

Just a week ago a semi was stopped in Texas thinking it may contain drugs but what it had were several hundred Martial Law signs . Three years ago in Norfolk , VA a painter found again several hundred signs in one of the warehouses at the FEMA facility there . If you haven't google earthed it you should .

I've mentioned before that it will be easy to implement M.L. in any city country wide . Mentioned are water , sewage and electricity . Controlling it will not happen as the power sources will be taken over long before we know about it .

If you are not hording for the expected then you are at the mercy of the enemy . One of the things not mentioned is your Sheriff in this and the Police Chiefs . There are about 230 Constitutional Sheriffs so far that will stand in front of you but many have been given money by the Government and whose side are they on ? My Sheriff (given 470 million) not on the list says that he will stand at your door to protect your rights unless there is a "Federal Warrant" . I wasn't there to tell him that now the Feds can write a "Warrant" on that doorstep ! Questions asked were without any knowledge of "Law" .

Now it seems that people are on the bandwagon to do it locally which I've been trying to get across for the last 4 years and I will guarantee you this , they will not ! Sad but true . They don't want to know how power is given but that it was given . Why does Sheriff Arpeio have 3000 posse members and why hasn't he been replaced ? The first part is that he can and the second is the Feds have no power over him as long as he is Constitutional .

Dennis, all the more reason to prepare and go off the grid. I'm not worried about myself and my immediate neighbors. I'm on a well, have a 500 gallon propane tank, a 25,000 watt generator with sufficient fuel to last for about 2 months when used according to my off grid plan, a greenhouse already growing tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, and strawberries. I've started seeds for radish, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, cucumber, zucchini, onions, and squash. My first year asparagus will be ready for first harvest in April, second in October. New Potato will be ready in March, Russets starting in May. I've got 25 pounds of brown rice, 40 pounds of white flour, 5 cases of various soups, 2 cases of canned vegetables other than what I'm growing, and a small herb garden with a variety of common herbs. Don't have a huge amount of meats as there are plenty of that here in the forest, with the lake full of Bass and Catfish. Also have a home flock of Mallards and Canada geese, plenty of squirrels and possum, and an occasional deer if need be. My old 87 Dodge Ram is off the grid as well, no more electronics in it, and before moving here I built the 318 stroker interceptor engine for it and souped up the tranny. Immediate communication is set up with 21 channel walkie talkies, with a 21 channel CB in the truck. I've got a case each of D, C, AA, AAA, alkaline batteries, and rechargeable AA's for my laser pointers. About all I've left to get yet is night vision goggles, but with all of our early warning booby traps and forest dogs. As for finding us, it took first responders 45 minutes to find the 10 acre fire around us a couple of years ago, and when I had my heart attack, it took EMTs 40 minutes, and the ambulance another 20 minutes. If you turn at the wrong places, you'd go for miles before realizing it, and in attempting to reverse course you'd most likely get lost!

During the ice storm 4 years ago, we were literally iced in for two weeks with no utilities at all, not even cell phones, everything was down. But we had power, heat, plenty to eat, and watched everything happening on TV. Life went on! It took me over 16 hours to finally cut through a 32" diameter fallen tree that blocked the only road to us and get it cleared. Then proceeded to cut up and remove the 9 others that were blocking access to the neighbors. I guess you could say were kinda like pioneers out here.

As for getting involved with town and county infrastructure and elections, I've been there, done that, albeit some time ago, but I'm looking to do it again, maybe even run for County Commissioner or Sheriff, unless they've got an age cap on it. Probably too old now that I'm in my 70's, but I'm going to look into it. If that's out, I'll be looking for a position on the county election district. In the meantime, I've volunteered as a deputy.

I've known ever since living in California and being involved in politics that life as it was known back then can stop on a dime, and it did many times after strong earthquakes. I was two blocks away from the major quake that rocked Whittier back in '90 I believe it was. Did extensive damage to homes and commercial buildings, buckled roads, and knocked out power, water, gas and phone service for days. Gas stations were closed, travel was restricted, and train service was suspended for a while. Grocery stores ran short of supplies, yet only sporadic looting occurred. The population then was more stable than now, and they were used to the temporary problems, most with some preparations. Others went to relatives out of town. It was only a few days before services were back up and things began to normalize. But that was a taste of what it could be like if it were not a natural disaster.

Stingray ,16 hours ? Now that's a Mexifornian for ya ! How many coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee breaks ? ha .

Seems we're about the same on readiness + - a bit . We don't have the growing season you have but I've a 12x18 stick built greenhouse and a 24x 60 hooped greenhouse I've never used . All organic as I have 19 head of horses and a few cattle . 350 blueberries in a 150x120 fenced area and an orchard , about 30 trees of different types also fenced . I have two wells and a stream that I'll be damming up this spring and will have a pond 8-9 feet deep x 275 long and about 40 foot wide and will have a generator on it . Will have about a 12 foot drop so more power than I need .

Some of us have been blessed with the opportunity to do such things because of circumstance but mostly just a labor thing and in my case , cheap .

My faith in people has dropped to a low for what they think but will not do anything about it . With the raised garden beds 5x20's to above your knees and the large greenhouse I've offered it to my community and all they had to do is plant it and weed it weekly and after several years very few weeds I didn't get one taker . They're also on an automated water system but no takers , just don't get it !

I have a ton of deer on my place , bear , grouse and also a bunch of turkeys along with my own chickens I won't starve . And I have about 2 years worth of food as do most my neighbors with things I don't have so we can trade . I only have 4 neighbors on a 2 mile dead end road and three of them have a remote for my siren atop my 35 foot flagpole . Don't see them much but we're on the same page and are good folks .

One of them has a backhoe for predators if you know what I mean if it gets really ugly and probably will .

With your generator I'd be changing it over to propane unless it's diesel with your large tank . I'm changing mine over . Sounds as if we both live in remote areas but they have they're own perils I'm sure you're aware of . I'd like to have an alarm system on my driveway but can't figure how to with all the game on my place , deer mainly with an occasional moose and elk . It's about a half mile long so got any suggestions ?

I do have a bug out bag and a way to get away from my house unseen for about 50' . I have horses past that point that I can ride w/o a bridle if I have to . It's all about survival isn't it ?

Driveway alarm idea? Try audio convection! Set for sounds a vehicle might make. May accidentally be set off by an animal, but rarely. You could also tie it in to video, and program for TV display by remote.

I forgot about all the wild turkeys in my area. Rarely see them unless you're looking. Last I saw was a flock of around 300! They tend to stay in the forest but forage in the open occasionally. Not as meaty as store bought, but boy, are they tasty!

Thanks Stingray , I'll see what I can come up with . On another note and a bit funny was that I set out a huge garbage can with a roadside cone in the middle and drilled 3-2" holes in the bottom sides of it for feeding turkeys . So I bought cracked corn to fill it up , 150lbs. worth . Corn was much cheaper then and I bought it direct from the farmer in ton bags . So after about 2 weeks I had about 3 to 4 hundred turkeys filling up the small meadow below my house . Not only that I'd normally have about 30 deer . Two things really funny was watching the turkeys fighting the deer . The turkeys always won and watching the deer fighting each other . The game came to a halt when I'd wake up in the morning and the turkeys were lining up on my railing around my deck maybe 30 to 40 . What a mess ! They were as tame as my barnyard chickens and fed them out of hand . I had to quit that as they would fight almost knocking me down . This was about 8 to 10 years back and finally my meadow is starting to grow back as it was . I could also feed the whitetail out of hand . You are right about them being tasty . When I want one or two I just trap em' so no shot pellets to chew into .

Very well thought out and is spot on,

Thank you all, especially those of you who have served our country in the military and law enforcement.  I have been scouring this and other websites trying to figure out how or what we would do if and when the time comes.

This is the most useful discussion I have encountered so far.  We live in the county, have a vegetable garden, stored canned goods,use propane for cooking but no generator...yet.  The horses are spoiled and it's getting harder to ride as we get older and joints become stiffer but I really like the idea of a neighborhood watch and I think our immediate surrounding neighbors would go for that too.  This is something we can do.  In fact, my other half says he has already been talking to some of our neighbors. 

Judy E. , It's surprising but when things get tough or suspected of getting tough neighbors are a great resource . What I have found is most people living the country are very self sufficient and are conservative . Go figure .

As far as the horses are concerned and maybe you've seen on the boob tube that a body in motion tends to stay in motion or something like that . I've found that this is very true for me . I do take a 800 mg tab of Ibuprofen most times { before } riding if I haven't ridden for a while and one that night . Yeah sometimes I bite off more than I can chew . I'm 68 and still start my own colts and rarely see my life going by in a frantic mode , although if I rush em' they will buck . Fortunately I have time to take them through the process and are very gentile . My rides are usually on my studs and are good guys and gentile as well . At this time I have about 2 1/2' of snow and very good for training . They're more concerned with where they're stepping than me on their back .

Getting back to your neighbors , try and organize a food fest or some such and let them know your concerns . Just put a bug in their ears . It isn't just about the bad guys either . Fire etc. and that is what neighbors do .

Thanks for the info Dennis.  Still seeing my "life go by in a frantic mode" working 5 days a week but that will stop in a year or two.  We've been thinking about a neighborhood cookout and now is the time to act.  Should have done it a long time ago.



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