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My concerns are all the people beating their war drums and calling for a fight not unlike Don Quixote and his adventures.  My question of the day is, who to fight and where?  My experience is that unless you have looked through the sights of a rifle at another human and pulled the trigger, not out of anger but rather because you are a soldier, then you have no idea what you are calling for.  At some point our enemies will become emboldened enough to press their evil down upon us.  They will bring the fight to us rather than us to them.  Gun control, registration, and ultimately confiscation come to mind and I for one will be the first to refuse any and all attempts to disarm me.  Maybe there will be a disaster of some sort; it matters not, only that they will come.

My counsel is to prepare for those times.  The time is fast approaching where we will need every man, woman, and child to do their part, but it is not yet here.  Running off on a quest provides the other side the opportunity for a little target practice and undermines any credibility we have for restoring the Constitution.  Involve yourselves at the local and state level and fight in the trenches.  Put up food and ammo, lots and lots of ammo, and create neighborhood watch groups and then link them together.  I say watch group because militia seems to be a bad word now and scares people away, but a neighborhood watch group is friendly and benign.  Alone you will fall and your neighbors will only watch in fear if not organized, but organized they will call out and band together.  Maybe not soon enough to save the one, but once engaged they will fight as a group to save others.

There are a number of ways to get involved and at the same time gather intelligence about what the other side is doing.  Aside from becoming engaged in local politics which you should then do more.  After creating your neighborhood watch groups and then linking up with other neighborhood watch groups in your area you can reach out to the local police and fire departments.  Many departments have reserve or volunteer forces.  You don’t get paid and you might have to purchase your own personal equipment, but you become an insider and will learn much of what’s going on locally.  Others can volunteer with your local Emergency Management Office.  They are linked directly into FEMA and DHS. Foot stomp - Hint, hint, hint…

On a local level you will learn about emergency services, food stores, and water.  You will also find out where fuel and equipment are located as well as where medical supplies are and where they will be located in an emergency.  But the greatest asset will be the social engineering and the level of trust gained between yourself, your group, and the local authorities.  You gather inside information and then use their resources when the SHTF. 

These organizations will have communications, local and national, when the civilian sector goes down.  They will have food, fuel, and meds when none can be had in the civilian sector.  If you and your local groups are on the inside when it all goes down your chances of survival goes up and if this is happening nationwide then we control those assets and deny them to our enemies.  Another side to this are utilities like water, sewage, and power.  With a little ingenuity and forethought local people can control and protect these services to ensure they are available to the people. 

All of this will take time, but this is where the trenches are and the fight is.  Not on a national level and not in Washington.  I think Washington is lost and like a cancer must be cut from the host.  We are being assailed from all sides and at all levels, but we are not without resources and we lack leadership.  We own all that the feds are using.  Don’t let them have it.  Find National Guard Soldiers in your area and invite them to join.  You will find them to be an invaluable resource as well and they have lots of neat toys that you will ultimately need.  They will also provide leadership on a local level that we all desperately need and they are plugged into the machine and can help fill in information missing elsewhere.

I truly hope this helps to direct people in the right direction.  Right now Don Quixote is jousting with windmills and the King is showing off his new cloths.  Everyone is laughing and we should be ok with that as we work quietly in the trenches and build our defenses.  I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t all look bad.  I don’t see it as a cake walk either and I am certain there will be violence, but I know too that this is America and we own it!  It is ours and we must fight, but let the fight come to us.  This is the only way to win and restore our Constitution.

As a foot note: I don’t believe in secession.  I do on the other hand believe in exile.  After all is said and done and we have excelled in our struggle against this evil dictator and his misguided hoards, we as a country must exile New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angelis, Chicago, and any other city where people are collected and wish to rule from the left and not from the Constitution.  They can have their own little countries and rule as they wish, just not with my money.  Just a thought…

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No problem, most folks discounted this because I push for staying local.  If enough people, neighbors, get together to work together they can increase their chances.  I stand by my statement that through volunteering you can get inside the machine.  What most people don't understand is that the government doesn't have the people to control everything.  They are going to rely on fear to cause people to do their bidding, but if enough local people are inside then the local people own the resources.  Sure, you may lose power or transportation or whatever, but by denying the Feds those resources it makes it harder for them to move against you.  Best of luck to you and yours.

As Going Rouge says, this may be an old thread/post but it is still very relevant. Lots of good advice in this, Thanks Paul.
I suggest everyone here take another close look at this article and try to figure out what parts of it they can implement today.

We have a new Police Chief here in my town and I've been trying to get a chance to speak with him for about two weeks.
Also, I've been talking with our local County Sheriff department. They are beginning to listen, and the locals are joining county watch groups, again under the headings of Neighbourhood watch and not a Militia.

In fact with a little help from a few of you PFA folks I think we could turn this post into a set of plans, guides if you will. For people to follow and things to accomplish, or at least things we should all be working on.
Obama only has 18 months left in office, (if he actually does leave) But that means he no longer answers to the American people for anything, so they will do what ever they think is necessary to finish off the Transformation and drive those last few nails into America's coffin. We are rapidly running out of time now folks.

Lets put this thing together and figure out where the edges and boundaries are between Asymmetric Gorilla warfare and just a community watch program.


Thanks for the shout-out.  Militia, Veteran, Patriot and even Neighborhood Watch have all been under attack for a very long time.  They have all become bad words with negative connotations.  When talking to some folks in my area I have to venture guardedly when choosing some words and I’m in Arkansas.  People are afraid of what others think and don’t want to be labeled or singled out, but in the end, folks are just folks.  We all want and need the same things.  Shelter, food, nice cloths and some form of entertainment (beer) and when it’s all said and done, we cause many of our own problems.

The old lady across the street is widowed and become afraid to leave her home.  Half the time she won’t even answer her door unless you call first so she knows you are going to knock on her door.  She can’t do much to help her neighbors, but she is a wealth of information about growing up during the depression and man can she cook.  She knows how to garden even if she can’t get out there and help anymore.  She knows how to can and preserve food and can teach others and care for the kids allowing others more capable to do the heavy work.  She also knows something about living without a doctor and hospital right around the corner.

I use the old lady to point out everyone can pitch in and do something for the community and in return she receives support and security which gives her a sense of belonging.  It goes a long way just to talk to those around you.  If you can get some neighbors to join in you can make a plan to help each other garden.  You could go as far as having each grow just one or two things and share while someone else does the same thing.  The result is the same, but you are focused on caring for one crop at a time so you don’t have to be an expert about everything. 

Once you have formed a group you will know who goes which way politically.  Just because you don’t see it the same way doesn’t mean you can’t influence others and everyone is a product of the environment they grew up in.  Change the environment and you change the individual.  Maybe some aren’t comfortable talking about weapons and defense, but that doesn’t mean they won’t defend themselves when push comes to shove because many will.  Ease them into it while those of you who aren’t as sensitive plan and execute for better days.  In time they will become curious and if made to feel welcome will join in just to see what you are doing over there.

You will find each individual is an expert about something.  Hopefully that something is useful, but if not, many can learn something else if pushed or morph their skill into something else that is.  In the end you will have a whole handyman shop and with everyone helping everyone else, you won’t have to hire an electrician or plumber or anything else because you have that skill within your own group.  At some point folks will talk about their wonderful neighborhood group and people will be knocking on your door wanting to know how they can join.  It’s called free stuff, a skill of the left and a time long behind us.

Long before your group gets to this point you will have found natural leaders within your ranks.  You will also know who can and cannot be trusted with secrets or whatever, and you will naturally form rankings and channels.  Likeminded people attract and from here you create small groups like growing/collecting/preserving food, communications, transportation, storage, and security.  It’s a lot to think about, but by just talking to your neighbor and going beyond any differences you can and will build lasting relationships. 

A few individuals become a group and few groups become a community.  Your tax dollars bought all the tools and materials the government will use against you and your community.  You own it, so deny the government its use when the time is right.  Place people in the right places and you will control food, communications, transportation, medical supplies and even water.  The government will use force, panic, and resources to control people.  If you plan for and circumvent the government’s own plans, then you have won the first battle before it’s fought.  If you deny the government the local resources already stored in your local area then they will bypass you for later and move on to softer targets.

Sure, they may kill power.  They may do a lot of things, but they cannot do everything and that’s the key.  Deny them the fear, panic and resources they are going to need.  Deny them the local people they will need to control the rest of the people.  In the end the government will be forced to use head-on brute force.  The result will be to awaken those who have been denying all along.  Some will cave in and others will be angered by the deceit and corruption and will fight back.  For them it may be to-little-to-late and they will fall with the chaff, but you can’t fix everything so you will let them go.

Best of luck to you and yours.  Pray for tomorrow and take what comes, but deny them everything you can.  In the end die on your feet in the street defending your family and friends and not on your knees pleading for mercy. 



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