Constitutional Emergency

The folly of a bomb here, a bomb there, dealing with a barbaric, blood-thirsty bunch of Islamic State (ISIS) cave dwellers that have overtaken large portions of Syria and Iraq? Nothing short of massive, widespread, destruction and elimination of ISIS forces is acceptable. Can it be that America still does not see through the empty suit in the White House?

Barack Obama has no personal appreciation of the threat the blood-thirsty ISIS butchers represent(or does he?), he is surrounded with civilian advisers that could care less about human life or stability “over there”, is oblivious to the threat posed to the entire Middle East, and military advisers that are sold out to the political security of “yes” regardless of the impact on reality, to include the threat to the United States of America.

The ISIS distraction should be the straw that breaks the back of the Obama Administration.  Obama has been able to survive Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals, attacks on first amendment rights of conservative groups, NSA treachery reading every piece of personal communication, economic debt, lawlessness against the US Constitution, Ukrainian debacle, vacationing and golf during major crisis conditions, on and on. 

However, ISIS reflects the savagery of animalistic carnage which will cause the world, even though the U.S. Congress won’t, to rise up against the Obama Administration “pin pricks”, and call for drastic changes in the United States behavior.  Nearly every success attained during in the Iraqi War, through the blood, lives, body parts, family destruction's of American men and women and now lost, should be enough to clearly confirm the incompetence of the Obama Administration and result in Obama’s removal from office.

The drastic change, because U.S constitutional government oversight by “three equal branches of government “has broken down, may come in the form of a military coup to force the Obama Administration to pursue drastic, massive action against the ISIS threat…or force Obama’s resignation to regain some measure of credibility and stability in the US government, a call which is not new, and is supported by low performance poll numbers based on a continual string of failures.

It’s beyond discussion, the puppet strings of Obama must be cut now, before America destructs.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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I fullly support  the Jews and their homeland.  Whether anyone agrees or not, God's chosen people will come out the winner.  God Bless Israel.


  That will never happen,they don't need tunnels, when they have Obama & open borders, an no laws are upheld!!

After the disaster of Benghazi, Obama is doing a "piece-mill" of governing.  Several Congress members had concern about Isis and Iraq Embassy before Obama went on vacation to Martha Vineyard.  Now Obama refers to the United States Constitution as his authority to use the military to protect the Embassy.  Obama has done an "about face" from his early comment " US Constitution being a piece a paper that carries no wait"

He uses the Constitution only when it benefits him.

Apathy?  I am among millions who wanted this son of a sea-cook, huckster mouth of manure dragged out of the white house by the shirt collar and in handcuffs 5 years ago.  Oh but he hasnt done anything illegal -- Oh Yeah?

I think it is Rush Limbaugh who has and infractions list almost 2000 items long!!  The case for legal removal - impeachment - must be built such that not even the Democrats can deny the depths this scoundrel has stooped to

to facilitate his ouster -- or feet first.

Soldier 1980. I'm not sure if it's apathy. People usually have an opinion one way or the other. It's true some will say "I just don't care". But most believe in something. We have all been lied to and abused and manipulated. Those who control the purse strings of the world have manipulated us into doing their building since the beginning of time. Speaking of America, I believe we are perishing due to the lack of TRUTH. It took years after being out of the Marine Corps to find out we were led into Vietnam by the bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident orchestrated by the CIA. I could go on, but suffice it to say what every citizen needs is and education in the truth. Our legal system is a farce. Unless EVERY citizen learns the truth we will continue to allow others to userp and take our liberties. "One of our founding fathers said, "We are only one generation away from losing our liberties".
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". JFK.
Saudi Royal Family will not Allow America to Defeat Sunni Terrorists in Iraq
Contact: William J. Murray, Religious Freedom Coalition, 202-742-8990

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Leading spokesman for religious freedom says President Obama will make no serious effort to defeat ISIL terrorists because they are Sunni. William J. Murray, the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition released a statement in which he quoted both the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times as admitting the royal family of Sunni Saudi Arabia would not permit any genuine attempt to stop a Sunni onslaught of terror in the Middle East because it is Sunni based.

Murray says the United States has been the "puppet" military of the Saudi royal family, attacking and isolating Shia nations such as Syria. In his view the Shia majority state of Syria, which protects religious minorities, is a target of the United States only because the Saudi royals are giving the orders, not the American people.

In 2012 the United States was training "moderate" fighters of the ISIL (ISIS) in Jordan, the same fighters that are killing and enslaving Christians in Iraq today. That training occurred because of the "urging" of Saudi Arabia and their desire to overthrow the secular leaning government of Syria which provides equal rights to Christians and other non-Islamic minorities.

In his powerful statement released in video form with graphics, Murrays says the only way to stop the tide of Islamic terror in the Middle East and the world is to shut down the funding state of that terror, Saudi Arabia:

"There is only one real solution to the problems of the Middle East. Instead of being the proxy warriors for the Saudi royals, the West needs to take control of Saudi Arabia and declare the oil fields the property of the citizens of that nation. Members of the Saudi royal family should have their ill-gotten wealth stripped from them worldwide and face the International Criminal Court for their crimes."

Murray then explains the positive effect shutting down the terror funding center of the world would have:

"Once the Saudi center of Islamic evil in the world is gone, Western nations will be free to deal with Islamic terror elsewhere. This will also eliminate the distribution of Saudi textbooks filled with racial and religious hatred and preaching death to democracy in Islamic schools and mosques throughout the West. That alone will bring the recruiting of terrorists to a virtual halt. It is time to act against the real threat to Western civilization – the Saudi royal family."

Media Contact: 202-742-8990

The New World Order has been mentioned, with almost every leader within the last 6 decades, and on occasion even before that. The main problem is that NObama is not only mentioning it, but is actually planting the seeds, which will eventually grow into the stark realization of the fact of the NWO.

He deliberately spends vast sums over what he takes in. He works towards a disarmed America, and has our educational system hijacked, with demands of the Children’s loyalty to him. He promotes peace and good will with Muslims, knowing damn well that they hate America, all it stands for, and if given their way would annihilate every one of us which would not convert to Islam. He borrows us into bankruptcy, knowing full well that there is no way we can possibly ever pay down that vast debt he creates. Certainly not while he is in power. He plays the Race card, to keep his attackers at bay, and aid him in his agendas, unimpeded. He helps our enemies, while alienating our Allies. He has scaled back our Military, and terminated over 300 key leaders within all branches. Any who do not agree with him, or bow to his commands, are his enemies, and removed from their posts. He has taken complete control of our Healthcare system, and if it Is allowed to unfold over the next 2 years, it will take over America, through it’s hidden and tucked policies. He rules right down the very path, which leaders in the past have done to take over their Countries, and become Dictators of them. Marxism, Leninism, Socialism are all on the platter which he serves to his liberal base, and the meal which he serves up for Americans. Yes, a NWO is very close, and as long as Americans stand on the sidelines and watch, without putting up fight, leaving it uncontested, it will be here sooner than we think. God helps those who help themselves, we have become relaxed and submissive, so has God.

Defeat can only be achieved through a massive effort, of the oppressed.

If America would become energy efficient by exploiting our own resources, natural gas, oil, and coal it would greatly damage the Saudis without a shot being fired.  But the eco-terriorists (aka marxists/communist) who HATE capitalism and all things American is a brick wall blocking our independence.  Green is the new Red!

Obama 's advisors are all muslims.

C'mon...this POS POTUS is at least a muslim sympathizer, more likely a muslim himself. The only reason that he bothered to bomb ISIS was because of internal pressure from people that actually ARE real Americans.

Just for show, people. Obama's planned internal destruction continues. The only time we may be safe is when we remove the kid gloves, dump the PC posturing, and get rid of the scourge that is Obama.



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