Constitutional Emergency

The folly of a bomb here, a bomb there, dealing with a barbaric, blood-thirsty bunch of Islamic State (ISIS) cave dwellers that have overtaken large portions of Syria and Iraq? Nothing short of massive, widespread, destruction and elimination of ISIS forces is acceptable. Can it be that America still does not see through the empty suit in the White House?

Barack Obama has no personal appreciation of the threat the blood-thirsty ISIS butchers represent(or does he?), he is surrounded with civilian advisers that could care less about human life or stability “over there”, is oblivious to the threat posed to the entire Middle East, and military advisers that are sold out to the political security of “yes” regardless of the impact on reality, to include the threat to the United States of America.

The ISIS distraction should be the straw that breaks the back of the Obama Administration.  Obama has been able to survive Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandals, attacks on first amendment rights of conservative groups, NSA treachery reading every piece of personal communication, economic debt, lawlessness against the US Constitution, Ukrainian debacle, vacationing and golf during major crisis conditions, on and on. 

However, ISIS reflects the savagery of animalistic carnage which will cause the world, even though the U.S. Congress won’t, to rise up against the Obama Administration “pin pricks”, and call for drastic changes in the United States behavior.  Nearly every success attained during in the Iraqi War, through the blood, lives, body parts, family destruction's of American men and women and now lost, should be enough to clearly confirm the incompetence of the Obama Administration and result in Obama’s removal from office.

The drastic change, because U.S constitutional government oversight by “three equal branches of government “has broken down, may come in the form of a military coup to force the Obama Administration to pursue drastic, massive action against the ISIS threat…or force Obama’s resignation to regain some measure of credibility and stability in the US government, a call which is not new, and is supported by low performance poll numbers based on a continual string of failures.

It’s beyond discussion, the puppet strings of Obama must be cut now, before America destructs.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” (Proverbs 24:10

could isis be blackwater too

I just read on my Facebook that Gov Perry from Texas says he thinks it's about time "We The People started a little rumbling.  Now if we could just get other people to actually join him.  Food for thought for those who want to actually get involved.

Seems to be an age-old issue........unity hard to find...........

Dear Patriot's,

The  Founding Father's gave us what we need......The Constitution.....founded on the Bible.  What they fought so hard for us, was for such a time as this.

Pray for wisdom, a plan, and unity. How many more atrocities must we witness, before we come together?Please, take your stand, retired, fired, Generals, Colonel's, Military officials, Patriot's, Malitia, anyone who cares what's happening to our country.  We need a plan, for our Families, communities, Church's. These terrorists have told us that they are coming for us. Pray for peace, prepare for war. 

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, takes the terrorists seriously. They are prepared, and ready.

They are a good example, what to do. He has also said that if America will not stand with Israel, it will happen here. The IDF is our first line of defense. They fight the enemy there, so we won't have to here. They deserve our solidarity, (unity) as they fight for us. They have the best military, and we need them.

I will bless those that bless thee.   Genesis 12:3 

It's time to take back what the enemy stole. 

1 Samuel 17:26. David said.  Who is this uncircumcised  Philistine, that he should defy the armies of The Living GOD?

1 Samuel 17:29  And David said,  Is there not a cause?

David beat goliath, not because of how well he fought, but because of how well he believed.

Miracles are happening in Israel, during this war. He is Faithful and True.

What does this have to do with Israel? Everything. Those that read the Bible, understand we are in the prophetic days of Revelation. And many other old Testament Prophets told of these days.

May the Good LORD help us all.


Amen v Amen 2 Chronicles 7: 14 - 16 If my People who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and Heal their land. I will Listen to Every prayer made in this place for I have chosen this Temple, and set it apart to be My Home Forever. My Eyes and My Heart will Always be Here.  ( You will never Fail, if you obey My commands~ ) Those who know His Word  must also know He Never lies, and His Word Never comes back void.

Your right Penny. Let's look at how 2nd Chronicles applies to The a United States Of America. America is no longer a Christian Nation. If any disagree with that post and I will explain why I believe that statement to be true later. There are however Christians in the United States Of America. God states that "If those who are called by His name" will repent and turn from their wicked ways, etc... It's imperative that Christians act on behalf of America. We are called on to Interceed for our Nation and our Leaders, for God does not hear the prayers of the unrighteousness. Gods people, not America are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. The hour is dark and America has list it's flavor. From looking at history what America needs is a Revival, a supernatural visitation of the Holy Spirit. Christians in the past have prayed and the Holy Spirit has visited this nation several times in the past as He has done in other parts of the world, I.e. England. During times of Revival whole towns shut down. Saloons went out of business, Church pews were full. Our war at its roots is spiritual. That dosent mean we should stand and fight against the evils in government. But the church must unite and stand against the powers of darkness of this present evil age. So, Christians, don't forget while you stand on your feet and fight the corruption of those in government, spend time on your knees fighting against the Devil and his cohorts.

I just read this on a private website. It may or may not help. If it doesn't, feel free to delete it. I also met a new friend who was, is a Marine, a real patriot. He said he would help in any way that he could. I don't know how to add him. I'm not real good with tech stuff. For the jackass who talked about Jews, I will deal with him, when the time is right.

whether we like it or not,the politicians are usurping our rights. the army we will be against is being formed by those who want illegals to come into the country to work and then give them amnesty . they don’t forget who made this possible. there are mainly 535 people who pass these laws most of which do not get read and they, the members of congress omit themselves from compliance to them
then they retire with full wage for a pension and can earn all the money they want after only one or two terms in office, while those who work for years to earn a meager social security pension are limited on the amount they can earn or it is taken back from their pension. now obama care exempts them from it while those who contract cancer after turning 76 years of age are not going to be treated, but will be taught to die gracefully. I’m sure those politicians who voted for this law read that part of it, or at least were told about it. the people need to vote to end their descriminating practices that allow them to have freedom from the laws they pass for the average person to live under while they live on the nearly $200,000 per year they received while serving (and i use this word loosly) for the terms they were in the congress. harry reid stated the chinese want to build a hotel and casino on the ranch Mr. Bundy’s family has been raising cattle on for nearly 100 years in nevada. where do these people think their food will come from when all the property is taken for such things??? the Japanese bought a large cattle ranch in montana. wonder where the meat goes from this ranch now. they paid $16,000,000.00 for the ranch. A russian recently purchased a hotel in a big city for $88,000,000. why is our country for sale to foreign countries and our national debt being bought up by CHINA while our government keeps spending more and more.

if we would send the illegals home ( about 25,000,000 of them) home and put the (16,000,000) unemployed to work the amount of unemployment money paid out would go a long way to pay the national debt. THINK ABOUT IT…. a friend

        I think our Army should take over, like the army of Egypt did. when ever they are ready they have plenty of help! I think 90% of America would be with them!!If our Military won't do it, then it is up to us, we the people! i am waiting for the military to take over!!!

Lets hope this is not true, If it is we may be to late to save ourselves.

On Impeachment; We all know that this is an ongoing struggle, can Obama be impeached? And if so - how do we get it done.

There has been an exhaustive amount of talk about all of this. Some people claim that as long as Harry Reid controls the Senate Impeachment will never reach the floor of the Senate, My belief is that Harry Reid doesn't matter because any Senate Trial is administered by the Chief Justice of the supreme Court.

Never the less one way to help insure an impeachment vote does reach the Senate and perhaps a way to help insure that this time it works, might be to first remove several of the Senators who might stand in the way.

In March 2013 Senator James Inhof, (R-OK) introduced an amendment to a budget bill (S.Con.RES.8) to help block the Senate from confirming the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The intention of this amendment was specifically to protect our second amendment against an Un-Constitutional US ban on personal firearms. On a Senate vote #91, 53 voted yea, while 46 voted to give up our second amendment rights in favor of turning over all American gun rights to the United Nations.

Since these people have all sworn an oath to protect, obey, and defend the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. Any NAY vote on this specific amendment was a direct violation and an assault against both their Oaths of office and again the Constitution itself.

So this vote on S.amdt.139 now raises the question of whether any legal action can be brought against these Senators. If so, would that legal action take the form of a US Justice system law suit? Or could the Common Law Citizen's Grand Jury system be used? The additional question arises of whether any legal action taken against these Senators would have to be taken in their respective states, or could we as Americans take action on a collective basis since what these people voted on effects us all collectively and as a nation.

One can only imagine the terror it would instil in every member of Congress just knowing that the people are gathering knowledge and strength enough to place each and every one of them at potential risk of being jailed for treason if they continue to abuse their positions. It may not even matter if any of the law suits were completely successful or not. Just the mere prospects and the possibility might be enough to really finally get their attention.


Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. His amendment passed on a 53-46 vote.

Mar 23, 2013 (113th Congress)

Old Rooster

"One can only imagine the terror it would instil in every member of Congress just knowing that the people are gathering knowledge and strength enough to place each and every one of them at potential risk of being jailed for treason if they continue to abuse their positions. It may not even matter if any of the law suits were completely successful or not. Just the mere prospects and the possibility might be enough to really finally get their attention."

We need to use this against everyone of them, that voted NAY to the amendment to squash the 2nd amendment rights and allow the U.N. to supercede our U.S. Constitution......Get the jail cells ready at Leavenworth, Kansas, then get the gallows ready for hanging......



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