thank you col. riley. finally we are moving on what should have been done by our so called elected ldrs. some 4 yrs ago. I feel like now finally we may be getting some redress for our grievances. I do have a few suggestions though.

 I feel in my humble opinion that we need to set up an intelligence corps. I have seen firsthand that there is a lot of under the radar activity by obozs team occurring off campus at places like the caribou coffee shop and several other eateries surrounding K street. and thedupont circle. wouldn't it be nice to have some advance reconnisance on these places. we could figure out the normal rhythm of each place. perhaps even get picture of some of the players in advance so we could put some innocent looking eyes and ears in place. think of the intelligence we could garner.

 perhaps we could also have several decoy photo teams in key places. while the idiots and harass these teams we could be having real covert teams filming the whole thing.

I have successfully infiltrated a ows/ofa group here in my neck of the woods and they have gotten smart. they allow no phones cameras,etc in their meetings and you are magnetically scanned as you enter. they are aware of the American spring and are planning to take us on. according to a dnc rep they have obozos blessings. they really do look at us as the enemy. these people are hard core communists and they realize its come down to a do or die encounter. next week I should be getting my covert camera and recording device so I will be forwarding pics and audio to who ever needs them. I suggest that everyone gets familiar with their bad apples in their areas because they might run into them in D.C.

 hopefully by now everyone has realized that it may even be your neighbor who is a member of this traitorous group. I suspect we have a few among us here. remember this is a very serious war with very serious consequences. it will get violent when they realize that they are being defeated. Our advantage is they will be lashing out in fear and anger which causes them to lose objectivity and common sense.

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Are you talking about Organizing For Action?

yes the slimeballs that used to be ofo. organizing for Obama. they have some pretty nasty tricks planned for us.

I never said overpasses I support overpasses. its organizing for America that's the obozo group. and yes they use the same magnetic wands that homeland security uses.

Gary... Just messaged you on the 'Friend' link. Please read.

Thank you. 

I think it might be a good idea if Obama's supporters show up.  If it's just us, what's to stop Obama from having a bomb dropped on us and then his message to the people will be that they got the worst of the homeland terrorists.  He's been saying that Christians, Retired Military, and Tea Party members are terrorists.  That's about all of us and more.  That concerns me.  I don't mind giving my life for my country.  But I don't want the people to believe that we are terrorists.  He will claim that we were all armed whether we are or not.  Everything that man says is a lie and his supporters think he's a wonderful guy.  They have no idea what he's up to.  Of course I don't think having Obama's supporters there would stop him either.  He will kill anyone who gets in his way of his plan.

I agree with this post completely. I firmly believe that there are/will be people that try to join our ranks simply to cause problems once we are all peacefully organized. Hopefully the security that we provide for ourselves will also be used on our own group. I don't know if what I mean is coming across clearly... but if someone intends to cause a problem to make it look like it is not a peaceful event so that it justifies the use of force from the government - I'd rather see the force come from our own security.

I like the idea of intel before the event and media "props" to throw off those who would stand in our way. I believe that by creating groups within our States we will be able to use the buddy system not only to protect ourselves from the outside, but to also be able to monitor and protect ourselves from those who try to infiltrate our operation. I'm not trying to say everyone is a threat... just be realistic.

I'll look into recording devices that don't appear as such. An interesting and fun idea that could helpful.



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