My Yahoo email was hacked yesterday but it is now secured - And Campaigning?

Yesterday my yahoo email account was hacked. I had alot of folks reply back to me about it, which was very helpful. What I learned was first the hacker hacked my account and then changed my password. I contacted yahoo and they helped me secure my email account.

I also learned from replies back to me asking if I had been hacked, was, the hacker used different spam or virus links.

In the future if any of you receive an email from me, note that I never put a link without description or introduction in an email.

Some folks have told me they left yahoo because of hacking. I will not be leaving yahoo for that reason. I have a secure email account with earthlink and it was hacked about 5 or 6 years ago. So even the most secure can be hacked. The important thing is to know the character of the person you receive emails from and then you will know if you received a hacked email. Plus observe the structure of emails folks send, that will also help recognize hacked emails.

Important pattern I'm noticing

I too have been receiving emails from folks who were hacked. They too just contained a link with no introduction or description. Thus that was a heads up for me and I replied to sender account and found it indeed had been hacked.

Facebook accounts are being hacked and some bloggers websites have been hacked. Something is going on I'm not sure what. Usually when massive hacking starts or is going on, I've noted it was during campaign season. So, does this mean the thing that turns my stomach the most is starting back up? Campaigning? I note Fox News has started testing the waters on talk about elections/campaigning. Of course they do not test the waters with reporting the truth on the massive PROVEN voter fraud  and corruption in Nov 2012 or even in 2008!

Do we allow Fox News (all news stations really),  career politicians, islamofascists and marxists condition us back into sleepwalking - thinking we're awake - doing works that will not work because the cards have been stacked to ensure our loss.

The only way PFA will be used for campaigning is if we first work with North American Law Center to end the corruption and fraud in our voter system. As it is right now, we cannot win an election. It's already set up for us to fail. If we don't restore it to honorable status with integrity in our elections then it is a waste of time. I've heard the many folks say if so many of us vote it will overwhelm the fraud and corruption so we can still win. Obviously we did that in Nov. 2012 and it DID NOT work! Remember - if we deal in facts then we can win! If we ignore facts and pretend in wishful land then we loose. Ask Allen West. Three systems worked to ensure he lost -

  1. The Socialists in the R party
  2. election fraud and corruption
  3. many who claim to be one with us also went after Allen West with a vengeance

So really I just mention the above because I'm curious why the hacking has started up at this time.


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Welcome to the neighborhood they've crashed me 6 times, all it does is strengthen my resolve because if they didn't fear me they wouldn't come after me!

With some of the e mails I have been getting, is it possible a distraction as b.hussein likes to do, to keep Americans occupied and not watching what he is getting ready to do. To think there are German flyers here and bragging they will do what the American soldiers won't do during martial law. Kill Americans.

Why the build up of vehicles and other military items. God save us from this evil man.

How come our supposed elected officials in Wash. are not concerned?

Since I've switched to aol, I haven't had any problems,I think when I did have a Yahoo account,I kept having problems.

It can happen with AOL too.  It has with me twice.  If it does, change your password and you're good to go until they figure out your new PW and you change it again.

George--I agree.  I have accounts with Yahoo, GMail and Aol.  The only one I can get into during bad weather on SATNET is Aol.  And I've never had a security problem with Aol.

Ive gotten ALOT of emails like that too. No message, just a link. Glad i never opened them.

I have gotten e mails from "friends", I have learned to put it right into spam. The e mails do not have a subject line just fw: or nothing at all. I have AOL.

Jager...I agree.

Cutting of the money is probably one of the best methods of "peaceful resistance" we can do.

I like the idea of nationwide "strikes" one goes to work.  It worked in Poland.

Cutting off all funds to political "parties" is another one.

Keep the ideas coming!

I would love to see that happen , too many sheeples right now tho I think, but if all the non-sheeples would strike , I am sure that would work, just because alot of the sheeples voted more than once , them same numbers won't show up if all else strikes!

Since you seem to have knowledge about protecting yourself from getting hacked, is there any e-mail service that is protected from hacking?  I sure would like to find a service that helps protect us.  It's sad that our computers and our thoughts are abused by others..  We are suppose to have freedom of speech, but do we?  We know we can't trust our government.  With all the written thoughts going through the information highway, the internet, we diffinately need protection.

Twanna, you are a threat to the Politicians.  They fear you, because you make people aware of what is happening.  There are many on the internet that also stir the pot, like Allen West.  When our government fears us, they will do anything in their power to eliminate us.  BUT WE ARE BECOMING UNITED AND GROWING DAILY.  So keep up the great work.  WE LISTEN, READ AND WRITE TO CONTINUE THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

I have read a couple stories about people who voted for Obama more than once. The story is usually written as if what the person did was a joke or they were too old and it's no big deal.

But let one of us vote for a Republican or a Tea Party Affiliated candidate more than once, just one of us. It would be all the proof that the Republicans committed wide spread voter fraud and the person who won was there illegally.

Something happened last election, there was no momentum for Obama. Then the total lack of coverage about any sort of election fraud when it was confirmed Obama won. Sure while the election was occurring there were reports of irregularities and weird "I pushed the button for Romney but it shows I voted for Obama" then total media silence.

So I am now a card carrying conspiracy theorist? Because deep down I know something happened. I feel it in my gut. Just like I know something happened to Andrew Brietbart, he was the most dangerous to the people taking over, and he caused the most damage and he had something on Obama.

Yep, a black woman poll worker in Ohio admitted to voting 6 times, what was done though? Not a friggin thing, what  a shame!!



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