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My Yahoo email was hacked yesterday but it is now secured - And Campaigning?

Yesterday my yahoo email account was hacked. I had alot of folks reply back to me about it, which was very helpful. What I learned was first the hacker hacked my account and then changed my password. I contacted yahoo and they helped me secure my email account.

I also learned from replies back to me asking if I had been hacked, was, the hacker used different spam or virus links.

In the future if any of you receive an email from me, note that I never put a link without description or introduction in an email.

Some folks have told me they left yahoo because of hacking. I will not be leaving yahoo for that reason. I have a secure email account with earthlink and it was hacked about 5 or 6 years ago. So even the most secure can be hacked. The important thing is to know the character of the person you receive emails from and then you will know if you received a hacked email. Plus observe the structure of emails folks send, that will also help recognize hacked emails.

Important pattern I'm noticing

I too have been receiving emails from folks who were hacked. They too just contained a link with no introduction or description. Thus that was a heads up for me and I replied to sender account and found it indeed had been hacked.

Facebook accounts are being hacked and some bloggers websites have been hacked. Something is going on I'm not sure what. Usually when massive hacking starts or is going on, I've noted it was during campaign season. So, does this mean the thing that turns my stomach the most is starting back up? Campaigning? I note Fox News has started testing the waters on talk about elections/campaigning. Of course they do not test the waters with reporting the truth on the massive PROVEN voter fraud  and corruption in Nov 2012 or even in 2008!

Do we allow Fox News (all news stations really),  career politicians, islamofascists and marxists condition us back into sleepwalking - thinking we're awake - doing works that will not work because the cards have been stacked to ensure our loss.

The only way PFA will be used for campaigning is if we first work with North American Law Center to end the corruption and fraud in our voter system. As it is right now, we cannot win an election. It's already set up for us to fail. If we don't restore it to honorable status with integrity in our elections then it is a waste of time. I've heard the many folks say if so many of us vote it will overwhelm the fraud and corruption so we can still win. Obviously we did that in Nov. 2012 and it DID NOT work! Remember - if we deal in facts then we can win! If we ignore facts and pretend in wishful land then we loose. Ask Allen West. Three systems worked to ensure he lost -

  1. The Socialists in the R party
  2. election fraud and corruption
  3. many who claim to be one with us also went after Allen West with a vengeance

So really I just mention the above because I'm curious why the hacking has started up at this time.


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Another thing I've done was to cancel gmail, yahoo, facebook, and have never added any apps to my cell phones. I no longer use google checkout in my eBid stores, never did on eBay.

My private information was hacked through PayPal, but it never got anywhere. Just to be safe, I changed all of my log-in info there, as well as with my credit card company and bank. Within an hour of reporting it to the FBI, the hacker was identified and picked up! The agent told me the guy was so concentrated on trying to figure out why his computer quit working that he never saw them coming!

I believe that I saw a post that said 400,000 Republicans did not vote in 2012. I am with you, in that, voter fraud must be stopped, but we also need to encourage voting, even if your favorite candidate did not win the nomination. To me, that's as bad as "tossing in the towel".

Let's face it folks, with the government stock piling guns, bullets and tanks, building FEMA camps, attacking our gun rights, our faith rights and every other thing they can in the Constitution.....they are out to nail us, We, the People, to the floor so they can turn us into is hard to believe but they are.....we can trust few and there is something coming.........they are trying to find out how serious we are......and there are other groups that are rallying to DO something and I think the word has got out to the wrong


To be accurate, "the love of money is the root of all evil", however, all revenue is derived from "The People", and we don't have to participate to some degree at any time.  If we're going to do more than play games, we need to get our States under the understanding we actually live here, and we will take control of our State if those we elected choose to turn to the criminals in D.C.

    There is no question the central government is completely out of control, and in being so, it is by definition, "a domestic enemy of the constitution"  We have the responsibility to put our State governments on notice we will not play any games, they can follow our constitutions, state and federal, under our oversight, and by our consent, or we will withdraw that consent and take our direct Sovereignty back.

    Only at that point are we in the full position to deal with the criminal central government, by telling it there is no more revenue while it violates the limits and exactitudes of the constitution.  At the same  time, we have to state as "A People", the Constitution belongs to us, it is our contract between "The People's of the Several States", and it is ours to read, understand, and interpret to the letter and in spirit to which it was written, as per the standards of the founders and they alone.  We cannot allow any outside "The People" ever be allowed claim authority of any sort over "our" contract.

    There is no aspect of the central government which is not compromised, and it must be considered realistically, from all we can easily see each and ever day.  We can either take back our country, or we can quit, it's  that simple.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

William, the money we 'give' to the feds as 'income' tax is but a small part of taxation. The bulk comes from all of the taxes imposed on everything we buy, sell, use and consume, from homeowner taxes, communication taxes and surcharges, to fuel taxes, retail purchase taxes, and then some. And, you can add to that all of the import duties and taxes. That's just a few of the THOUSANDS of taxes we pay every day, every week, every month, and every year.

To stop paying income tax would only get the attention of the IRS, and your wife!

I too like the idea of what Poland did. At first i think it was small but every day more would come, and then more and more until they had a huge majority. Eventually they shut everything down and got attention. I do realize they are much smaller than America and it would probably take more than one center of operation. Willing to listen to anything at this point. Trying to get their attn. in Washington DC has been a complete failure any other way.



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