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m.examiner.comThe precise extent to which Hillary Clinton's knowledge of, and responsibility for, the Gunwalker Plot, lies within the memories of these two men, Shapiro and Steinberg, sources say.

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Hillary is just as bad as Hussain!  I remember her down on the border condemning the US for the guns being used by the cartels and saying that 98% of all the weapons these cartels use come from the US!  This was all a plan to take away our 2nd amendment rights!  I said this the day I heard this communist spouting that bs!  She did her final thesis on Sol Alinsky by the way.  She loved this guy way back in college!  Well it back fired and lets hope the stupid idiots in this country won't vote this commie witch into office if she runs against Hussain!

All the talk of maybe Hussain being dropped from the ticket and bringing Hillary is what their plan is going into this next election. She is no different from him!!!

If and when the truth comes out, I believe that alot of people are deeply involved in this mess.
Barack Hussein Obama, Berry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and their ilk, agents provocateurs all!!!  They are all trying to set the stage for the destruction of America in all that they do!!!  Armed American citizens are a huge roadblock to their plans!!
Will she need a crown, orb and scepter at her coronation?
I have been thinking, it may be true that she is involved, then do you suppose that Obama is setting her up?
The Hildabeest and the rest of this corrupt and sham administrtion has done more to bring down this country than all administrations previous COMBINED. On inauguration day 2013 the entire lof them should be rounded up, arrested and put on trial for crimes against our Contitution and the American People and the sentences meted out should be severe.

Let's not forget that Bill Clinton has been the main man for his total Presidency and trained up Obama in his Community Organizing. He was the first to Community Organize. They are all NWO determined and Anti-Americans.

Issa bothers me though, why not going after more???


Remember Hillary went down to Mexico, Fox News, Greta covered the story years ago. That is when my nose began to really smell something fishy. I did lots of back ground research on her and Bill and associated them deeply with the corruption and ties to Communism, NWO agenda and realized why they want to take our guns. It is the same reason throughout History, to kill the people and bring down the people to only like minded thinkers.

They have contemplated mass genocide, re education camps, Martial Law, biological release, revolution using the indoctrinated idiots, starvation, work prison camps, etc...I think they will keep trying every means, until they succeed. This is evil in exchange for power, control and money. They are now working to take away our ability to feed our selves and others with the EPA and ECLIE to take your land and take our guns. If that fails they will just move on to the next plan, like class war and revolution, as we are seeing  now. Not much time left before they are desperate and start the others. We must succeed in stopping this evil.

They are manipulating the masses to elect another NWO President like Romney. To continue their plan. I am telling everyone that the worst root of this mess is the NWO, Agenda 21 to finish and accomplish their end result.

It is getting messy for them now, because they are in bed with lots of other evil people. Islam, Black Muslim Communist, Russian Communist, UNIONS, Radicals from the 1960's, Mexican drug cartel and dumbed down youth, all for the same purpose. It will blow up in all of their faces, because only one of them will survive and we will be caught in this blood bath. We the people must win and try them all, in a Court of Law and deport all anti-American thinkers to regain America. We must save our children and grandchildren from this kind of life.

May God be with us all, through him we will be strengthened for his purpose of good vs. evil

Hillary  Clinton is the most dangerous person in the Government today, look whats coming next, Small arms treaty from the United Nations, this is designed to take your guns away from you so Hillary can be your lord and all mighty. She can Kiss My A--,. Hillary  tell your dumb a-- old man to stay home out of the lime light, no one likes him anyway, he is such a fool.


When I saw at the National Prayer Service after 9/11 that Algore was all upset and then Bill Clinton said something to him and he immediately relaxed, and the press made such an issue of Clinton's power to comfort the loser for potus, I couldn't help but formulate totally the idea that Clinton was putting together a shadow government, because the lsm went to him to comment on everything Bush and Congress did. Later I'd read that it was Hilarious and soros who put together the "shadow party" for just that purpose and that Bill's "Global Initiative was a part of it. I believe that soros bought her off when he ran gore and then bo, and that she believes that once this government is brought down totally she'll have this district or region in the nwo.

My Bible speaks of "The woman rides the beast" when talking of the world governments, and the beast being 1 of the unholy trinity. I've always wondered if she was that woman. I was disappointed we didn't see cat fights over who had more power, she or Queen Nancy in the last congress.



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