National Liberty Alliance call to action - TIME to Restore America:

National Liberty Alliance call to action - TIME to Restore America:

The National Liberty Alliance has been working hard at organizing and educating the American people on how to return to the Common Law, and the Citizen's Grand Jury. When Operation American Spring started back in December 2013 many people questioned the legality and constitutionality of our actions. Returning the justice system and the power vested in the people under the Constitution back TO the people, We-The-People can; and we will; restore America. We can; and we will; return to our Constitutional Republic. And we will put an end to the lawless corruption, deceit, despotism in Washington. As we stand now all 50 states have signed documents to restore the States and Counties, and the courts within the States, to the Common law. The Laws of We-The-People under the Republic of the Constitution of The United States of America.

It is now TIME for the people to take action.

The National Liberty Alliance (and PFA/OAS) is calling for people in each State to stand up and be ready to take charge within your State when those States and Counties open the Courts to the peoples Grand Juries. This is happening now, Let me repeat that – THIS IS HAPPENING NOW.

And we are running out of time to fill those positions. You must be a leader, but you do NOT have to be an attorney, you just need to be willing to fight for America.

Message from NLA headquarters: TIME:
We have no committed leadership to take point from the following States. Please respond ASAP. Time is short.














New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Dakota

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



West Virginia

It’s time to save America, pressure in the Federal courts is building and we the People must prepare to access the courts.

We are looking for "at least one person" from each state that is serious about what we are doing, people who are going to respond when called to action. We need “can do people” who will not give excuses when called and are willing to cancel or postpone anything else they are doing when called. These will be the point people for your state; absenteeism will not be tolerated.

Please do not respond if you are going to waste our time, because we don’t have much left.

If you are willing to commit and become a part of this national leadership group that will take the lead please email me the following info ASAP to

Please put “I COMMIT” in the subject line and “only the following info" in the body of the email.


In His Service

John Darash

(845) 233-6560

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Hello all!  NebraskaFilly here - I am doing some research on this and Mr. Darash - would appreciate some insight from the members of PFA!  So far, NLA appears to have the legal precepts and documentation to back this up. 

Hi Judith. Piper, Texas State Coordinator. PFA is very credible. And many of our Members are them as well. As we are all in this for the same goal, we blend together for like minds, awareness and education. I am glad you are doing your reaearch in this.
As I know we all need members...I am a stickler for "know what you are signing up for -before- you sign up for it"
This PFA forums are open to all.
We are almost at our goal and time is so precious and we dobt need to waste time sitting on the sideline waiting to see who does what :) that gets no one anywhere. Here's to our Freedom!

Who is the leadership representative for Maryland?

Go to the NLA web site and look under the States pages, (Tab on the top of the page). You will find County organizers listed.

Or, go to the site and look under "Contacts" then look for your State Coordinator.

Contact that person and ask what you can do to help.

Judith, I glad you're doing your homework, that's a good thing.
There are currently several organizations around the country that are advocating and tying to figure out how to restore the Constitutional Common law in America. And while I believe they all have good intentions most, if not any, of the others have done their homework as extensively as NLA and John Darash. As you can well imagine the federal judiciary, (Eric Holder) and most of our elected officials are really excited about the idea of the people demanding that the power over the Government must be returned to the People. They are not exactly thrilled about it or the possibility of going to jail over what they have been doing. And that includes some of the lower level court systems. Returning our Judicial system and returning to a Constitutional Republic that forces and demands our officials to obey the Constitution, is not something they will do unless forced to do it. They don't like the idea, and some of them have been trying to fight back. The result of this is that some of these politicians, county prosecutors, and judges are doing everything they can to discourage anyone from even trying this. Several of these corrupt officials have managed to find things that some other organizations have done wrong, papers that were not signed properly, or notary stamps that were missing or neglected. Mostly minor things in general, but they have managed to jail several people because it them.
The NLA on the other hand is well educated, dedicated, and diligent in their advice and processes. You will find in your homework that like PFA/OAS the NLA has also been attacked from several directions. Remember when they said OAS Mission to DC was going to be a blood bath? And they posted the claim at one point that we had set fire to the White House? The negative propaganda and lies and smeers are just as bad and heavy about NLA. The reason for it is that they fear the NLA just as they do PFA and OAS. Because they know we are right, and we will not back down.

I need to  repeat this original message, NLA is still seeking leaders in those several states listed in the body of this message.

How about it Michael Regan, Step up and take control of Nevada.

Old Rooster. Thanks for the call, but we already have leaders in Nevada. And several in my county. I signed up a as jurist and waiting to take the civics test. Considering becoming an Administrator, but need to learn more about the process and position first. I stay in touch with other members of NLA here in Las Vegas. SEMPER FI.



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