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National Public Safety Team (NPST) in Sacramento Needs Our Help! Please help them out and let ms. Cindy Sheehan know what you think of her too!


From: Dave Jenest - Webmaster []
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 5:10 PM
To: JOSEPH SULLIVAN; Craig Powell; MSgt CJ Grisham (Deployed); Col. Charles Henthorn; EMS-Legal Ken Happel; IGU - Lori Wexler; IGU - Mil Michael DeFord; 'LEO - Chris Delia'; LEO - J Mraz; Mil - Tim Greve; NPST - Webmaster Dave Jenest; NPST- Bret Daniels; NPST Chief Don Holton; Pamela Kurtz
Cc: Crystal Bolt; David Van Allan; Joan - Outreach Director; Keith Anthony; Legal - Mike Sarkisian; Patrick Jenkins; Rich Cable; Stewart Rhodes; Tina Baird; Wendy Gumpert
Subject: Occupy Sacramento
Importance: High


I have a request for NPST leadership, CJ, Joe, Craig and former associate. There appears to be no desire on the part of our local Sacramento residents to speak out against the Occupy Sacramento protests. They want to camp out in Cesar Chavez Park 24/7 like the occupiers are doing in New York City. The City Council takes up their request this Tuesday.


Our four NPST leaders will open a new discussion on the City of Sacramento’s Facebook page at:!/CityofSacramento and email the same message to the Mayor and City Council tonight. Friday we put the City on notice, Crimewatch and NPST was opposed because the movement was at rick of being infiltrated by anarchists who trashed our city in the summer of 2003. We’re asking you to join us in that message and include your name, address and phone number on the email. PLEASE: Forward this message to family and friends and ask them to do the same. ASK! Dare we let Cindy Sheehan speak for us?


Crimewatch has invested hundreds of hours in the park and online trying to convince protesters to cease breaking the law and forcing police to make arrest after a small group had forced the issue. We had a good relationship with 90% of their leaders up until Friday, as related below.


This is our message and we need your help:


For the first nine days, we have heard our local residents in the Occupy Sacramento movement praise our police for their courtesy and restraint even as arrests took place. We applauded Chris when he appeared on their Live Stream podcast say the movement would not allow outside agitators to infiltrate the group. He went so far as to say they would ask our police to remove them. Later he would recant saying an "agitator" was defined as someone about to throw a Molotov cocktail.


On Friday, when it was clear the progress that had been made was falling apart, we issued a statement to the Mayor and City Council that began with this: "Occupy Sacramento may seem like a benign movement. We have been collection evidence to the contrary. We thought Sacramento was the exception and could serve as a role model. We may be wrong."


We went on to provide evidence to support our assertions. In their own words and deeds last night, Occupy Sacramento would prove us right. We've documented hundreds of verbal disparaging attacks against SPD by outside agitators flooding Occupysacto's Live Stream chat room last night and several that arrived at the park just before arrest were made.


For the City of Sacramento to allow this group to occupy Cesar Chavez Park 24/7 and see even more professional agitators arrive would be a violation of the public trust. Cindy Sheehan is mild compared to some of the professional behind this movement. What this movement did last night and early Sunday morning represents a single digit percentage of our Sacramento population rather than 99% (a number we always thought was wrong)


Following the posting of this message on the City’s Facebook page, our NPST leadership, one at a time, will add these comments to make our point. They will also be included in the email to the Mayor and City Council:


  1. 1.       Is this the kind of image you want? Who is the next high profile agitator you will allow to speak for Sacramento?


NBC-KCRA-3: 19 'Occupy Sacramento' Protesters Arrested: SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Nineteen protesters, including anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan, were arrested Sunday morning during the Occupy Sacramento protests at Cesar Chavez Park:


  1. 2.       Topic: Is this the kind of image you want? Who is the next high profile agitator you will allow to speak for Sacramento?


ABC-KXTV-10: Occupy Sacramento's Cindy Sheehan was arrested: SACRAMENTO, CA - Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Saturday night. "She was charged with remaining after a lawful dispersal order and for being in the park after hours," said Officer Laura Peck of the Sacramento Police Department.


  1. 3.       Is this the kind of image you want? Who is the next high profile agitator you will allow to speak for Sacramento?


CBS-KOVR-13: Activists Expect More Arrests At ‘Occupy Sacramento’: SACRAMENTO — Demonstrators marched peacefully to the Capitol on Saturday as part of the global “Occupy” protests, but activists said they expected to be arrested when authorities close down the park after midnight. Hundreds of protesters, including anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, marched from Cesar Chavez Park to the steps of the Capitol during the day to denounce corporate greed and Wall Street.


  1. 4.       ¿Este es el tipo de imagen que desea? ¿Quién es el próximo agitador de alto perfil que permitirá hablar de Sacramento?


Univision-19 Más arrestos en "Occupy Sacramento" - Catorce de los protestantes no quisieron desalojar el parque en donde se encontraban y fueron arrestados por las autoridades.


  1. 5.       Is this the kind of image you want? Who is the next high profile agitator you will allow to speak for Sacramento? 


Fox40 news: Cindy Sheehan Speaks to, Stands with Occupy Sacramento: SACRAMENTO— Armed with a megaphone, Cindy Sheehan made her way to Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento to bring a new vigor and a new direction to the Occupy Sacramento movement.



  1. 6.       Is this the kind of image you want? Who is the next high profile agitator you will allow to speak for Sacramento?


Sacramento Bee: Anti-war activist Sheehan, 18 Occupy Sacramento protesters arrested early today: Anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan - one of the biggest names in the peace movement, was arrested along with 18 other demonstrators at Cesar Chavez Park early Sunday, police said.



Law Enforcement Technology Solutions


1818 H Street Unit 1

Sacramento, CA 95811-2146

(916) 448-2619 (Center Hotline)

(888) 848-2619 (Toll Free Hotline)

(916) 520-1551 (Try)

(916) 690-9954 (Cell)

(916) 444-0935 (Fax)






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When did a protest against Wall Street and big business become an anit-war protest???

Mrs Sheehan if you want to protest the war start your own and do it in Wash D. C where it belongs!

All protesters who occupy the park.  Remember it is a public area and anyone who wants to be there should be let in to enjoy it not to have to struggle to enjoy it!!

What is your goal?  What are you protesting for or against?   Remember businesses make things we (you too) use and take advantage of.   Think of that when you put on your clothes, use a toilet or look in the mirror.   You are using the park.  People have jobs to keep it up.  to make sure it is nice so people can use it. 

Businesses employ people.  Pay them for their work.  This money is used to keep the economy and our country going.  By shutting down businesses they will be out of work.  Do you want that??

People buy stocks and bonds in companies.  They get repaid from the company for that.   You are hurting those people.  Some are middle class or lower citizens.  Citizens who try to make money by doing that.!!    What you are doing makes  the stock prices come down; hurting them!!  


It's starting to work! Chief Don Holton's post is getting traction. News releases just went out. Help us by saying your watching Sacramento too from (your city and state)

The night Cindy Sheehan showed up to be arrested, the protesters published our Police Chief's phone number and worse, the Police Communication non-emergency dispatch number jamming with prank calls.

We'd ask you to help us fight fire with fire. Here are some of the organizers personal cell phone numbers:


Ari (916) 712-0472

David (408) 772-3658

Sean Thompson (916) 889-1786 (He's the worst of the bunch)

All I want to know is this one thing: when can we HANG all these anti-American mutants?



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