Constitutional Emergency

Natural Law and “the other”

By Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired

I began life as a mechanic wearing three cornered pants, and from the first, “natural law” controlled everything I did.  Being a technician means one can’t ignore or defy nature, gravity sucks, water is wet, and the earth rotates, period.

By Nature, “first law has the greatest impact”, minor aspects of such have ever diminished importance.  “You get out no more than you put in” is among the most basic of natural law.  Its definition is in “the law of diminishing returns”.  These two laws underlie every system we know of, and yet it is both these laws which the left, self-identified as “progressive”; deny without evidence.

Dr. Diesel was among the most educated of engineers at the time when internal combustion was replacing steam for motive power, and while most designers and inventors worked “seat of the pants”, Diesel used physics to design his engines, then making components to fulfill the design Requirements.  By this, his engines started as more efficient than every other steam engine replacement.

Diesel’s understanding of physics, his knowledge of higher math meant he started to design based on natural law, and didn’t have to find what so many other engine builders had to discover by experiment.  Our founders were no less educated in the history and arts of law, community, human nature, and the design of our constitution was a work of science every bit as much as a work based on a fine understanding of human nature.

There is no aspect of our current culture and government which was not considered by the founders at the time, and yet they abjectly rejected every bit of everything we have today beyond those “18 duties and responsibilities” the constitution puts on the federal government.

While almost every other Nation arrived with a government which grew out of war, we established a modern paradigm in winning our freedom and not putting the winning General as King, deliberately effecting self-government in keeping with our Declaration of Independence.

Our constitution was written solely because the thirteen states could not effectively interact internationally under the “articles of confederacy”, so our founders determined a designed and written contract would be the best, most effective way.

The first principle of our founding was the establishing of “the rule of law” upon the Ten Commandments, and holding God as the Creator.  With this principle, only such which is acceptable to all would be allowed to be made law, as every person was considered to relate to our Creator as an individual. This is the relationship of God of the Old Testament with “His People”, and our intent was “to be a Godly People” at our inception.

The primary change which is at the root of all our problems is the installed notion of “no God”, and the provision of “the state” as the center of civic religion, as socialism proposed.  Science having taken such a hold on the thoughts of Americans, we allowed “experts” to deny our proper foundation as “antiquated and obsolete”, they're suggesting they operate exactly to absolute fact, while indeed, having all evidence against their assertions.

Every aspect of socialism has been shown faulty by every attempt throughout history, yet we have allowed them to make their assertions and have refused to demand an open debate on principle.  In this, we’ve allowed the assertion, “everything must constantly change and improve”, to be applied to a very carefully constructed self-regulating form of government, and destroy every element of “self-regulating”. This was done precisely because that aspect is the greatest constraint on would be tyrants, something no people have ever been short on.

An educated person with principles could stop our nation, have a convention, and could find good cause to restore first principles.  No less than such can bring back the republic without outright revolution through war.  We can choose to continue, knowing America will go down.  We can choose to get educated, and do “the right thing”, or we can fail to garner enough support, and are left only with war.  Very shortly we will reach the point where “not to decide decides for us”.

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From a former Staff Sergeant in the Corps to the "Gunney";  With all due respect, I do believe we've past the point where, "not to decide decides for us."

Very good Gunny!!!!!!!!!!!

YWHY's natural Law Gunny......

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."   2 Chronicles 7:14

It doesn't get any simpler than that, yet the prerequsites are tougher than MCRD.............and even fewer will graduate.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis


thanks Gunny! God bless you!


GUNNEY:  Re. "Our constitution was written solely because the thirteen states could not effectively interact internationally under the “articles of confederacy”, so our founders determined a designed and written contract would be the best, most effective way."  "And it still is"!!!



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