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NC Democrat Says He’s Voted Four Times For Obama Already – Will Vote 5th Time on Election Day


Gateway Pundit



North Carolina Democrat Jim Turner says he voted four times for Barack Obama already.
He’s determined to vote a fifth time for Obama on election day.


Barricuda Brigadesays they spoke with the man by phone and he confirmed that he wrote the post.





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I agree and have modified my comment!


I agree Twana, if someone's caught committing voter fraud, they should lose their right to vote for at least 5 years on the first time, and double if it happens again.


I think a large bold "C" for 'cheater' should be carved onto the forehead of every cheater that is caught. It's extreme but I must admit I'm getting tired of playing the "Good Guys" all the time. The only thing it has gotten us over the years is a massive rise in the popularity of Liberalism and where Lying and turned into a Social event for which there are no consequences so it becomes considered "Ok".

I'm so saddened at how low our country has sunk. Pray that there is time for a miracle!

I can't believe this family man has intentionally frauded the election process. I can't understand why WE THE PEOPLE, can't prevent this type of abuse in the election there no accountability in the election process?

I can this so called american is just like the fraud we have in office and it is sad for his family that kids has to see what kind of dad they. I agreewith the guy who said that this guy should be in jail on election day and anyone who has commited the same crime as well.

Now that this felon has admitted to his crimes and made them public, why isn't he wearing handcuffs and being carted off to jail?

WHAT the hell is wrong in NC??

Void all his votes and put him in jail!

Arrest him. In Nevada a woman was arrested when she tried to vote 2 times.

WOW! He commits a crime and thinks this is good for his granddaughter? WTF Over? He is setting a really good example for his Granddaughter here, if you can't get what you want legally just break the laws sweetie it is ok we are Demagogues and they won't do anything about it.

Thats the way obummer wants it.

Twana did you send this to the Attorney General of North Carolina? And Beaufort is in South Carolina so is Henderson I think so he is not even voting in his home state it looks like. Maybe you need to send it to both states.

He posted a message that he had made a "bold comment" to "Jami" and that it had disappeared into "cyber somewhere", claiming that some sort of conspiracy was afoot.  I sent him a message that it hadn't disappeared at all, informing him that he had, in a public forum, confessed to committing multiple felonies.  Maybe that will tighten his sphincter.




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