NC Democrat Says He’s Voted Four Times For Obama Already – Will Vote 5th Time on Election Day


Gateway Pundit



North Carolina Democrat Jim Turner says he voted four times for Barack Obama already.
He’s determined to vote a fifth time for Obama on election day.


Barricuda Brigadesays they spoke with the man by phone and he confirmed that he wrote the post.





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Absolutely incredible. I had a demoncratic poll watcher the other day tell me he had a friend with THREE separate identities and that he was going to use them to vote for the communist. I thought he was joking. Apparently, he was not. This was in Haywood County, NC.

Did you report him? 

No, I didn't. But Monday morning I will be at the election board and make that report. The same man also said, "Need an ID, there's a whole yard full of them." He swung his arm out in an arc toward the graveyard on the hill right beside that early voting site.


This is pretty normal for this area. Western North Carolina has a long tradition of the Dems cheating like crazy. Stories that man told you is just part of their cheating. The one way that works well in these mountain counties is to simply buy votes on election day. Almost every fringe polling place will have a Bag-man in the parking lot. Let me explain the 'fringe' comment... "Bagmen rarely go to polling precincts in  the towns with large populations, and they almost never hang out in the town that also serves as the County Government seat. These places have too many officials hanging around and Law enforcement is out in force, so you can see why the Bagmen find other places. All the smaller polling places away from the large towns are all considered "Fringe" sites."

The going rate in the Mountains of Western North Carolina for a Democrat vote is $40. If the Bagman is friends, or is related to some of the people he may pay $50. However, if you are an uneducated buffoon he may offer $20.

If you think this is an old and dying tradition you had better get a grip on reality. Back in the day the voting money went to buy Liquor which was usually Moonshine. Now the money is used for buying Drugs and Liquor so the number of people willing to be bought has actually increased instead of decreased.

I tried to start a local group that would use surveilance and trickery to block the buying of votes by following the Bagmen, in our county, all day long on election day. Then run up to them and take a picture as they are about to pay someone. We got off to a good start with getting volunteers, then one-by-one all but two men chickened-out.

At this point it seems this election is truly will be in Gods hands.

If they can make men look like lady's, are vice a verse why would they not want to do that. Hummmm, good thought.

Thank you for the information. I will pass it on and we will be on high alert with phones, cameras and policemen to back us up. GOD BLESS.  I agree, this election truly is in GOD's hands. We will be HIS hands, feet and eyes tomorrow.

If your afraid to report him please forward the info to me and trust me it will get done.

Morning. My husband and I are heading out later this a.m. to report this knowing that it will fall on deaf ears. We are also making hard copies of our report and sending it into the State Attorney General in NC. with return receipt requested so we have proof it arrived in his office. Thank you for your willingness to do this. Will let you know how the face-to-face goes.


        Living proof that liberalism is a mental disease

Yes it is!!!

I think that the person/persons votes should be disqualified and the he not be allowed into anymore voting places again then maybe that will show him and the others you can not and it will not be tolerated. It is not fair if one person is allowed to get by with it and not anyone else. But there again thats what the obummer adminastration does.

ARREST HIM for voter fraud!  Determine the number of votes he cast and void them all, 



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