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NC Democrat Says He’s Voted Four Times For Obama Already – Will Vote 5th Time on Election Day


Gateway Pundit



North Carolina Democrat Jim Turner says he voted four times for Barack Obama already.
He’s determined to vote a fifth time for Obama on election day.


Barricuda Brigadesays they spoke with the man by phone and he confirmed that he wrote the post.





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Don't any of you sign this. You must be an Obama fan. Anyone for Obama is a traitor to this country.

IF BARACK OBAMA happens to pull this off, and win re-election.  OF ALL PEOPLE in America, YOU, Jim Turner, will WEEP BITTER TEARS over what Obama will do to you......not "for" you and your children.  Your children, especially, will suffer under the OBAMANATION that's coming, if he's re-elected. 

SMELL YOUR HAIR, Jimmy boy!!!  It will tell you where you've been keeping your HEAD.  I feel bad for your cute little children that they have a dad as shallow and ill-informed as you are.   If this is one of your "brightest" moments, you must be a 10 watt bulb at best.  Let me guess, you're a person who's employed in the "public" sector, right??   College un-educated, with a degree in political and/or social science. 

Good Morning..........


For what it's worth............I called the Attorney General's office in North Carolina, who directed me to the Supervisor of Elections. She was very aware of Mr. Turner's activities and stated that an investigation is ongoing. The number for the AG is 919-716-6400. It might not hurt to have more people contacting this office simply to let them know that there is genuine concern about this guy's crimes.

ronald, there is a both a beaufort & a henderson, nc... beaufort, emerald isle & PKS (i'm assuming this is pine knoll shores) are in district 3 (carteret county); and henderson (vance county) is district 1 (it's 40 miles north of raleigh).

perhaps one of the fastest ways to nip this idiot in the bud is to contact the campaign offices of the republicans affected by this: pat mcrory (gov); dan forest (lt gov); pete dilauro (house, district 1); and, walter b. jones (house, district 3). contacting the attorney general (roy cooper) would do nothing; he's a democrat.

something even faster might be to contact civitas. (i forgot about them; but remembered when i saw that the board of elections had to respond to a complaint or query about same day registration & legacy voters): ). although i'm no longer a NC resident, i still own property there... i think i'll forward info about this guy to civitas so they can follow up on it. civitas ( is NC's conservative voice.

Everyone here who has responded to this posting: my husband emailed the attorney general of NC yesterday. Today we received this response from someone in his office. If you want her name and title I can get it for you. Here is what we have learned. Good work, y'all. Keep your eyes and ears open especially tomorrow. Take cameras with you to the polls. Hang around at a distance and watch for any problems. If there aren't any, go home and rest. GOD BLESS AMERICA tomorrow and beyond. And, GOD BLESS each of you! "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty..."

November 5, 2012
Statement Regarding Jim Turner
This office has received numerous emails and phone calls from individuals justifiably concerned about a posting on Facebook in which a North Carolina voter named Jim Turner claimed to have voted multiple times in this election. Part of the posting was immediately suspect because there has been no early voting site at which he could have voted in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.
We have talked with Mr. Turner and learned that he is a senior citizen who made an unfortunate attempt at a “joke.”
Here is his explanation of what happened:
Please allow me to explain the posting on Facebook. My daughter posted a “Like” on Barack Obama’s Facebook page about early voting. Thinking I was responding just to my daughter, I made a silly comment joking that I had voted at several different election sites. Not knowing I was posting to Barack Obama’s page rather than just to my daughter, this comment, made in total jest, has gone viral and has made many people angry.
I sincerely apologize for all of the difficulty this has created for the Board of Elections and appreciate your help in bringing closure to this situation.
Every claim or allegation of multiple voting must be taken seriously, but we have concluded that it did not occur in this case.
Thank you for your concern.

Pure BS.

The answer did smack of pure DOJ, didn't it?



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