NCSA Mission <--- Good Group of Sheriffs that are willing to stand up and do the right thing in word AND DEED

This is a very honorable group overflowing with Integrity.....Because of that look for them to be demonized.........Because of their honor and integrity, I want to work with them and recommend them to every PFA member.




NCSA Mission

“Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a FEDERAL, and not a NATIONAL constitution.” James Madison

The mission of the National Constitutional Sheriffs’ Association, LLC is to preserve the Office of Sheriff, as intended by the founders, as our legitimate Constitutional Peace Officers. To educate our members in the historic and lawful authority of the Sheriff’s Office and the oath they make to the Constitution of the United States and the Free and Independent State in which they serve; in order to promote, protect and maintain individual freedoms and liberties.

NCSA is here to help its members understand the intent and importance of the oath they take and provide education, through experts and scholars, on the authority and history of the Office of Sheriff and how to protect the rights and liberties of those they serve. NCSA provides Sheriffs with the necessary information and tools to utilize the information and their authority responsibly, effectively and lawfully.

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Semper Fi.


I went to their website and read their position on recent executive orders.  This is a great group and I am going to find out if the sheriff here and in the neighboring counties are members.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association are doing the same.  It is great to see these officers standing up for the Constitution and the People.

Twana, this may be their Mission, but, I did't read anything where the President of NCSA has stated that they will not enforce or support Obamas' intent to confiscate guns, should it come to that.  Can you contact the NCSA to get their position on the gun confiscation issue.  A more direct question would be " will the sheriff Dept.'s point their weapon's toward American Citizen's"?

Thanks Twana.  I will contact them.

Been working with my sheriff for many years, and he knows that I will assist him in what ever many he requires. Thanks for putting this out.

Twana, can you provide me the web site for NCSA?  I have not been able to fid it.  Thanks

Great news

Thanks for posting this info.  The Amarillo Tea Party group is hosting the sheriffs of both Potter and Randall Counties at their meeting this month.  The county line intersects Amarillo from east to west on the south side of town so we have two sheriffs to work with.  I will be taking information I gather from this post so I can ask questions at the meeting. 


Here's a link indicating sheriff members in each state:

Bill Kachelmeyer

bill, i was surprised to see that i'm already a member at this constitution club website....   this website is another "sheriff's" group:  called the Constitutional Sheriff's Posse.  i've just sent a message to my cousin who invited me into that group, informing her that there's this other group (this group:  NCSA, appears to be primarily the west coast), and that we need to have cohesive groups as opposed to several groups competing w/ each other... 


i'm finding that when there are several groups, they tend to be fractured, IF they provide the same function...  i know that different groups provide different things to each person; but, i'm a member of so many different websites, that i haven't even signed on to some of them in over a year (i can only stretch so far).  in this situation (re the sheriff's constitutional stance), it is imperative that nobody competes w/ another group...   so, i'm hoping that the two groups (and any other similar groups) will combine.

Monica, I share your hopes for that. I've been trying for years to get like minded Patriots in many groups to unite in the single cause of restoring our Constitutional Republic, but it seems most are just not willing to give up their control of their groups to others.

So for now at least, I work within a few groups to share information to get us all on the same page. Getting all sheriffs on board is primary to the defense of our rights and liberties, and I'm hoping they can all come together at some point, sooner than later!



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