NCSA Mission <--- Good Group of Sheriffs that are willing to stand up and do the right thing in word AND DEED

This is a very honorable group overflowing with Integrity.....Because of that look for them to be demonized.........Because of their honor and integrity, I want to work with them and recommend them to every PFA member.




NCSA Mission

“Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a FEDERAL, and not a NATIONAL constitution.” James Madison

The mission of the National Constitutional Sheriffs’ Association, LLC is to preserve the Office of Sheriff, as intended by the founders, as our legitimate Constitutional Peace Officers. To educate our members in the historic and lawful authority of the Sheriff’s Office and the oath they make to the Constitution of the United States and the Free and Independent State in which they serve; in order to promote, protect and maintain individual freedoms and liberties.

NCSA is here to help its members understand the intent and importance of the oath they take and provide education, through experts and scholars, on the authority and history of the Office of Sheriff and how to protect the rights and liberties of those they serve. NCSA provides Sheriffs with the necessary information and tools to utilize the information and their authority responsibly, effectively and lawfully.

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I'm a member. Look for things to happen!

Thanks for bringing this group to our attention.  Together as one!

The sheriffs have proclaimed a stand. What are we going to do to support them?

I my self am a member of some of their organizations, gaining information and getting acquainted with like minded people. Get involved.

This issue is one of the most crucial and critical ones we face if we would save our Nation.  Every intent is to end government, regulated by rule of law from "The People", and open the way for international government, with a western intent of using the U.N., and bolstered by the full weight of international communism, intending to control the government, once established.

   Such government cannot be established on our own principles, there is no common ground to govern six billion people of 190 plus nation/heritages, so it must be an imposed government.  All such governments devolve to sheer power as the sole driving force, and tyranny must end up the rule.

   The "east", Islam, would be pleased if we got all the hard work done ourselves, and they only had to step in, take control having already well subverted every substantial government in the world.  We have just paid to import 20,000 palestinians into the U.S. as if they were refugees, rather than hatefilled people intent on the destruction of a Nation which is willing to kill them for trying to destroy Israel.

    America, it's enormous economy, and our unrivaled power is all that must be broken, to bring this to fruition.  We are about to collapse under our own weight.  We'd better be getting our ducks in a row, the enemy has long been planning, and is well prepared.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, Vanceboro, NC

FYI  I sent an email Saturday evening to the NCSA inquiring as to whether the two sheriffs which have jurisdiction in Amarillo, TX are members of their organization.  I received a reply just a little while ago.  Their response was neither of the sheriffs are members.  They also attached a flyer for the NCSA Training and Convention ( which will be held in Sparks, NV on May 13 & 14.  The topic is "Counties Under Attack" - Reclaiming Jurisdiction; Health, Safety & Welfare.  The event is sponsored by Cabela's.

On March 19th, when I attend the Tea Party meeting where the two sheriffs will be speaking, I plan to ask them during the question and answer time if they know about NCSA and if they would be interested in membership and also tell them about the convention and training and ask if they would consider attending.  I will have prepared for each of them a folder with information about NCSA and the Convention and Training Flyer. 

I am also going to give the leadership of the Tea Party group the same information and suggest they present the information to the commissioners and any other person they think should have the information.

Hopefully, I have attached the flyer in pdf format correctly.  If not, contact me at and I will send it to you.




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