Constitutional Emergency


In Philadelphia, where GOP poll inspectors have reportedly been tossed out of polling up to two dozen wards, reports are coming in of a New Black Panther presence in the 14th ward.


Color us shocked. The Obama administration’s DOJ fails to take real voter intimidation seriously and it continues.


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Twana, Fox is right now reporting that "somebody" was not allowing GOP poll watchers in. GOP/Romney have gotten an immediate Court Order for immediate seating of the GOP watchers in Philadelphia.

Call the police. Call the Highway Patrol. This is not right.

Sheriff Dept. supposedly on the way.

They work for obummer.

It is Obama's fault!

So what else did we expect, and why were preventive measures not in place? If the police are not going to do their sworn duty to serve and protect, then the citizens are by default charged with the task. Believe me, there was no such BS going on in my town. Not suprised are you? Too many folks here have CC cards and we basically will not tolerate such action.

"Outta my way, boy!"

The resulting fireworks would be interesting, but brief; I have two black belts along with military and law enforcement training.  Further, I almost always "carry".

I thought retired seals were going to counter the panthers standing guard at polling places

Yeah, well...

They will have visitors soon ( SEALS ) and we will see when the anther turn to pussies



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