Hello OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING...........another glaring example of why an OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is so critical to the longevity of the United States...........

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LOL ! Even the old dogs can learn new tricks ! LOL !

Now he has 38 ! LOL ! Anticipation ! LOL !

How funny ! LOL ! I am 60 but I do not like tweeting I have far too much to say ! LOL !

Many good points are being made here. But the root of the problem is we are entrapped and victims of a shadow government run by powers we are afraid to discuss in public, and until we do start to address the shadow government publicly, most efforts towards change in the direction of freedom, liberty, prosperity, and peace will always be derailed as we lamely flounder around looking for what to correct. All these things matter, they are all good ideas we are putting forward in American Spring movement, but we are not reaching the root. The root is "Shadow Government run by secret societies".


Maybe a start to getting a grasp on the shadow government is a citizens effort to arrest, detain and strip George Soros of his American citizenship and assets that he controls in our country.. Also if we take a look at who controls certain mineral rights around our nation we're almost sure to find other nefarious culprits and cooperators in the "EXTRACTION of AMERICA" as Dylan  Ratigan so aptly stated. Following the money has got to be a sure road map in getting to the root of the problem.  OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING will make phone and e-mail acquaintances and relationships to form the nationwide sea of Patriots who can coordinate and corroborate on everything at the state level. Yes the Federal Government is too big but the officials at state level are too arrogant and think they function with the same impunity that the "elite rulers' in D.c. do. OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING calls for bringing all this out of the "shadow"  for recall, nullification and eradication. I     

Richard David Sanders,  Thank you for focusing some attention on the "Shadow Government" and encouraging us to call it by its true name. Bless you. It's a start.

So......the head of the Bildeberg group ? 

LOL - -Even "DIRTY MONEY" Glimmers in the shadows, there's sure to be an even dirtier hand grabbing for it.  mA Great Nevada Lady told me that Harry Reid controls all the water rights for 150 miles at a given Nevada locale.....AND he Can't even clean his filthy mitts with all that water.   

Consider Rick, we're at a distinct pivotal point in our country RIGHT NOW:  It signals the need to act to both sides, (villains and patriots as well):  Would an influx of terrorists at this time cause a big problem or not? Time to keep eyes peeled , ( ), So I'm of the oppinion that whoever are  performiing a security function for O.A.S.  Give thought to delegating this item as a special concern.  - - -IMHO of course 




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