Hello OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING...........another glaring example of why an OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is so critical to the longevity of the United States...........

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Gerard, I posted this along time ago on a couple of other sites. Thought it might be interesting.

Taking the Third Metric Abroad: Redefining Success Goes Global

Arianna Huffington

I'm in London for the first international edition of our Third Metric conference, discussing a more sustainable definition of success that includes well-being, wisdom, and our ability to wonder and to give back. Why are we taking the conversation international? Because, while creation of the faulty definition of success definitely had significant help from the U.S., it's clear this is now a global phenomenon. That's why we'll be holding more events like the one today -- so people can connect, learn from each other, exchange ideas and truly begin to ingrain healthier habits and restructure the way we live our daily lives. Our unsustainable definition of success is a global problem, and it's going to require a global response. I hope you'll join the conversation and tell us how you're redefining success in your own life and in your part of the world.

There are still a few patriotic political types left that would also benefit the movement.  Bachman, Cruz, Lt. Col. West, Paul, Lee, etc.   If they were to be on hand,  it would help.....

My hero is Dr. Ben Carson..........a black American who brought himself from poverty to one of the greatest brain surgeons in the world.  He understands the threat of Obama, has common sense solutions.......Cruz, Lee, Gowdy all reflect principles we demand........but where are they now?  Will they step up and go public in support of Operation American Spring.....speak out in support of removing Barack Obama and their own leadership?  The proof is in the pudding..........I'm waiting.......everyone is free to ask them where they stand......and to prove it.

If we create certain "INITIATIVES" from OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING to take back home with us and push, perhaps putting the Republican party on notice that we want DOCTOR CARSON drafted for PRESIDENT might be a real good idea. This and whatever intitiatives we develop can be worked on by all of us simultaneously across AMERICA , because we are going to have one another's contact information.  Isn't it time that the republican party also was put on notice that WE THE PEOPLE are coming in for a CLEAN UP.?   

He has always been my hero ! 

But never should we alienate veterans ...sorry for the confusion there ! Our serving military and our vets are the backbone and foundation of this nation ! 

RICH, i BELIEVE YOU ARE RIGHT BUT i DO BELIEVE WE SHOULD BE POINTING OUT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT BY THIS ADMINISTRATIONS FLAGRANT DISREGARD FOR THE INTEGRITY OF THE MILITARY AND THE MORAL CODE IT HAS ALWAYS UPHELD THAT THE SAME TACTICS ARE BEING USED AGAINST FAMILY, COMMUNITY, SCHOOL,  and CHURCH the FOUNDATIONS for OUR SOCIAL MORAES and FOLK WAYS. The Obama administration has attacked them all and WE who took the OATH to OUR CONSTITUTION are following Our OBLIGATION to be the FIRST LINE DEFENDERS for ALL THE OTHERS.  IF the PRESIDENT is rrgoing to tell a military member that they have to honor same sex marriage, tolerate those who read a religious book that calls for their death and permit those same believers to join our military but have secret services where they can plan JIHAD; then By GOD OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is about the MILITARY who can step in to sound off Against this Destruction and Tyranny. 

YEAH DYLAN....RIP 'EM A NEW ONE, NEW ONE, NEW ONE......".... YEP, I'll get this to several hundred at least along with the "INVITE" to O. A. S.

For my afternoon's mailings I  sent this to Jesse Ventura's  Tru TV, ( ), and a number of rifle ranges across the south along with the O. A. S. link as well as several hundred b.c.c.

I have copied and pasted this message and sent to all on my distribution list to include a Lt.Gen. USMC ret; a MajGen USMC ret, many Colonels, LtCol's and numerous staff NCO enlisted personel and enlisted men, all combat veterans.  I have also presented by email to all of my civilian aquaintences whose heads are not buried deeper in the sand than their sandals.

HOPEFULLY, they will rise to join us on May 16th in the effort to rid our nation of the evil of Obama and his Czars and illegal dictates.  I would hope that by now, the other side of his face has shown quite clearly to be that of a liar and manipulater and that he has little, if none, respect for the Constitution or our Bill of Rights, nor does he respect our congress and the rule of law.  

A rebirth of Hitler if ever there was one.  He must be dealt with swiftly with unity in our gathering.  This country will not be allowed to become a Dictatorship or a Socialist State.....NOT ON MY WATCH.

Semper Fidelis,

John J. Little Eagle (adopted name Freeman)

Musquakie FOX, SSgt. USMC until the end of eternity.


"Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!"   Good job sir!!  And thank you for your service and also for being a true patriot.  You jarheads have my respect for the manner in which you honor your oaths.  I just hope that there are millions of others that have the same patriotism as yourself.  So from an old ground pounder to another,  Huuah!




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