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I need to know who all in (your state here) knows the true condition of our country... speaking specifically about being through with all things DC and I don't even think states governments truly know the fall our country is in. I'm looking for leaders. There is a team that will vet leaders out of folks who step forward. We will do our very best to give you great leaders that will lead your state and counties in the right and productive ways and not waste your time, resources and energies. If you are interested, please let me know. We also would like to do face to face meetings with those of you who want to be leaders.

Basically I'm looking for folks that are prepping, and training in survival combat and emergency first aide, and the such. What I am wanting for PFA is to build teams of folks in your communities. Every PFA members job right now is to recruit in your offline communities. It will be a plus for you to let them know we won't flood them with fund raising nor will we waste their time on here with works that won't work.

There will still be news posted on here but that is not the main focus.  I'm also not interested in all the rallies that folks are attending. We've done the rallies, that work should be done! It's time to go inside to meetings with those in elected and appointed offices in your counties and states NOT DC. That is the 'group crowds' I'm wanting. The other is just talking with the choir, patting each other on the back and holding signs with bumper sticker slogans on them....YOUR legislators don't care! They don't have to deal with rally

What I am not looking for are folks who will electioneer and call, fax, email DC even though they know it's a waste of valuable time. I'm not looking for folks who will busy themselves with unproductive works. There are other groups those folks can go to for that work. But it's not going to be done here anymore.

Remember I am looking for you to also recruit in your communities....not online, usually online folks brought in are in many other different groups already and they are pushing works that do not work. I'm tired of having to constantly counter with those type folks. It's a waste of my/our time.


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Got it. I had copied it in the previous post but when I tried to add it as a reply there it locked and wouldn't load.

Good  as  done,  Locked  In ,  ready  for  Red, White, Blue  alarms..!! 

I live in the country 50 miles from Grand Junction, Colorado.  I do not feel I have the right experience for the leadership you are looking for.  A veteran would be much better.  However, I will do all I can to help a leader.  I can help organize meetings, recruit in person, maybe educate people on prepping or first aide or whatever needs to be done.  I'm ready...



I have a Tea Party planning group that meets on the 21st and will present this to them and will see what they think.  They are the most active group in our county and even our Mayor takes part.

I spent eight years as an Army Medic 69-77.I am very out of practice but willing to work with any at refreshing skills learned.

I am interested ......have 10 years service ..and a certified emt

I just read Jeanne M. I live in Fruita. so we may be  an hour away maybe we can train together?

Sure!  Would love to help get something started.  I think I know a couple of other locals who will join us.

Robert, you can call me 323-2147 anytime so we can start planning.

Well, I put a note in the Colorado group and so far no one has replied.  We can train together and hopefully we can recruit more people eventually.  At least we can start getting things organized.

Western Mass here...sick of all the keyboard warriors....apparently, nobody wants to meet as I have put out the call on both my state and county site here.  Not quite sure what to do.  I am surrounded by libtards and am too new in town to get into the established networks of "old timers" who grew up here and know and trust each other. They are not prone to welcoming newcomers, and I have to say that I don't blame them.  

I write a lot of letters to the editors around here, every now and then, one gets published and I get reactions...but generally, people out here are skeered silly of what they know is coming.  But being nanny state massholes, they'd rather whine and carry on than prepare.  So far, the only one I have been able to meet with face to face is Denise Baran, who is a wonderful organizer and contact, but about an hour away from me.

I don't tend to think of myself as a leader, but I'm certainly ready, willing and able to help any good leader who steps forward.  I am sick of trying to convince people that serious bs is coming down on all of us and would rather spend my time, effort and energies working with likeminded souls...if there are any out there.  I'm not one to demonstrate, do petitions and all that other useless nonsense, particularly with the idiot officials that we have here in Massachusetts.  Short of moving, which I am trying to do as soon as I can sell my house without taking a bath.  Short of that, we are preparing as best we can....have a class A weapons permit (concealed carry) and a few weapons and some ammo....but without a lot of money, we can't do much....I was unemployed for two years and scrambled as best as I could to get enough money to pay the mortgage and bills...but not much left for anything else but food supplies.

Got the camping gear, though....and lots of other survival stuff, as well as a computer full of downloads for surviving during the coming times.  And I have lots of skills....herbal medicine, food growing, and tons of knowledge of stuff that will be needed.  It would be sooooooooooo nice to meet others around here who are likewise engaged.  I will do whatever needs doing to help our cause.

Golden Eagle,

  Get in touch with Twanna.  I do not visit the state site often enough as I am busy with the things I need to get done.  But, I am here and am in Ma.  You may find I can help.  Twanna can get you directly in touch with me and then we can Com. back here in state.  I will help you with what I can and you take lead there for PFA members and state folks....................

Sempers:   Tim



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