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I need to know who all in (your state here) knows the true condition of our country... speaking specifically about being through with all things DC and I don't even think states governments truly know the fall our country is in. I'm looking for leaders. There is a team that will vet leaders out of folks who step forward. We will do our very best to give you great leaders that will lead your state and counties in the right and productive ways and not waste your time, resources and energies. If you are interested, please let me know. We also would like to do face to face meetings with those of you who want to be leaders.

Basically I'm looking for folks that are prepping, and training in survival combat and emergency first aide, and the such. What I am wanting for PFA is to build teams of folks in your communities. Every PFA members job right now is to recruit in your offline communities. It will be a plus for you to let them know we won't flood them with fund raising nor will we waste their time on here with works that won't work.

There will still be news posted on here but that is not the main focus.  I'm also not interested in all the rallies that folks are attending. We've done the rallies, that work should be done! It's time to go inside to meetings with those in elected and appointed offices in your counties and states NOT DC. That is the 'group crowds' I'm wanting. The other is just talking with the choir, patting each other on the back and holding signs with bumper sticker slogans on them....YOUR legislators don't care! They don't have to deal with rally

What I am not looking for are folks who will electioneer and call, fax, email DC even though they know it's a waste of valuable time. I'm not looking for folks who will busy themselves with unproductive works. There are other groups those folks can go to for that work. But it's not going to be done here anymore.

Remember I am looking for you to also recruit in your communities....not online, usually online folks brought in are in many other different groups already and they are pushing works that do not work. I'm tired of having to constantly counter with those type folks. It's a waste of my/our time.


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I'm game. I'm getting together with like minded friends this weekend to start a reloading/chat night. I will be pushing this site and the information from it.

Twana, you've met me and you know my background so I'm available for whatever you think would be useful.

Twana, you know me, if it's something I can do, I'll jump in with both feet!

alot of small groups, with the ability to stay on the move, with safe house with the ones that can't. places to store food ammo, med supplies ya can't carry.  beans, buletts, and bandades.  Safe houses for family members who can't stay on the move.  That is unity. you start with your neighbor....

I have been working with, meeting with and thoroughly enjoying Mercys group of people. I will completely agree that her group, I guess our group seems to be well networked and seems to mesh well together. I really have enjoyed the different individuals and the group as a whole..

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One does not have to be a Veteran of the Military, law Enforcement nor any other organization to be a leader.  All one needs to have is the courage to face fear and the unknown and not run or back down from it.  One who does the right thing even when alone no matter the cost, looks after others without thoughts of themselves, just like those farmers did when they took on them there Red Coats. Are Leaders!!!

One can contribute and become a LEADER by waking up their families, neighbors, friends, and communities, getting the word out.  Provide black and white fact's, start by concentrating on those around you, leadership will come.  Recruit like minded people who know we must start with themselves and community, one good person turns into two and so on.  Even fact checkers are needed, state, county, town and community group organizers are needed to step forward and take the reigns in order for all to have even the slimmest chance of a clear future. Jeanne, Mama grizzly and anyone else out there, a Leader steps forward to answer the call.  Twana needs all to take the first step.  The question is will you??

"Semper FI"



The key to our survival is in reaching a balance between being prepared for virtual shutdown of resources and communications, and being ready and able to confront adversity, whether from government or others not prepared.

Unless discovered, I have a virtual unlimited supply of food, the knowledge of how to propagate it, and the knowledge of close combat offense should it be discovered. I don't rely on the guns I have, as I am proficient in silent offense when needed, and I don't have to rely on any infrastructure, am set up to be completely off the grid, and share with my few neighbors the produce I grow while continually working into conversations pertinent information of events going on. I'm also the only source of law enforcement in my area, and am kept up to date by a few friends in town of things going on in the county.

I'm now considering several options, from becoming an election precinct member to running for County Commissioner or possibly even County Sheriff. Not being in the town limits, I can't run for Town Council, or I would. Time available will be the deciding factor.

In the meantime, I'm ready and available to do whatever I can within PFA.

It is necessary to have a group that is cohesive and understands what we are facing in the US today.  That said, once we are a solid group and grow- bringing in others of like mind- we will need to reach out to those whom are higher up the chain of command so to speak.  Those that know their way around Washington but are on OUR side of matters....I just went to the new office opening of our newest congressmen and he is super and of like mind.  There are several, once a group becomes strong enough to have notice, that will be wanting to join us or vise versa....It is going to take talent, time, money and strength to take the brunt of a lot of rashing.  America is worth it to me and it sounds like it is to all of the heart is the soul of our faith, who we are as patriots and what 'stuff' we are made of.  

We are going to need a way to contact each other that is safe if the computers and phones get compromised...or a chain of calls to make if keep the chain from compromise one person say calls two others and they call two others and so on until the chain reaches all over the country.  Like if someone learns some hing concrete that is going to happen  or a danger etc they start with the leader...say Twana and then she activates the "warning system" and off we go.  Maybe we all ought to purchase phones that cannot be traced and make emergency, ie important or other side calls on these untraceable phones  and or a code for our e-mails for 'they' are talking about minitoring the internet and e-mails.  Heck we may be being 'listened' to right now...but we need a mailing list or just contacts in each state, someone that is the central person, in each area maybe a bug out area to meet at and or where supplies are stored to help each other out and so on.....see where I am going with this guys?  thoughts??   Sure I may be jumping ahead, as we have to have the people but before we get too far along- it may be well to engage some sort of way to contact if, things go south fast; emergency if, places if, an underground of safety if you will........of course having said all this, I am AZ. 

Good comment,

Rings very very true. Actions for real, instead of mouth slobber on the internet.  Running one's soup cooler never really produced much but CO2.


Me and my family are pretty much alone here it seems, I have talked with a couple friends , they seem motivated but, no commitment from em. I am thinking they all have their own little plans, which we also have a plan ,We have a little log home on a huntin camp, one way in one way out about 25 miles from nearest town,been stocking up on our dry & canned goods, ammo, cold weather clothing and sleeping gear which I aquired while working for the military , a spring is nearby with a creek full of native brookies, so we may be all alone up there but my children and spouses are bringing in the next generation, so if and when it comes down to it, I pray to God we have all our ducks in a row. People are invited to join, plenty of trees for building and heat source , just gotta get there is only problem I see.



I live in Northeash Ohio, but I do not know that my wife and I will stay here.  I have intentionally put myself and my wife in the situation can we can move quickly.  I own 42 acres in norhtern Mississippi, but I do know if I want to live there.  I am preparing, but I am not there yet.  I do not believe I ready to lead a group, because I am preparing myself at this time.  I will help others.

I grew up in northeast ohio just  south of Jefferson, we moved to montana in 87, we have been back afew times. How is the situation back there?



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