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I need to know who all in (your state here) knows the true condition of our country... speaking specifically about being through with all things DC and I don't even think states governments truly know the fall our country is in. I'm looking for leaders. There is a team that will vet leaders out of folks who step forward. We will do our very best to give you great leaders that will lead your state and counties in the right and productive ways and not waste your time, resources and energies. If you are interested, please let me know. We also would like to do face to face meetings with those of you who want to be leaders.

Basically I'm looking for folks that are prepping, and training in survival combat and emergency first aide, and the such. What I am wanting for PFA is to build teams of folks in your communities. Every PFA members job right now is to recruit in your offline communities. It will be a plus for you to let them know we won't flood them with fund raising nor will we waste their time on here with works that won't work.

There will still be news posted on here but that is not the main focus.  I'm also not interested in all the rallies that folks are attending. We've done the rallies, that work should be done! It's time to go inside to meetings with those in elected and appointed offices in your counties and states NOT DC. That is the 'group crowds' I'm wanting. The other is just talking with the choir, patting each other on the back and holding signs with bumper sticker slogans on them....YOUR legislators don't care! They don't have to deal with rally

What I am not looking for are folks who will electioneer and call, fax, email DC even though they know it's a waste of valuable time. I'm not looking for folks who will busy themselves with unproductive works. There are other groups those folks can go to for that work. But it's not going to be done here anymore.

Remember I am looking for you to also recruit in your communities....not online, usually online folks brought in are in many other different groups already and they are pushing works that do not work. I'm tired of having to constantly counter with those type folks. It's a waste of my/our time.


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I believe you made a good decision to move to Montana.  I moved to Ohio in 1988 from KY.  I am from TN originally. Ohio has a Republican Gov. and the GOP is in control of the House and Senate.  Since December 2011 I have been communicating with the Speaker of the House and the Majority Whip of the Senate to introduce legislation for the state to reclaim its rights under the tenth amendment.  I have not been successful yet.  I am getting tired of the government not standing up to the over reach of the federal government, and I am tired of the liberal point of view that is very present in the northeast part of the state.  I am considering returning to Tennessee or some other state such as Texas.

Come back to Tennessee. It's closer and we are very strong on the conservative side.

Phil, I've spent a lot of time over the years travelling to eastern Tennessee, visiting a dying father in law five or six times a year for about six years.  I went to electronics school for the Corps in Millington, outside of Memphis, and have travelled through many dozen times going coast to coast on orders.  I'm in eastern NC, about at the "center of gravity" of what may likely be a fomented uprising, for the purpose of coming down.  I'm in farming community, mixed black and white, but with a majority Black population.  I'm hoping to keep this from being a wedge point, I've been in deep with community leaders, Black and White, and made strides towards closing some of the racial gap, the Corps only recognizes one color, green, and I've been working to establish the idea when the economic crash comes, we don't have to allow the national specter affect our local interaction, both buying up of local silver, encouraging saving of all coins, and preaching to all, we are capable through trade, the use of real money, i.e. coin as metal and real value, with silver as the "large capital" considering the kind of local economy, and with the maintenance and supply of Farm being in the midst of the farmers needing the service and supplies.

   If this is pushed beyond what the local Black leaders will push back against, we may well need some moral support from your State, and I wanted to touch bases with you with that regard.  I know Tennessee is substantially more solid than NC, we are the heart of "Black America" as those pushing to see a real division have pronounced, based on population numbers, and on voting records.  This state has been leftist for no good reason, and every bad reason, being both an agricultural state and a producer of goods, but with "good secondary education", run by the far left.

    I believe the success of holding together can easily overcome the fomented hard feelings which are the foundation of the left's intent to use this State, because the poverty is well and equally spread between the broad spectrum of farmers/working labor, White and Black, and reality has a way of shoving leftist b.s. taught, right out when the "rubber meets the road".

   I just wanted to make the statement, I believe we will be there with you, but may need the incentive and energy for a short time, at the beginning, to overcome the "beltway control", of Raleigh and the school districts which are the antithesis of conservative.

   Your State appears to be quite active and perhaps better organized than many, I wanted to ensure we are in contact if we need each other's aid.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC

I'm in the Northeast, up in central Maine. Not much activity in the state group, but, I'm hoping that's going to change. I'm not prepared to step forward as a leader, but, I have a close friend who would be great. I've talked with him about PFA already and will be bringing him in. He is retired military, special ops, and has been extremely helpful with training in my small personal group here.

I have experience with plumbing and heating, pipe fitting, specialized with gas, propane and natural gas. I'm a heavy equipment operator, truck, loader, excavator, etc. and am very mechanical. I am moderately to well armed. My strength is long range, 300 yds+, but, I can hold my own with a handgun, as well.

I'm interested in pursuing this.  I've got two decades in the Corps, ten years of Scouting before that, I've been in the "pestering the ignorant" too long, need to get out of it.

   I've been prepping for about a decade, I live in a rural community, lots of poverty, but lots of patriots, people ready to act.  I've got some folks from the Corps onboard already, with a heavy focus on stabilizing the community, regardless of what falls.

   It appears there is not much support on the right outside of the rural areas in NC and I suggest it may be used as a trial balloon. Further discussion in private.


As a resident of Craven County, North Carolina, I am extremely concerned for the lack of participation from my county.  If there are bystanders on this forum, waiting to see, I strongly urge you step up, and get active.  We will only take back our Nation if what the central government looks out and sees is a well organized, comprehensive, solid block of America, standing with One Purpose, that being re-assuming our Role as Sovereign Citizens.

   I'm calling on all Craven County Patriots to start considering what you will do when the Nation's economy collapses, and whether you wish to be part of the solution, or a victim, without a hope of rescue.

   North Carolina was the State which forced the Bill of Rights, with the support of some five other states, be the first item on the agenda of the First Congress, and assure the most basic Natural or Endowed Rights were specifically enumerated, that none could ever say, "they didn't specify, we are", at a later date.

   The Tenth amendment secures all authority not specifically imbued in a federal government, precisely eighteen duties and purposes and no others, reserved to The States, and The People, respectively.  The Ninth amendment specifically states "the enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, SHALL NOT, (my emphasis added) be construed to deny or disparage others retained by The People.

   By these two amendments, installed with deliberation to be part of the foundation of the Constitution, and not to be confused with amendments made from time to time to allow for societal change, and removal of disparity, but fundamental, and basic principles, not malleable as the sections describing offices, duties, and other changing issues of time.

    The Sheriff's office for each county is the single oldest form of law enforcement in the history of the world.  The establishment of this office, reporting directly to "The People" of the County, and no other, makes it the most important law enforcement "We, The People" have.  This office dates back as far as recorded history, and was carefully considered by all the founders at the time of our establishment.

   Every other law enforcement office reports to government, whether it is the police, who report to the city administration, the State Troopers, who report to the attorney general and the Governor.  The State bureau of Investigation, again, right to the state attorney general, and of course, all federal officers reporting first, to the central not federal government, and only to the State and the County, after this, if they find cause to do so.

   The Sheriff of each County is derived from the original office of Sheriff, established when territories are designated, preparing for statehood.  Each Sheriff is individually elected by "The People of The County", and is dependent upon our considerations of quality of service and dedication to "our determinations" to retain the position.

   We have no greater power to effect significant change, and prevent external usurpation of authority than through the use and support of our local sheriff.  While Beaufort County was the first Sheriff to declare no federal law enforcement nor state law enforcement would interfere with the constitutionally enumerated rights of Citizens of His County, I have not heard any statements or any news of meetings between the local sheriffs, and coming out with a broad supported plan of common Constitutional defense of the rights of North Carolina citizens.

   I chose North Carolina as the State I moved to, serving in the Marines, but having come here, deliberately choosing it as my "home state" thirty six years ago, in part because of it's part in ensuring the enumeration of primary rights, and in part because in so many ways, it has been the antithesis of my living experience of some nine years in Chicago, where I lived from nine to eighteen, leaving never to return, using the Marine Corps to escape the most immoral, evil and proud of these attributes city in America.

   I hope to see some activity from Craven County soon.  Time is not on our side, folks, neither is government.  Ask those who have died, not for cause, but because they could point fingers.  It's just about too late to choose, "cut bait".

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret., Vanceboro

I have been working for the last few years to get the Ohio legislators to act on state rights issues.  I have had a kinds of communication to them, email. letters, etc. and face to face discussions.  We have a GOP governor and the both houses are controlled by the GOP, but all I hear is excuses.  I am done with them, and am preparing my wife and I to survive and resist if it comes to that.  I have been considering moving, and I am now to the point where I am going to start looking to move to Texas.  I feel I need to locate to where the state will stand behind me, and I can contribute.

I like where your head and heart is, on this topic. I just don't know why more people, not just here on this forum but, overall don't find some way to come together. I mean a real time strategy meeting of the minds, to get actions into motion and show these so called leaders and advocates of the peoples will, how we the people want things done. I like you, am driving the point home at every turn. I am radical, I am not politically correct, I know what it takes to lead but, recognize just how easy of a target I have been when I spoke the truth in times past. I am ready to have a qualified group or panel vet me. I welcome the opportunity, to keep this movement moving.

 i can't figure  out what else I can do.   I published my phone number, ( middle Tennessee ) and received  "0" replies.  I guess those who yap on the internet don't have the guts and spine to do what they talk about.

I would here, but same as Phillip,, cannot get any response  from anyone here in Mt.

Maybe when the shit starts to get a lil closer to the fan , some may WAKE UP!

I'm thinkin all here got their own plans , but won't work for alot of em I am sure of that.

The big ranch owners (some of them anyhow) believe they are invincible .



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