Constitutional Emergency

Nidal Hassan, the man who shot 13 of our troops at Fort Hood, is sitting in jail for the last sixth months - collecting his $6,000.00/month salary from the U.S. Military

This is way beyond comprehension. Obviously Casey, Mullen, Gates and the others have learned nothing...What the hell is the U.S. Army thinking?


By Robbie Cooper July 30, 2010

…when he should be drawing neither…


Want a real kick in the pants to get your Friday morning off to a start?

You remember the Islamic terrorist who committed Jihad in Ft. Hood against his fellow Soldiers, Nidal Hasan, right? Well, that murdering traitor is still drawing more than $6K a month in military pay while he sits in jail awaiting trial.

That’s tax dollars — yours and mine, going to this man.

BELTON — As he sits in the Bell County Jail, accused of the Nov. 5 Fort Hood shooting that left 13 dead, Maj. Nidal Hasan continues to receive his monthly U.S. Army paycheck, which based on his
rank and experience is probably more than $6,000.

Now, I understand “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty” as much as the next guy — but this is a slap in the face to the victims of Hasan, the Ft. Hood community, and the 42% of us who actually pay taxes
in this country.

I remember when I was in the Army, that a lot of my buddies who were disciplined with an Article 15 often forfeited up to half their pay as part of their punishment. I guess I just assumed that the Army had
already done something similar with this PoS.

There is some good news though — his bank (Bank of America) will no longer accept his direct deposit checks:

But Hasan, charged with a shooting spree that shocked the country, is not a standard defendant. And he’s having a hard time finding a bank to take his money.

According to his civilian attorney John Galligan , Bank of America notified Hasan last month that it was closing his account and no area bank so far has agreed to open an account for the Army psychiatrist.
Military regulations require soldiers to be paid through direct
deposit, making a bank account indispensable.

“I think it’s just another example of the prejudice that he’s been exposed to,” Galligan said. “It’s money that he’s entitled to, that he has a right to.”

Hasan’s attorney sounds like a real piece of work. Any sound bites that try to portray his murdering terrorist client as a victim (poor baby’s been “prejudiced against…”) turn my stomach and make me hope that
Mr. Galligan goes broke and eventually dies alone in a homeless

Every penny of Hasan’s pay (until he’s found guilty and then immediately dragged outside, lined up against a wall and shot until he’s dead) should be held in an account to be used to help the families of
his victims.



Capt. Ben is no longer a member of PFA. Many of the comments and replies are to him (which his comments are gone) so much of the replies appear to be toward someone they are not. Sorry ya'll but his last reply to me "<i>....distance saves you from a timely hand across the teeth!...</i>" was the final straw.

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Well I'm surprised that Nobama doesn't order a raise for him! Nobama the Muslim is probably proud of this azzhole and would cheer him on if he didn't think he would get caught doing it! IMPEACH THIS MUSLIM DICTATOR WHILE WE STILL HAVE SOME COUNTRY LEFT!
right on, you go
WE can't impeach! Only Congress can do so by a 2/3 majority the House has to bring the articles of impeachment {charges} to the Senate who then hears the case,. presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and has to vote a 2/3 majority to convict; NOT going to happen since they're all complicit in the crimes! Further Impeachment is only for a legally sitting President which Obama is NOT either and they all know that as well; and are complicit in it too, along with our military leadership. There's that little article in the UCMJ on which LCOL Lakin is standing, rightly, which requires all officers to not only question but refuse to obey any unlawful or unlawfully given order, and they've all been following unlawfully given orders from Obama since he usurped the Oval Office! Bottom line; we are in deep kimchi here and the only recourse I can see is for the states to take the necessary actions. If nullification is insufficient, which some 23 states are currently working on, all that's left is secession and they need to be preparing for just that eventual need!
Who exactly are we going to get to do that arresting? The director of the FBI is a BIlderberger too, as is Napolitano from DHS, and the military at the top are also compromised by their failure to act on unlawfully given orders all this time which they've been unlawfully following, in violation of the UCMJ so not terribly apt to act,,, Marches are ignored as are petitions, and all other contacts. largely, by the White House, Congress, and SCOTUS. That leaves us a bit short of possible officers to do the job, and as DC isn't a county, there's no sheriff there either... You couldn't get enough citizens together to make a dent. Keep in mind the 80,000 troops on standby at Ft Stewart with standing orders to intervene in any civil disturbance as well.
Again, I ask you WHO is going to do the arresting?? What authority? Which agency? The FBI would have jurisdiction,but since their director is one of the very people directing Obama's actions do you honestly believe that's likely? I don't. Instead, I believe all that would accomplish is to deliver a lot of the people we need for the fight ahead directly into Obama's hands and take them OUT of the fight when they're needed. If they're in prison or worse, how exactly does that help anything?? Please use your mind, not your emotions first in this matter.
I tend to resent the implication of cowardice. I have ancestors who fought in that Revolution, one who crossed the Delaware after being at Valley Forge, with Washington. I have no intention of simply giving this nation up without a fight! I can't do that and live in my own skin. But I don't believe running off half cocked, with no clear leadership, no plan in place etc, can hope to succeed in anything but absolute failure. When our Founding Fathers set off to fight the British, they had a military leader, they had a Continental Congress set up and running, to govern., They had the colonial governments who worked with the Continental Congress to govern the colonies. We have none of those in place at present; and without them, we have NO chance of success! How does that help anyone or solve anything?
@William Odom: Re your post below; I have read his platform and it looks good so far, but I was thinking of a military leader more, at the moment to rally behind, and we can't wait until 2012; there won't be a nation left unless we stop Obama much sooner than that. At present, getting more of the states on board with nullification, and making serious preparations to actually secede, if nullification and November fail to make the needed changes, seem to me the wisest course. But we do still need a military leader because Obama isn't going to sit still for secession either, of that we may all be certain. His ego and narcissism simply can't allow that, even if his bosses would.
Do you also know that it took almost three years of negotiating with England before they took up arms? We have been at it for less than two.
It also took about 8 weeks to get a message to, and a response back from, England at that time, possibly more, depending on the winds and currents. We can do it in a matter of minutes, today, so a lot more exchange has happened in the shorter time here.That also makes a difference. If you knock out the "travel" time required it was a matter of weeks or at most months actually.
I spoke out against Islam on a tea party site and they kicked me off.No matter, i still say islam is evil and Obama is one of them.I wouldnt be surprised if he pardoned the bastard.
Remove all of them.



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