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M40 mask line art

Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical (NBC)
Defense Systems

Field Protective Mask, M40/M42-Series

The M40-series protective masks replace the M17-series protective mask as the standard Army field mask, providing improved comfort, fit and protection...

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance System (NBCRS) M93/...

A fully integrated NBC reconnaissance system with a dedicated system of NBC detection, warning, and sampling equipment integrated into a six-wheeled, all-wheel-drive armored vehicle...

Chemical Agent Detector Kit, M256A1

The M256 consists of a carrying case, a booklet of M8 paper, 12 disposable sampler-detectors individually sealed in a plastic laminated foil envelop, and a set of instruction cards attached by a lanyard to the plastic carrying case...

Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST)

The JSLIST is the product of a four-Service effort to field a common chemical protective clothing ensemble including a lightweight CB protective garment, multi-purpose overboots and gloves...



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Twana, This Canadian Report is based on a US report from 1962. While the basics are there, it is information which is over 50 years old.

There must be some updated stuff somewhere.  The 1962 stuff is old ABC warfare info.


I remember when I was in school in the 60's that we had fall out drills just like we had tornado drills. It was just normal practice to be ready and prepared for the Russians to come and bomb us!

As for other updates, if one has the resources, the M40/42 is a decent mask, but I prefer the AVON series.  The M50 series (variants exist) is one of the more recent adaptations in respiratory protection.  They are a bit costly thought, but as with the M17 (phased out years ago) the M40/42 is now being replaced.  Surplus should be scrutinized by someone with working (and I do stress WORKING) knowledge of these systems. 


The Avon series masks are fitted with standard 40mm filter attachments, allowing it to accept standard NATO cartridges.  Gotta think replacement.  Cartridges are made for all types of inhalable contaminants, from simple organic fumes, dust, CS/riot and CBRN  [Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear] (formerly known as NBC). 


AVON also produces PAPR and SCBR apparatus, to allow for sustained entry into contaminated areas. 


See:  for examples.  Careful on sticker shock.  Regular masks are $400 and up.  Filters can run $90 ea, but are also found periodically for half or less. 3m is one manufacturer of these.  Israeli filters will work as will others, but be cautious on threading and if needed, you can often find adapter kits to allow for the 60mm and smaller style filters.


Anyone serious about CBRN protection should also indulge in full JLIST (Chem Suit), more commonly known as MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) equipment.  this consists of the Chemical Protection Suit (usually with activated carbon imbedded inside), gloves, over-boots and your hood (to cover the head, overtop of the mask). 


As with all CBRN Equipment, this is a one time use piece of equipment; IF you come in contact with agents.  "But how will I know?"  If you are asking, you're already dead.  You essentially have 14 seconds upon coming in contact with blood, nerve or blister agents, to don your mask, seal it and begin breathing normally.  of course without Atropine and 2Pam Chloride injectors (similar to Epi-pens) the effects may take effect, at which point you will convulse, snap your back and suffocate on your own fluids.  Sorry, just the facts. 


Most likely though, chemical weapons are not what you will come in contact with.  With the ever growing threat of international terrorism getting its hands on radiological weapons, this is amore likely scenario.  Key to survival?  Don't be near the blast!  Seek cover, and don your mask, then JLIST.  Rain gear can augment as protective cover, temporarily... no not that cheap ass plastic pullover you buy as a last ditch, carry in your purse rain suit... but your daddy's "gone fishin" smells like poo, rubberized heavy duty rain gear. 


Ok, so you think you've been exposed, what are the symptoms... they range, and we will get to that another time, but, remember this, radiological poisoning affects the thyroid.  So, you've heard of the Iodine tablets, right?  Use them as prescribed.  They are easily procured and can be kept for a decent period of time.  one per day dose usually, unless heavily contaminated.  More on this topic later too. 




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