OAS BENGHAZI PRESS RELEASE - Death by A Thousand Cuts—Some Slice Deeper Than Others

Death by A Thousand Cuts—Some Slice Deeper Than Others

Of all the assaults on America: IRS, NSA, HAS, EPS, NEA, ad nauseum, the rape, torture, and murders of four Americans in Benghazi is an especially painful injury to our nation. Far beyond the insult to our pride in ‘never leaving a fallen comrade behind’, our desertion of those four Americans strikes at the core of what America stands for: protecting and defending what is rightfully ours.

Whether we are talking about our Ambassadors, our soldiers, our borders, our Constitution, or anything else uniquely and exclusively American, our national consciousness seems to have abandoned it all.

“Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…Dude, that was like two years ago,” quotes from different people representing the same viewpoint. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Distract, disarm, and deflect. Blame the accuser. Belittle, trivialize, and disconnect; straight from the Saul Alinsky playbook.

“My heart was, and is, ripped out as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cast their cold shadows over the coffins of four murdered Americans during the receiving ceremony at Andrews AFB. Hillary showed no sign of remorse as she looked dead into the eyes of those grief-stricken family-members, told them a video was the cause of their son’s deaths…she lied. She didn’t lie to spare their feelings or to ease their pain. She lied to protect her presumptuous presidential entitlement and her fragile, fabricated legacy. Obama’s re-election campaign was faltering. His first four years, a testament to his failed philosophy and impotent strategies, President Obama could not let the blood of four dead Americans stain his record further, so he lied in support of Clinton’s lies.   –Ret Col H.G. Riley, OAS

In a long-overdue report that Trey Gowdy, (R, SC) will head the Congressional Select Committee to investigate the brutal rape, torture, and murder of Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, the murder of information officer, Sean Smith, plus the deaths of two former seals who came to their aid, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, offers some hope that some solace may yet come.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” –William Gladstone

“Operation American Spring fully supports Rep Trey Gowdy in leading the Special Committee Investigating Benghazi,” offers Col Riley. “Neither Obama nor Clinton should ever be allowed in a position of authority, certainly not in governing America.  They have proven themselves unworthy to stand in the presence of fallen Americans.”


The time has come for America to regain its rightful stature among nations. We have fallen prey to the temptations of feigned privilege, and the false sense that our government officials are true and faithful servants. America is laboring under the carefully-crafted illusion that we must rely on our elected executives for leadership, while those same agents of deceit have built a bureaucracy of self-aggrandizement and enrichment.


Operation American Spring intends to shake loose our notions of public dependence and reassert our People to take leadership in guiding our Republic. Our retransformation requires a period of awakening. A time to reflect on our lapses, and to begin anew with a clear vision of what America can be, and will again accomplish. OAS may be scheduled to begin May 16 in DC, but it must also take place in the heart, the mind, and most importantly, in the spirit of every American, in every American city.


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Terry Trussell

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Anna!! You have a right to fly your Flag that way!! Many have No clue what it means when flown upside down!! Our Nation is in Distress!! See all the Patriots in Washington D.C.!! God Bless the United States of America!!


Sounds like Obama was not watching the events, as the slip up came out on Fox News, but after Jay Carney told everyone that Obama was in the Situation Room.   I don't think Obama really cared about what was going on, and I believe the attack and murder of (4) men,  was to hide something much more sinister.   http://www.bizpacreview.com/2014/05/03/this-is-first-time-we-have-h...

Anne,, I concur with you flying you flag upside down and you have every right to fly it that way. For too long abuses against a free prople have taken place in my America. When I went to Washington DC on the first gathering I proudly wave my flag high up in the air upside down. I did so because I understood the symbolic reason for so doing. American citizens were gathered and seriously though I am 180degrees opposed to O-Blame-O and his crony policies I was not in Washington DC to protest one person as many were. My purpose for being there and flying my flag upside down was because I knew in my heart of hearts that if we got rid of Resident O-Blame-O no matter who we replace him with we would wake up tomorrow and the days ahead with much of the same reasons that got us to the point we are in today. I was keenly aware that all the violations were also due to massive so called Republicans with false promises  to hold the conservative line was merely a smoke screen as the worked in consort with the democrats, chipping away without regard to the Constitution and the very oaths the swore as they entered office. We have a two party system in name only conducting themselves like the WWE and we're buying ringside seats cheering on the Republican Party while they are manipulating us. That is why I flew my flag upside down and to this day I continue because even in some Patriot orginizations the support of Republican candidates appalls me and makes me sick to my stomach. Next I may start carrying room deodorizer with me when in Washington DC as the odor emanating from the halls of Congress and the White House ring out a familar odor. Anne, honey, you go ahead, trust me this old Veteran would stand shoulder to shoulder with you any day.

Donald, I am neither left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat...Republican...Tea Party, I am just an American who knows right from wrong....and we are seeing sooooo much wrong right now.

Indeed!  However, folks, we must remember.  The root cause, the real problem, lies with "us the people".. We the people of the United States ELECTED these criminals to be the leaders of the nation.  This is a direct reflection on we the people, our morals (lack of), complacency, racially bias voting in the interest of "equality".  

So, how do we turn the people of America around?  The people that enjoy the government subsidies, life styles associated with it and have no interest in honesty, hard work, national pride, strong, advanced military protection and a President and Congress that ensure a government "for the people, by the people".  

It will take more than emails and demonstrations.  We need to understand the electoral college is completely out of sync with our modern nation and institute the popular vote as the deciding factor in our elections.  Voting must reflect the will of the people and not the "rich and famous" that "buy" or sway voting through the misguided, liberal media and huge (illegal) back door campaign contributions.  

An honest politician???  I think Abe Lincoln was looking for a few, so the corruption and political destruction of our REPUBLIC has been long at hand.  It is not the democracy in peril, it is the REPUBLIC and the people who constitute the Republic.... "We the people".

I fully support "us" and sincerely wish I could be in D.C. to show my support for our cause and my complete disdain for this governing body selling us and our country down the river to those whose sole intent is to destroy us.

Guy Lewis


Leonard I did not vote for Obama and so many of the people who are adding to his destruction were appointed by him.   And I am fairly certain that the election results were not what they should have been.   Let's not forget, for example, so many of our military were denied their right to vote because their ballots (unfortunately it would seem) got "lost" until it was too late.   They were willing to bend the laws for illegals and for dead people and for people who voted multiple times but they could not bend them for the people whose right to cast their ballot should certainly take priority but as we have seen SHOULD and what is are not the same since Obama has occupied the White House.   I know there are other presidents, probably all, who did their fair share of dirty deals but none appeared to intend, as Obama does, to destroy us.    I feel the oppressive weight of his hatred and contempt for our country so much so I can no longer tolerate the sound of his voice and to look at hm is repulsive so I avoid at all cost.    i prefer to read the words of the traitor than for his voice to cause me to hear it.

Anne, I also did not vote for him, any of his cabinet and "cronies". Repulsed is a good term for lack of something more descriptive.  I force myself to listen to keep my self informed and "educated"??as to his incredibly destructive path forward.  

I like the quote above, but don't agree with it.  If we change our system to incorporate the popular vote, we would have seen a different election..this time, last time and a few others. 

i don't know Leonard.   My comfort with numbers (I do manage my checkbook!) and therefore anything to do with it is minimal   Therefore I can't come up with any argument per se, other than instinct tells me that a popular vote can be skewed as well.    It's who counts the votes, of whatever kind, that has the final say.   I was amazed there was no outrage upon hearing that some states had a larger turnout than it had citizens.   Or that 99.99 percent of its citizens voted for Obama.

It's a crooks bread and butter to figure out a way to cheat.    No matter where you hide your stuff he'll find a way to get it.

It's not lack of knowledge that stymies my efforts at "math" and horrible things like algebra and geometry.     It's that I haven't the savvy or the vocabulary to get it.   It's like speaking greek to me.   Luckily I make up a lot of my mathmatical deficit in language arts etc.  I just wanted to throw that in there - don't know why - I guess don't want to be mistaken for a dummy.   Although obviously I'm limited in what I can do.   But I try.  ; )

I had a warning of my forthcoming struggles with math early on - I still have flashbacks about times table flashcards, my nemesis then and now.

If you mean a Democracy, I say nay.  Our fore fathers decided on a Republic which in my opinion is the best of only two political systems. 

Leonard!!  If we get read of the Electoral Vote!! Then who ever is running will only need about 4 or 5 states to win!! Like Cal, N.Y., Ohio, NJ, Florida!! etc!! They would only go there!! The rural states wouldn't have a chance!! There are more people in them states, than in the rest of the states!! We must get voter ID, and what also hurt in the last election? Millions of Christians didn't vote!! Mostly because Romney was a Mormon, and it almost happened to Kennedy!! Because he was Catholic!! The Christians, conservatives, independence, that didn't vote,  put the liar in chief (obama) into office!!


Folks, don't look at me....I didn't vote for the idiot either.

How do you compete with the likes of this guy Tom Sleyer offering 100 million to Democrats to beat the Republicans at midterms? The only answer is God. Only He can beat money, because only He can change hearts. So I am praying He will change hearts, not just in Congress, but among all Americans, to realize we have to make a Stand. All we need is the Armor of God and Being in God's will. Thank you Col. Riley for your words of encouragement.



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