OAS BENGHAZI PRESS RELEASE - Death by A Thousand Cuts—Some Slice Deeper Than Others

Death by A Thousand Cuts—Some Slice Deeper Than Others

Of all the assaults on America: IRS, NSA, HAS, EPS, NEA, ad nauseum, the rape, torture, and murders of four Americans in Benghazi is an especially painful injury to our nation. Far beyond the insult to our pride in ‘never leaving a fallen comrade behind’, our desertion of those four Americans strikes at the core of what America stands for: protecting and defending what is rightfully ours.

Whether we are talking about our Ambassadors, our soldiers, our borders, our Constitution, or anything else uniquely and exclusively American, our national consciousness seems to have abandoned it all.

“Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…Dude, that was like two years ago,” quotes from different people representing the same viewpoint. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Distract, disarm, and deflect. Blame the accuser. Belittle, trivialize, and disconnect; straight from the Saul Alinsky playbook.

“My heart was, and is, ripped out as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cast their cold shadows over the coffins of four murdered Americans during the receiving ceremony at Andrews AFB. Hillary showed no sign of remorse as she looked dead into the eyes of those grief-stricken family-members, told them a video was the cause of their son’s deaths…she lied. She didn’t lie to spare their feelings or to ease their pain. She lied to protect her presumptuous presidential entitlement and her fragile, fabricated legacy. Obama’s re-election campaign was faltering. His first four years, a testament to his failed philosophy and impotent strategies, President Obama could not let the blood of four dead Americans stain his record further, so he lied in support of Clinton’s lies.   –Ret Col H.G. Riley, OAS

In a long-overdue report that Trey Gowdy, (R, SC) will head the Congressional Select Committee to investigate the brutal rape, torture, and murder of Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, the murder of information officer, Sean Smith, plus the deaths of two former seals who came to their aid, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, offers some hope that some solace may yet come.

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” –William Gladstone

“Operation American Spring fully supports Rep Trey Gowdy in leading the Special Committee Investigating Benghazi,” offers Col Riley. “Neither Obama nor Clinton should ever be allowed in a position of authority, certainly not in governing America.  They have proven themselves unworthy to stand in the presence of fallen Americans.”


The time has come for America to regain its rightful stature among nations. We have fallen prey to the temptations of feigned privilege, and the false sense that our government officials are true and faithful servants. America is laboring under the carefully-crafted illusion that we must rely on our elected executives for leadership, while those same agents of deceit have built a bureaucracy of self-aggrandizement and enrichment.


Operation American Spring intends to shake loose our notions of public dependence and reassert our People to take leadership in guiding our Republic. Our retransformation requires a period of awakening. A time to reflect on our lapses, and to begin anew with a clear vision of what America can be, and will again accomplish. OAS may be scheduled to begin May 16 in DC, but it must also take place in the heart, the mind, and most importantly, in the spirit of every American, in every American city.


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Terry Trussell

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Col. Riley, This is one of the plants we knew would infiltrate Patriot orginizations with ill intent. I beckon with your better sense of judgement that Robert be stricken from this  group. I am quite sure we will run into his kind in Washington DC and we need to prepare ourselves from entertaining such fools. Anybody can write a book and call it truth but the Word of God in both the written and manisfestation of the Living Word is the source of truth. The Quran in itself is a blantant lie to decieve those whom choose to follow its teachings. I encourage all the true Patriots to beware of persons of Roberts kind. Stay with those you have come with and notify your state leaders if you encounter such sorts of this kind. Security will be available to assist and will ask them to leave or have the authorities escort them from the premises. Your safety and the cause of what we will be in Washington DC is of far greater importance.

Well said Donald.   I missed out on this discussion and in particular what Robert said, and probably glad I did.   The militia have had trouble in the past with people infiltrating them that were not for peace and the Constitution.   There are so many out there that want the opposite of what good Patriots who believe in God, and our Constitution want for this Country.   God Bless all of you who are trying to do the right thing, and I am praying for everyone of you who are.

I am remi

Maybe, just maybe this will put a big major dent in their plans, but I seriously don't think it will make any difference at all.

I share your pain and I feel, I think, the same sense of outrage when I look around and see that day after day, incident after incident, for years now - the public at large either seems to not care or else they have sold themselves out to support a person in the mistaken belief that being "PC" is the right thing to do.   Which only confounds me more - to think that the lives of our military or anyone can be so easily written.    Don't they remember what a conscience is?   I think back on what I've read about how our country used to support our troops.   Rationing of food and other commodities was something everyone had to do but they always had in their mind that it was for our boys who were forced to quickly become men and see and do things no one would ever want to do under normal circumstances.
I can honestly say that I feel shame for our failure.   I feel frustrated that I have not been able to find the words to get thru to these people who seem like strangers as I walk among them in a foreign land I do not recognize as home.

For many months I felt lost and alone because I did not know there were other people out there like me who could not and would not deny what we saw happening.   As sorry as the situation is, I must express my gratitude to all of you, to all of us who still care and who willing to give so much (the total pricetag of which remains currently unknown) to wrest back our country from the talons of the enemy.

When I listen to this video I hear the voices of all the brave patriots who have given their lives for our nation.  They sound to me like they are crying too.


For me, the evidence came a bit sooner than what is being discussed.  It was when Fox revealed their findings and said that there had been a drone in Lybia recording the events in Benghazi.  That means that somewhere in the US, somebody was watching the events unfold and did absolutely nothing to render aid to our own who were serving our country on foreign soil.  This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable out of the leader of any nation....and especially ours.  It is criminal and any and all who knew EXACTLY what was happening while it was happening (president, vice president, members of congress), in my opinion is guilt of criminal negligence and murder and should be tried and sentenced as such.

To Anne Wanger,

Anne, with all due respect, if you are going to post or fly our flag, please do so correctly.  It is ours and ours to preserve. Hundreds of thousands of men and women over generations have given their blood and ultimately their lives to protect it and us.  Please give them the respect they deserve.

Guy Lewis

Not positive, but I think her intent is to fly the flag upside down to show distress. It is a legitimate signal to fly it upside down to show that our country is "under attack". It has been an accepted method for signalling distress for many a year and is even taught in our military ranks.

I think this might please everyone and inspire all of us, I hope.   http://youtu.be/wvZbq7AzQ3g   None of us mean to disrespect her, I'm sure.   I have always felt my heart swell the times when I've seen our big, bold and glorious stars and stripies waving proudly against a brilliant blue American sky so I hope you appreciate this as much as I do.

I agree, Anne.  When I see a big American flag flying high and proud....well, it catches my eye as well and I certainly feel pride and a little bit of awe.

Anne, thanks for your post, I'm glad (but not surprised) you share my feelings.   Depending on my mood and the day, I have been moved to tears at her beauty and what she represents.

I am outraged that we have someone in the White House who wasted no time showing his disrespect for our flag and that since he has unlawfully occupied the White House one among many of the offenses that can be laid at his feet are the times when we are told we cannot display our flag because it OFFENDS others.  Sending school children home because their T-shirt bears the American flag and it "disturbs" illegal alien children is outrageous and it saddens me that so many are willing to tolerate it.   Just a decade or two ago this would never have been allowed and anyone who suggested it would soon find themselves persona non grata

Thank you Johnny, that is exactly my intent.  To show that we are a nation in extreme distress.



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