Hi, I just started following OAS on the 15th, that was the first I'd heard of it.  I've been following the forums here and at OAS.  But I can't register on OAS.  I understand there was some infighting and accusations of trolls, etc. with people being banned over the past two weeks and that's why the forum closed.  Now that there appear to be people back and able to handle any troublemakers, can they reopen the forum for registration?  If you want people to join, you need to let them join!  Otherwise the movement will never grow.

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The trolls got so bad that it was a 24 hr.job just to keep them under control..They were very nasty and manipulative individuals who obviously do not love America..From what was suggested to me the OAS site will reopen and will be monitored very vigorously..If we stick together we can keep this flying..Iam the OAS moderator and i will be watching closely and trolls will be removed at the first sign of their garbage..

Okay.  Can you our someone else post once registration is opened up again?

We will post as soon as something is definite...I have contacted the Colonel as soon as i hear something i will post it..Thanks George

I've heard they are going to close down the OAS page.

Who is they Jack?

The information posted here is correct, yes the OAS.org site has been closed to new registrations for about two weeks now.And it IS because of the trolls and paid character assassins that infiltrated the site. At some point soon I will reopen the registrations for new people to join. But that may mean the trolls are just waiting around to cause more trouble. If they do they will be banned and their names will be sent to a national spammers registry. (Yes there is such a thing). Once their names and IP addresses are placed on those lists they will never access a forum site again.
Thanks George, You've been a big help in a thankless task.

OAS will continue, no matter what the trolls do or say. At some point we may need to make an evaluation of whether or not to keep both sites up and running. The software is expensive and as most of you know we have not asked anyone to donate or help with those expenses, I'm not going to start now. Mr. Randy Wiley owns that forum software used on the OAS.org site, but he also owns and runs several other forum sites and boards. He needs that software for his other work.

If we continue to use his license then he will have to purchase a new license for his other work. The answer to this question will depend on the people who use and want that site to remain open. If enough people want it to remain open then I will purchase the license from Randy.
Thanks for all your support everyone. OAS and our work continues.

I will continue to help Old Rooster..Dont worry i know a troll when i see one..We will keep them under control...Talk to you soon..Your freind George

Liberals are totally pathetic, They organize and stand for what they believe in. Things that are simply insane. But yet harass and ruin things people set out to support what we believe in. Our particular cause is one EVERY SINGLE American should take up. How does one NOT believe in freedom? The True freedom our founding fathers laid out. To me it is incomprehensible.

Jerry B.

In my opinion the site that is most secure should stay open.

Jerry B.

Jerry B the site is open..I has been open for about a week now try again



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