How many more reasons are needed to convince America of the vital need for Operation American Spring???

Washington must be forced to unveil the truth...only "we the people" have the power to do it.  Will We???


"This is one more of many reasons why we need the House Select Committee

 with subpoena power to find and uncover the TRUTH."  - Col Dick Brauer.





Dennis B, Haney - Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Wild Weasel #1023


(C) 443-545-4921
SOS Operations Coordinator
Special Operations Speaks




"SOS is not in a position to evaluate the reliability of the following report.  We offer it as a possible explanation for the events associated with the information or theories contained in the article below.  We continually evaluate the veracity of any information that we forward, and encourage anyone who has factual data that will confirm, support or refute what is contained herein to contact us at once (Special Operations Speaks POC is diane.send@gmail.com).  It is our absolute intent to leave no stone unturned as we seek to uncover the TRUTH concerning the cover-ups and lies surrounding the national tragedy of Benghazi that occurred on Sept 11, 2012, or any other pertinent matter that affects U.S. national security and the well-being of our great nation."



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OAS Joining this group (SOS) is very good news. Thank you for the info Col.

Yes  Sir,  Mr. Riley,  I  view & under-stand  each  article [OAS]  with  grains--of--salt / pepper,  there's  no  sugar--coating  this  event..!!  For  sure  the  weather  will change,  I  pray  for  the  good  safe--start  &  standing  citizens in  DC..!  No  matter  want  the  count,  the  colors  won't  run,  and  truth  will  prevail..!! Salute

I read the articles written by Doug Hagmann from Canada Free Press, I have followed him for a year now and I found him to be extremely accurate. The reasons that Benghazi took place was  because bho was(is) funneling weapons illegally to Rebels in Syria. Rebels We know are Al Qaeda. etc. Benghazi was an illegal operation and the Russia didn't want that going on.  barry had full knowledge of all this. The attack on Benghazi was to stop the weapons pipeline

The following is the link to the library of articles that explain this.


I feel Obama is actually the least of our worries, William. I see our biggest worry is a congress that allowed him to usurp the Oval Office in 2009 (after the illegal election) and continues to support him without question.

I've been trying to find out how he can be considered president of this nation if he doesn't meet the Constitutional requirements. No success yet, but I'm still working on it.

It's obvious he's an enormous liar, but was he lying when he advertised he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii for 16 years? Since that was before he "threw his hat in the ring", I believe he was actually telling the truth. He was proud of his nation of birth and has recently proved he still is.

Yes I agree. The root is much deeper.

Also that Snowden thing, I've heard said that he is not the only one that took out that type of info. (Karen Hudes). And is it so that Obama spent years in Russia as did Clinton before offices? And is Obama's biological mother the one they say? Did Obama's mom and dad meet in a Russian class in Hawaii. 

I wouldn't even think twice about all of these things but the freaking abusive system has got to be cleaned up. That 'skinner' behavior is not acceptable. And one of the reasons the power freaks are out of control is because way too many have been labeled as misplaced and ... I am fed up with the Nazi behavior.

I agree with this,however i believe such a committee would just be the government investigating the government,which gets you only coverup.

The government has not forgotten they worked for us, they purposely pushed us aside. They are taking & have took our liberties as if they never existed. They have promoted & are promoting an immoral society. They are corrupt like
organized crime, they are removing & have removed God.  Check the web for Agenda: Grinding America Down for the communist's plan that is almost complete. Free to watch for a short time at  http://vimeo.com/63749370

I think understanding the reason why Al-Quada wants to overthrow Assad would clarify who is behind the gun running. I read an article saying the Saudi's and Dubai want a pipeline going to Europe thru Syria and Assad is against it. Does anyone have any info on this?

I red somewhere that there is a pipeline being built from Russia through  Iran and there is opposition to it. but that's all i know on that. There is a Russian pipeline through Turkey into Syria so that the ruussians can exp[ort oil through to the Mediterranean. Russia has a heavy investment into Syria's ports and doesn't want to give that up so they support Assad  

William thanks


The Russians maybe trying to keep the competition out of Europe.

you are welcome. They are not as passive in Syria as they seem. It is never reported, but they are adding arms to Assad.

My uncle survived Omaha beach somehow and anyone in the military deserves a constant SALUTE and support from the American people and most of all, FROM OUR GOV'T ! Those who were MURDERED IN BENGHAZI were left out to dry , without ANY SUPPORT FROM OUR COMMANDER -IN CHIEF .....what a surprise eh ?I THANK YOU for your service SOS...and all our military!!!



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