OAS Okaloosa County FL Leader, Wendell Beattie, Walks 150 Miles For America And US Constitution

Man walks 150 miles with American flag

Posted: Thursday, June 12, 2014 4:18 pm

Last Saturday, Crestview resident Wendell Beattie started walking with his American flag toward Tallahassee and arrived in Jackson County Thursday. He plans to take part in an official Flag Day ceremony in the state’s capital city at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Saturday, but will be there at 9 a.m. in case anyone shows up for an informal ceremony he had arranged prior to learning of the official event.

In walking the 150-mile distance with his flag, Beattie is trying to increase awareness of the “Operation American Spring” movement, which he said aims to build a grassroots demand that the federal government operate within the boundaries of power set for it in the U.S. Constitution.

Beattie said he and fellow supporters of the OAS movement feel that the federal government has overstepped its authority in a variety of ways over time.

He was at the May 16 OAS gathering in Washington, D.C., where he and others had expected in the neighborhood of 2 million people to participate. When only about 1,000 turned out, Beattie was surprised and disappointed. He said he’s hoping his walk with the flag will draw more attention to the movement and help it grow.

As he walked through Marianna, two men pulled over to talk to him. One, veteran Ted Jolly, stopped just to thank Beattie for making the effort to put the nation’s flag in the spotlight just ahead of Flag Day on Saturday.

Chattahoochee City Manager Lee Garner also pulled over. Indicating he was familiar with and supportive of the OAS movement, Garner offered Beattie a free place to stay in that city’s campground for as many nights as he wanted as he makes his way on eastward to the capital.

Beattie didn’t know if he’d get there in time to stay the night and still get to Tallahassee in time for the ceremony, but said he appreciated the offer.

“ Operation American Spring was templated after the Arab Spring that occurred about a year or two ago. What happened was that there were people in their countries fed up with the way the government was running things. People rose up and demanded a change. They got a change. They established a new government.” Beattie said though, that he and the OAS are not looking to do that. “Our Constitution is perfectly sound,” Beattie said. “We have a great country and we have a lot of great people. We just need the people who are in government to follow the Constitution.”

He spoke of being troubled by recent controversies involving cover-ups, scandal, the national debt and other matters.

On his trek to the capital, Beattie is carrying about 40 pounds of gear in a backpack, things like extra clothes, a sleeping bag and other on-the-road essentials. He sometimes camps out under the stars and sometimes sleeps in hotels, he said. The flag and flagpole he’s carrying together weigh about 10 pounds. Beattie said he considers it an honor to bear that weight in furtherance of a cause he believes in.

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I am looking forward to finally coming home after 13 years overseas, within 120 days... hopefully to be able to assist or participate in a lot of the events you guys report on.  I want to throw out a personal thank you to each of the patriots who have set examples such as this, OAS, Various rallies and efforts to protect and preserve our Constitutional Republic. 

Over the past few years, we've watched as acts treason and usurpations of our Rights have gone unchallenged by those in our Government who were supposedly under oath to protect and defend those very Rights.  It is discerning for Veterans and Contractors who are doing their best to represent our nation, willing to lay our lives on the line for the same... only to see the abuses of our freedoms by said officials or witness the lack of checks and balances back at home.  It makes one wonder just what it is that we are doing when being sent into harms-way begins to be taken for granted.  I oft wonder too, just when did incompetency in Government become the norm? 

It does (our) heart good to see people truly awakening and becoming active in various efforts.  Yes, even to the extent that some took it upon themselves to stand against tyranny in Nevada as the BLM was about to become the heavy hand of a tyrant known as Harry Reid.  This effort is far from over and will span several generations to complete... but I believe we are on the right track.  It is a learning process and one many of us likely never expected that would be necessary to undertake.  Because so many have failed, we must carry the guide-on of freedom, over that hill. 

I certainly hope, with all due respect for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, that ALL Americans have begun learning this lesson and will begin acting and voting responsibly, participating in the preservation of freedom.  Our alternatives are far less appealing; though we must always remain stuck to the purpose of civil disobedience should negotiable means be stifled. 

God Bless our Republic.  Liberty 1775.

 GOD BLESS HIM !!!!!!!!


oh by the way i believe that the t party sometime bk did a great article on OAS ck it out

i am still emailing and calling all of FOX and many others 

Precious, PRECIOUS servant of the Lord! Thank you sir, your great service to America..We LOVE YOU In Christ!!! Let us rally for more flag barriers in America..Calling all flag carriers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have flag will travel*

Semper fidelis

i am going to cry  i did tofrom torrance, CA. to Vegas, NV & Im taking a break until I attempt it again

That's THE Spirit!!!! 

Only from Florida!!!   YES!!!!

thank  you , sir  you're an honorable man.  God bless you.

In Rosicrucia, we teach that we must DO to BE...it is action which proves life and establishes will...we must do in order to be,  Wendell is living proof of the journey we embarked upon with OAS.  There may not be a big turn out, but we know why...and now we know a lot more, about a lot of things, we didn't know before.  Wendell Beattie and Col. Riley are both living landmarks of Great Americans!  Blessings Wendell... 

May God Bless and keep you, Wendell....... what a heart!!!!!!!!  (((HUGS)))


Wendell, you are one heck of an American and true to the core.  Thanks for setting the example to the rest of us....

I agree with you Don Johnson!



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