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Operation American Spring – A Call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, not a Call To Arms


Operation American Spring (OAS) continues to gain momentum toward its non-violent, unarmed, lawful, and massive ‘human petition’ to our elected Representatives beginning May 16th on the National Mall in Washington, DC. In spite of criticism by left-leaning pundits and naysayers, OAS is attracting more and more groups in support of their mission and their goals.

Using as part of OAS’ authority, the Declaration of Independence admonishes Americans that it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…” when such abuses and usurpations reach an intolerable level. OAS recognizes that it is not our Government that is at fault, rather an insidious bureaucracy of ideologues that are systematically degrading our world image and undermining the economic and social stability of our people. OAS uses such examples as President Obama’s circumvention of Congress, unilaterally creating laws, issuing Executive Orders and extending executive privilege beyond his legal authority, just to mention a few of his endless failings.


An historical level of other high crimes and misdemeanors, plus multitudes of appearances of impropriety from others in this Administration, include, but are far from limited to:

·         Harry Reid’s arrogance, condescension, and willful disregard of his own crimes, while insisting others must pay for fabricated infractions.

·         John Boehner’s failure to support the conservative principles and Constitutional constraints he swore to uphold.

·         Nancy Pelosi’s repeated and endless support of legislation that runs contrary to American ideals and while showing her disdain for the middle class and our economy.

·         Joe Biden’s lack of understanding of his Constitutional bounds and general knowledge of how anything, other than political manipulations, work.

·         Mitch McConnell’s accepting a massive $5 billion federal payout to his state to change his vote in support of destructive legislation.

·         Eric Holder’s refusal to enforce laws consistent with his authority, and irrespective of his personal politics, cultural bias, and political cronyism: Murders of Americans at Benghazi; IRS corruption; Fast & Furious; NSA invasiveness; Fort Hood Jihad Murders classified as ‘workplace violence’.


These are but a few instances where this Administration’s officials exhibit a nation of leaders with utter disdain for the US Constitution as the law of the land. Because none of these scandals have been adequately answered, nor violators held accountable, the conclusion must be, if leadership is so corrupt, there is no valid government. By all appearances, there may have been a silent coup with all branches of government complicit in the take-over of our Republic by an international cabal of bankers, corporations, with the complicit aid of bought-and-paid-for politicians.

Because of this, the People demand that the foregoing, and any others who fall into this culture of corruption and lawless disregard of this great nation’s sovereignty, step down from their respective offices and submit themselves for the appropriate legal processes.


Operation American Spring (, a grass roots gathering of American patriots is out in the open, with the simply-stated objective to restore our Federal Government to its Constitutional constraints. OAS is without mainstream media exposure, building massive support in a spontaneous, popular, and thoughtful response to the hundred-year-old revolution against our uniquely American ideals and Constitutional principles by an insidious, and destructive enemy. The OAS mission is driven by a mass of rapidly-expanding, highly-energized, and divinely-inspired Americans seeking nothing more than a return to lawful government and God’s hand back on America.

Members of Congress are in receipt of thousands of electronic petitions outlining OAS’ Declaration of Administrative Revision (Demands/Grievances), as described and authorized under America’s founding documents. Each Member is also receiving hard copy submissions of these same documents. They cannot truly claim ignorance; nor will they continue to ignore this call to duty and to justice, when millions of American patriots gather, and establish an unrelenting tide of prayerful vigilance over our Republic’s revival in the principles, traditions, and spiritual morality that brought us to the pinnacle of history’s nations.

America is awakening to the unprecedented levels of bureaucratic corruption, greed, and lawlessness spreading with exponential speed in its pillaging of our nation.  America will no longer allow our People, or bequeath our progeny, to suffer as Communist slaves.  Our mission commences with every intent to be prayerful, peaceful, and unarmed; founded on our Framer’s cautions, and with the steely determination to persevere until we prevail in giving our Constitutional government and God-given right to self-determination back to its People.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.,

Operation American Spring Operation

111 Overview Drive

Crestview, FL 32539

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Democraps have pretty much been a party with the intent to create division amongst the citizens of America.. I do find it mot disturbing though that even more so that with ease despite race, gender, political or religious conviction that they target veterans and military personnel. The truth is though that veterans make up the lowest rate of prisoners incarcerated throughout the United States. The real truth is that prison actually contain person whom have grown up without proper discipline both in the homes and schools because the government thinks spankings are extreme. Rather than applying the board of education across the seat of learning the choose to start children on drugs at an early age. Our parents had no  problem with the school administering the wood when it was necessary, w were sent to learn, behave and respect our teachers, parents, grownups and law enforcement persons. We didn't need law enforcement officers at our schools all day, every day. If we got in trouble we were given a choice, either enlist in the military when you finished school or come back and see the judge so he could have you transported to the hoosegow. Today our government demands the we honor and respect the very people whom want to commit jihad and illegal immigrants entering our borders. It appears we are mandated to give up or rights to appease both of these aforementioned groups. What  was once right has now become wrong and what was one wrong has now become right. We are forced to accept that which is wrong and say nothing lest we be labelled haters, racists and even terrorists. Our political leaders honor and mourn the deaths of foreign dignitaries while displaying gross negligence to those whom were once our greatest allies. these things ought not be and I grew up in the generation in which we said nothing while our rights were being stripped away. We allowed our leaders and SCOTUS, seize total dominance piece by piece until we became no longer a lawful nation. We became soft though being warned repeatedly by noble people like Ron Paul, the Birch Society and great Evangelists preaching a message of Turn or Burn. Everything became about me, me, me and we forgot about those around us as long as we could have what we wanted and wanted right now. Guess who was willing to accommodate us?  I'll give you three guesses and if you say government you are the star pupil. Everything these politician promised sounded wonderful but what they failed to mention is that there was a price and that price cost us our liberties and freedom. We gave everything to big brother and big brother squandered or made backdoor deals to their benefit and when they wanted more they looked back at us and came and took a little more until it costs many jobs, homes, our lively hoods and eventually sucked the lives right out of us. When the finish breaking down what is left of the middle class whom by the ways pays the bulk of taxes where do you suppose they'll go next? Well don't count on the middle class anymore because the only two classes  coming will be the haves and the have nots. Is that the type of equality we want? Absolutely not and because we are nearly out of anymore freedoms to give some of us have been awakened and determined that those in Washington DC care nothing about us but only that we continue to vote for them every four years so they can stay the course on the path of destruction of the Republic and Constitution. Those that have known me for some years know that I've  been up front with them about what I was seeing going on. There were some that thought the things I expressed was a bit absurd but today they look and say I was right on target. As a college grad with a history and english major I hungered for more knowledge and a greater understanding everything I could fit into my head about history and our Constitution. I  gave an ear to listen to others and investigated much of what I heard. I gained a greater understanding of the powers that be whom were operating in the shadows yet at the same time exposing their devious deeds and intentions in plain view a if to say, we can do this and you are powerless to stop us. This is why the Rothchilds, Illumanati and Bilderberg Society needs to be exposed as the operators of a  shadow government whose tentacles traverse the globe. Once we restore our beloved Republic and Constitution ridding Washington DC of the puppets doing the bidding of the shadow government and shutting them down, then will we see America retransformed to the original intent of those whom left us to guard it with  our very lives. For you crooks in Washington DC. I am the veteran terrorist you fear and fear you ought.  Your free ride is soon to be over and a whole lot of people just like me that you call terrorists are coming with.  You need to shake in terror  knowing the very God you  booed has raised up an army of God fearers to come do His bidding. You have disgraced us whom have elected you, disgraced our nation and our God and your families whom will possibly be ashamed to even say they know you or want to hear your name at family gatherings but know that soon you will see the faces of the voices that pled with you to hear us now and your shame and disgrace will be revealed before the world.

Andrew Jackson did it and Woodrow Wilson allowed them back in. A starting point would be a full cleansing of the political powers that be in Washington DC, abolish the Fedral Resrve which is controled by the Rothchilds Seize their assets here and anywhere we can legal do so and enact into law that they or their cooperate banks are not allowed to operate in our counter hence forth. Freeze the accounts of all politicians whom have served over the last 50 years and demand they they show exactly where every copper penny they have was lawfuly and honestly gained no matter how long it takes. Invalidate their retirement plans paid by us the tax payerfs whom they have lied, cheated and stolen from. Prohibit any politician from the last 50 years to be directly involved with government, treat them just like convicted felons and strip away their voting rights and ability to own firearms. Might as well send the UN packing as well and audit the Bilderberg Society. This would be a start but it is plausible by those with a desire to do right and those elected after we rid Washington DC of the garbage we make it known that those in government work for the citizens and no special interest groups and that any misconduct will bring about dire consequences on their behalf.

I'm not sure if you're addressing me or someone else, if there is another "Anne" I must have missed it so I assume you are addressing me.   I am a prolific writer (meaning I have a tendency to get rather long-winded) and so while I never write anything that I don't believe in 100 percent, I forget what/when/where I have written.   I'd be happy to write a short and sweet something if you would point me to the conversation?   Acknowledging my unfortunate tendency toward verbosity, your reference to "short and sweet" leads me to believe that maybe I said something worthwhile that needs to be condensed.   It wouldn't benefit anyone even if I'd done something remarkable like finding a cure for cancer if it was buried somewhere within a new and revised (but not shorter) version of War and Peace.

I was not addressing you, but if the shoe fits. It fits a number of posters here, unfortunately. But who am I to complain?

I was referring to the statement above made by Barbara:  And I want to make clear that I believe the only value any of us has is the strength we add to the ONE CAUSE of restoration of government and law.   My ego, my needs, nor anyone elses is what matters.   People being the individuals they are sometimes clash but we cannot distract us from our UNIFIED PURPOSE to which we are all dedicated.

What we are doing is too important, it may be our last shot to set things right so if my ego is wounded or I feel slighted I ask that I have the good sense to set it aside and I hope others will do the same.  I don't want to do anything that would benefit the tyrant et al and I have no doubt he would be immensely pleased if we became distracted by our own personality differences.   Please give me a swift kick if I get off course.

Anne, can you put a list together of what you mentioned, its so mind boggling.  Maybe something short and sweet to help us understand what we need to do to make use of resources most of us don't know about.    Just thoughts.

Barbara, thank you for your well thought out reply.  I agree wholeheartedly.  My main concern is that as a country of laws if our leaders are blatantly disregard laws that they personally don't like and mandate that it is null and void will lead to chaos.  We all obey laws that we don't particularly like but may be good for society.  If we don't like a law we get with like minded people to get the laws changed. That is what being governed by the people means.

 If we do as Eric Holder is touting to our State Attorney Generals, then we are governed by man which leads to chaos and loss of Rights.  

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Billie:  If  I may add a point--the chaos that would result....WILL result as Holder and Obama give the low informed voters of their's the message and encouragment to "break laws...that laws were meant to break."  That is what they are doing....and the CHAOS is their plan!  They need it to complete the process of a Communist/Muslim (paradoxical!)  USA!  And they are well on their way...40+ years and escalating now so quickly only God and OAS, his human vessels, can stop it.....IF we can obtain His mercy by humbly praying, repenting of enacting laws that erase His laws, and leaving all wickedness behind, and asking God to lead us on..II Chron 7:14....perhaps He'll return to us and save our land!  God bless all the OAS people who seem to realize the dire consequences we are suffering because of forgetting our God and pushing Him out.....He hears all our prayers and am sure He is leading Col. Riley and all of OAS people.  Thanks be to God for this Him be the praise and honor and glory...for His mercy endures forever.

As usual, they accuse us of what they're doing. It's a maddening trick, and it's meant to be. In this case they accuse us of wanting CHAOS, but it is THEY who ignore laws and foment class and racial strife. Notice, though, how they have a talking point that patriots on the Bundy ranch are advocating anarchy.

"Eric Holder" is a mockery of "Justice" when clearly by his actions dismissing the charges of Voter Intimidation against the New Black Panthers (the case was won - it was just a paper-work process that remained).   And from his own mouth he said he intends to look out for "his people" so clearly he is a racist yet we are supposed to put our faith in his sense of justice?

BDA....I read your last two renditions of the sad state of affairs and the causes....I agree wholeheartedly!  I could add about 20 other comments to yours....and can tell you would agree with all of them, too.  My anger met yours in your note....until finally I thought with a chuckle....thank God people are so awake and so ready to fight back....I'm not afraid to use the word 'fight,' too.  For we have to engage in the fight for our children's minds, hearts, and souls, against the US Dept.  of Education and the Teachers and Professors Unions NEA and AAUP (Now Common Core--after America 200 (Bush) Goals 2000 Clinton, NCLB Bush, RTT Obama--all the slow gradualism/progresivism that took over our public schools!!!)) who have controlled the curriculum in our public indoctrination centers pathetically called 'schools' in our Nation.  Over the past 45 years, this slow progress of socialist progressives aka communists have mind controlled our children...these peole, without the knowledge of God--who was forcefully eliminated from our children's minds in the schools--were mind-controlled and dumbed down and amoralized in Secular Humanis Communist Atheist Religion, into the Green Movement which is the old Red Movement--the green watermellon on the outside and red on the inside....with thousands of seeds of socialism/communism's how they have converted millions of our kids into the Socialist movement and have made them Liberal Socialist Democrat Voters!  Along with all the fraudulent voters that they know how to gather for voting ACORN!, this is the way they win elections now.....but ALAS!  who cared during those 4 decades?  I could go on and on and on since I have been an avowed activist before it became popular...helped found a local tea party....for 45 years....watching it all happen and prayingt hard....and I believe those prayers brought about God's favor...along with many others.....and He gave us OAS and Col. Riley.  He didn't have to...we didn't deserve it....but praise God for HIS MERCY....and GRACES! Amen.

let us all try to remember that fox news is a money making enterprize...period. They love to talk andincite viewers for ratings. That dosn't mean hey are with us. Did you ever check the salaries they make?/ They are like pro athletes cause they sell air time. When it comes to facing down the enemy they switch sides like a snake. All they want is to land safley in a seat of power. Good God!!!! guys we have folks hanging on the words of glen beck. what a sad joke. An admitted cult member trying to trot christians on his very tired program..  It's on guys we are notgoing.ot to flask signs. We are about to remove a non stste ununiformed enemy belligerant. Along with the clowns helping him. I feel it don't you? Don't you feel like your chest will burst from pride for our constitution?  We ride now whenwe can win. Later we will ride just to stay alive. That is why we do this now the right way. With The Lord at our side.........................correo

Just remember; "Pride cometh before the fall !"



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