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Operation American Spring – A Call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, not a Call To Arms


Operation American Spring (OAS) continues to gain momentum toward its non-violent, unarmed, lawful, and massive ‘human petition’ to our elected Representatives beginning May 16th on the National Mall in Washington, DC. In spite of criticism by left-leaning pundits and naysayers, OAS is attracting more and more groups in support of their mission and their goals.

Using as part of OAS’ authority, the Declaration of Independence admonishes Americans that it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…” when such abuses and usurpations reach an intolerable level. OAS recognizes that it is not our Government that is at fault, rather an insidious bureaucracy of ideologues that are systematically degrading our world image and undermining the economic and social stability of our people. OAS uses such examples as President Obama’s circumvention of Congress, unilaterally creating laws, issuing Executive Orders and extending executive privilege beyond his legal authority, just to mention a few of his endless failings.


An historical level of other high crimes and misdemeanors, plus multitudes of appearances of impropriety from others in this Administration, include, but are far from limited to:

·         Harry Reid’s arrogance, condescension, and willful disregard of his own crimes, while insisting others must pay for fabricated infractions.

·         John Boehner’s failure to support the conservative principles and Constitutional constraints he swore to uphold.

·         Nancy Pelosi’s repeated and endless support of legislation that runs contrary to American ideals and while showing her disdain for the middle class and our economy.

·         Joe Biden’s lack of understanding of his Constitutional bounds and general knowledge of how anything, other than political manipulations, work.

·         Mitch McConnell’s accepting a massive $5 billion federal payout to his state to change his vote in support of destructive legislation.

·         Eric Holder’s refusal to enforce laws consistent with his authority, and irrespective of his personal politics, cultural bias, and political cronyism: Murders of Americans at Benghazi; IRS corruption; Fast & Furious; NSA invasiveness; Fort Hood Jihad Murders classified as ‘workplace violence’.


These are but a few instances where this Administration’s officials exhibit a nation of leaders with utter disdain for the US Constitution as the law of the land. Because none of these scandals have been adequately answered, nor violators held accountable, the conclusion must be, if leadership is so corrupt, there is no valid government. By all appearances, there may have been a silent coup with all branches of government complicit in the take-over of our Republic by an international cabal of bankers, corporations, with the complicit aid of bought-and-paid-for politicians.

Because of this, the People demand that the foregoing, and any others who fall into this culture of corruption and lawless disregard of this great nation’s sovereignty, step down from their respective offices and submit themselves for the appropriate legal processes.


Operation American Spring (, a grass roots gathering of American patriots is out in the open, with the simply-stated objective to restore our Federal Government to its Constitutional constraints. OAS is without mainstream media exposure, building massive support in a spontaneous, popular, and thoughtful response to the hundred-year-old revolution against our uniquely American ideals and Constitutional principles by an insidious, and destructive enemy. The OAS mission is driven by a mass of rapidly-expanding, highly-energized, and divinely-inspired Americans seeking nothing more than a return to lawful government and God’s hand back on America.

Members of Congress are in receipt of thousands of electronic petitions outlining OAS’ Declaration of Administrative Revision (Demands/Grievances), as described and authorized under America’s founding documents. Each Member is also receiving hard copy submissions of these same documents. They cannot truly claim ignorance; nor will they continue to ignore this call to duty and to justice, when millions of American patriots gather, and establish an unrelenting tide of prayerful vigilance over our Republic’s revival in the principles, traditions, and spiritual morality that brought us to the pinnacle of history’s nations.

America is awakening to the unprecedented levels of bureaucratic corruption, greed, and lawlessness spreading with exponential speed in its pillaging of our nation.  America will no longer allow our People, or bequeath our progeny, to suffer as Communist slaves.  Our mission commences with every intent to be prayerful, peaceful, and unarmed; founded on our Framer’s cautions, and with the steely determination to persevere until we prevail in giving our Constitutional government and God-given right to self-determination back to its People.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.,

Operation American Spring Operation

111 Overview Drive

Crestview, FL 32539

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You are arrogant. I am an atheist. I have no problem singing God Bless America, as it has a valid message. Nor do I have a problem standing shoulder to shoulder with people who believe and support The Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Not only that, I have no problem saying. God Bless America at the end when I speak in public. Ten minutes ago I said prayers with my Grandson before he went to sleep.

So take your prejudice against those who do not think exactly like you do and get down on your knees and pray about it.  Maybe you will find solace, wisdom, an honest heart, and lose your prejudice.

We really can't appoint ourselves to judge others.   We must take them at their word if they appear sincere and want to be a part of taking back America.    If we cannot trust that what we say is true then what use is there?  Someone who really wants us to fail could like and say all the right things.   I think part of making this a success is that, when push comes to shove, we must put aside everything else and make the return of our country to what it was and can be again -- our goal.    It is possible, isn't it, that a Muslim could want to escape Shariah Law.   I realize many have been terrorized into believing but if someone says they are with us then absent any real credible evidence that he means us harm, we cannot allow ourselves to waste energy on these things - it distracts us from keeping a clear head about our mission.  Think instead what a great experience it will be to succeed.   I hope not one life is lost but knowing what we do about those subjugated by Islamic extremists its my thought I would rather be dead.

As for 9/11 - the fact that Obama has gone to such great lengths and expense almost immediately to remove any reference to violent Islam tends to strengthen my belief that they did.    But be that as it may, people have been arguing back and forth for over a decade and will continue to do so.   Maybe someday a definitive answer will be had that satisfies everyone but for now -- we must focus on the task at hand which is necessary, manditory irregardless of who is responsible for 9/11.

I agree with your proposal.  

"It is possible, isn't it, that a Muslim could want to escape Shariah Law?"

Considering there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, there might be some that are trying to escape the captivity of being a Muslim.

Statistically, it's a real possibility.   My guess would be >1% a realistic probability.

Yes.  But the numerous bombings throughout the world could have been caused by one of the following religions also.  Which of the following religions do you think were affiliated/involved with the various honor killings, beheadings, bombings, etc throughout the world in the past 20 years:

a. Catholics

b. Methodist

c. Baptist

d. Buddhist

e. Episcopalian

f.  Hindu

I'm missing the value of discussions on is this helping us get millions on the mall in Washington, D.C.????????????

That is as irrelevant as religion isn't it?   Does it matter who we believe caused 9/11? 

The problem right now is that Obama is shredding the constitution daily has left our borders open to any and all whom we end up supporting, that he gives aid to the Islamic brotherhood, that he is racially divisive, those are the kinds of things this is about.  9/11 should have been a wakeup call as far as our borders being secure is concerned but apparently if it was it has been forgotten.   Obama is not the first president who engaged in improper conduct but he is the first one who, it appears to me, has as his goal the destruction of America and everything it ever stood for.   And I want him and anyone who allowed or support him or failed to act as are our congressman who should at least TRY to impeach him - I want them all gone hopefully to prison where they belong.

Thank you, Harry ! It certainly needed to be said.

In the 20th Century and now in the 21st Century the massive deaths of humanity, have been mostly caused by various Socialist forms. From 1917 till today, Lenin, to the 3rd Generation of Kims of North Korea, the slaughter has been on the Socialists shoulders. The numbers are horrendous. 170 million to well over 200 million by most scholarly estimates.

And now we have a hard core Socialist in Our House and many in Our Congress. This is why I will be in DC, on the 16th.

Sic Semper Tyrannis !

Though the discussion has gotten into more detail than is probably necessary, I can only say for myself that ultimately what I was trying to say was that no one should be excluded because of religion.   Whether anyone believes in God or not or whatever their faith - we should not be excluding anyone.

People being what they are tend to get into discussions.   A few responded to me as a show of support/empathy.   But I agree it is best probably to stay off the subject but I do know it will need to be opened again if/when someone suggests that only certain faiths are welcome in order to refute that and be sure that anyone who is sincere in our cause feels welcome.

Anne . . .Interesting concept you have.  "We really can't appoint ourselves to judge others."
And the reason and/or logic behind this thinking is? ? ?

What I meant is that we cannot presume to say that even though a Muslim or an aetheist says he wants to support our cause and plans to go to DC that we can say with any certainty that we know better and that he is lying.

It should be obvious why we can't appoint ourselves the judge of others.    Who will be the arbiter of who is a good guy and who is a bad guy?

My comment was not a random observation.   I felt compelled to say what I did because of the statements about this being a Christian movement or that if you were Muslim or aetheist you were not welcome.

If someone says they support the removal of Obama and all the others failing us then it is not up to us to decided that based on religion or anything else that they are insincere or dishonest.

Harry's point is valid, we should not get bogged down in extraneous topics.   There are enough forces without who are our enemy and I don't want to aid them in any way by creating divisions within ourselves.  

So, religion and 9/11 aside ---- I do think it is a good idea to wear shirts that state, if nothing else, WE ARE UNARMED.   Hopefully we would be able then to identify each other, how are we to know who in a crowd is with us and also it would be visible testimony that refutes the newscasters who would describe us as armed combatant revolutionaries.  If anyone agrees and would like me to investigate acquiring same and/or the cost, etc. I shall be glad to do so.

I have had an OAS T Shirt for a month. Join the Virginia site and look for the info. You can get 2 colors and a hat also. Maybe some other things too. About $20 or so.



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