OAS Submission To Congress (Demands/Grievances, Articles of Impeachment)

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Excellent - thank you.

At the rate things are going this will have to be amended prior to being served. Take for instance the Military pension reductions to all who have served. And to the Gold Star families who have lost. All so we can have some more shiny toys.

Its not like I can work anymore What I get is what I get it isn't much I don't need much but to take it away or reduce it then the medic might as well of left me in country. the results are going to be the same. But that's my beef I don't know how many other combat wounded are going to be in the same boat as me. I don't see congress or the president taking pension cuts...


Phil Snider

SSG USA ret.

hey bud. I hear you. how would you like to have been a Vietnam vet. we didn't have the wounded warriors.we were basically screwed.

My dad was there 11th ACR and 1st Inf. So yes he got screwed and we grew up with it. It didn't change why he did what he did and he said to me that even though we were left swinging in the wind as vets. We still had each other. In the past few years before he passed and after my First tour in Iraq I finally understood my Dad. It took combat to see things from his perspective. He was still an Ass at times but he was my dad and I finally knew why he was the way he was. He died in the VA hospital from complications brought on by agent Orange a month into my last tour in Afghanistan. I never got to see him and apologize for being so difficult a son. I feel for all of you guys from that war and Korea. And a WTU is nothing more than an extension of the VA but without the adequate care. The WWP has never done anything for us at fort hood that I ever saw. and AW2 also is a joke so a lot of what people hear about how well we are being treated is hype. I actually got a bill from the VA for treatment.. That's right I went in for injuries sustained in Afghanistan and they sent me a bill. The same with Tricare they also sent me a bill . So now I don't go to any docs at all. now that's high and dry so in that perspective I am in your boat.


Sign it and file it   ASAP.!!!!

WE THE PEOPLE should have the opportunity to add our names to the grievance. The more the merrier!  It's now or never in this country or we will not have a country.

This is very exciting. Excellent petition. I wish May 16th was already here.


I'm very encouraged and moved to read this. For a small moment, I don't feel like the only sane person left in America. Other people see the evil, care, and are taking action. I lived through this during the Clinton years. I 'fought,' went to D.C., organized, and survived death threats. I had no idea someone could come along and BE WORSE (Obama).

I know the listing of grievances says it's not all inclusive, but I want to mention a missing criminal act: an Obama EO (penned by Kerry) illegally allows our foreign aid to Hamas to be used for military equipment. This is illegal. During Iran Contra men went to prison for violating the standing law.

Impressive that one person was allowed to get away with so much for so long!

May I assume that those who aided and abetted him or otherwise colluded with him can soon expect their own Bill of Particulars?

I Highly recommend arraignment of the whole administration on R.I.C.O. charges!

Signed and sent





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