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By JB Williams


On the eighth anniversary of the day President George W. Bush ordered US troops into Iraq in 2003, with the full support of the US Congress and majority support from the UN Security Council, Barack Obama launched a Tomahawk missile assault on the sovereign nation of Libya with no majority support in the UN and without even consulting congress.

Acting alone while congress was away on recess, solely at the command of the United Nations and without constitutional authority, Barack Obama dropped over $70 million worth of Tomahawk missiles on the sovereign nation of Libya in a dictatorial maneuver to force regime change of a foreign land.

He launched a military assault on Libya under what authority? To be certain, Gadhafi is no prize, but what Obama just did is far worse. Acting all alone in a truly imperialistic fashion, Obama violated his Oath of Office, Article I and II of the US Constitution and The War Powers Act all in one mindless kneejerk decision.

Article II – Section II of the US Constitution identifies the US President as the civilian oversight of the US Military and Commander-in-Chief. But it gives the US President no authority to use military might to enforce its political will upon foreign nations.

Article I – Section VIII of the US Constitution rests the power to declare war solely with the US Congress. It requires both the Commander-in-Chief and Congress to commit US troops to combat, without which the act is wholly unconstitutional.

Even the Washington Times managed to get this one right in its editorial – Obama’s Illegal War.

The 1973 War Powers Act was put in place to prevent a US President from doing exactly what Barack Obama just did.

SEC. 2. (a) It is the purpose of this joint resolution to fulfill the intent of the framers of the Constitution of the United States and insure that the collective judgment of both the Congress and the President will apply to the introduction of United States Armed Forces into hostilities, or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances, and to the continued use of such forces in hostilities or in such situations.


A US Commander-in-Chief can order use of military force in only three specific conditions…

(1)    a declaration of war,

(2)    specific statutory authorization, or

(3)    a national emergency created by  attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed  forces.


The US Congress has not declared war against a foreign nation since WWII. But when George W. Bush sent troops into Afghanistan and Iraq following the September 11, 2001 attacks on US soil, he not only consulted congress in advance, he sought and received specific statutory authorization from congress before ordering troops into combat. Bush complied with the constitution and War Powers Act under conditions (2) and (3). He also had a broad coalition of UN partners backed by years of Iraqi broken UN resolutions.

In the case of Obama and Libya, none of these conditions exist.

1)      Congress did not declare war.

2)      Congress was not consulted and did not give specific statutory authorization.

3)      The US was not attacked in any way by Libya which presented no threat to the US or US assets.


As a result, Barack Obama had NO constitutional authority to attack Libya with over $70 million worth of US taxpayer Tomahawks, placing American soldiers in harm’s way in yet another war which cannot even be justified by the pursuit of oil.

Obama touched down in Brazil as American soldiers launched a military assault on Libya at Obama’s command. Obama stands alone in this decision and order, without the support of the American people, without constitutional authority and in direct violation of his Oath of Office and the War Powers Act.

Obama is a war criminal and traitor as a result. He has acted alone, well beyond the scope and authority of his office and at odds with the national interests of the United States and the constitution which he took an oath to uphold and defend.

The Washington Times has it right. Even crook Democrat Charlie Rangel has it right - saying he was angry that Congress was not consulted before the military strikes.

He said he was undecided on whether the military action against Libya was justified but thought lawmakers and their constituents should have had time to weigh in. "Our presidents seem to believe that all we have to do is go to the U.N. and we go to war," Rangel said.

Rangel is right this time - a president must consult congress unless the US is under attack. Obama did not consult or even notify congress in advance. He acted alone on the command of the UN.

Although the UN clearly has command over Barack Obama, the UN has no command authority over the US Armed Forces. Obama used US soldiers illegally and unconstitutionally. These are the facts…

But where is congress?

Anti-war liberal and libertarian politicians like Ron Paul have attacked President Bush for years on Iraq and Afghanistan, even though Bush openly consulted, sought and received congressional authority for both military actions.

Here we have a clear cut violation and abuse of presidential powers and where are all the Code Pink,, Ron Paul anti-war types?

Who in the US Congress, specifically the Republican controlled House, is going to launch a full scale investigation into Obama’s dictatorial use of military might and begin impeachment proceedings?

Americans are well aware of the fact that we have a lawless renegade regime running our federal government, which does not concern itself with the constitution or rule of law no matter the subject.

But now that anti-American renegade regime is illegally using military might to enforce its political will upon foreign sovereign nations, acting as though their oath is to the UN rather than the USA and as if they are free from any limitations or consequences.

Who in the US Congress is going to put a stop to the growing insanity? We have a runaway government acting against the interests of the United States and beyond its legal authority. Will anyone have the backbone to stop it and hold Obama accountable?

Will there be an international war crimes trial of Barack Obama?



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Give me a break!  The agenda has been the same for a long time and to make the distinction between BHO and GW just shows your partisan thought process.  It's much bigger than that and you need to realize that.  When you do, if you do then you might know how far down the line we are and the big trouble we are in. Stop operating in their game.

And the citizens are equally guilty if we do not address the issue with our Congress people. If they do not respond go to the media.

I doubt Tanya was citing Bush to praise him. It is a current event example comparison. One did it as prescribed.


What we get out of this is indictable offense.


Yes, GWB for whatever reason played into the progressives' New World Order. Puke.

Dictators don't have to follow law! They make them as they see fit.No there won't be no war crimes for any of these treasonous leaders. They have one more step till they destroy America as we knew it. The whole reason for the Brazil trip with some of the top CEO's was to promote NAU and the SPP. Don't look at the Lie, Look beyond the Lie!  America and Canada are one now, soon we will take Mexico.

Right on, no comment. I would throw in few generals as well. They are the ones to take unlawful orders.

This is way over the top that generals do not do their duty.
The Congress according to Scumbama is now irrelevant, he is da Boss man and makes the rules. Oh what fools people were when they elected this super train wreck to the Oval Office. Now what will the Congress do, absolutely nothing because they know they have betrayed the American people and fear if they impeach Scumbama, some of them will go to prison for various charges. So Scumbama has them right where he wants them, covering his sorry ass!
So, we all write our Congress person and tell them they had better do their duty or,   THERE IS THE DOOR.
Again, we need to find an honest attorney (if that's possible) to represent we the people. We need to take action instead of just complaining about it. Will someone please explain to me why this isn't being done. I really don't understand.Why can't We the People get him impeached?
Contact your Congressman and tell him to remove Obama ASAP. That is their job.

This report is PRECISELY ON TARGET!!


OBAMA has NO authority to order Amercian Troops and Treasure into Harm's Way.  Obama is ONLY Commander in Chief of the Military when CONGRESS DECLARES WAR.  OBAMA and his handlers set a dangerous and an Illegal precident with his unlawful actions of committing Military Intervention and Assets without the REQUIRED APPROVAL OF CONGRESS.  IN THIS INSTANCE CONGRESS HAS NEITHER DECLARED WAR OR APPROVED ANY MILITARY ACTION WHATSOEVER!


Consider this dangerous Precident.....  When America finally wakes up and chooses to remove the Illegal Government Operating out of Washington,DC, Does OBAMA, the illegal occupant of our White House demand UN Protection and intervention by Foreign Military Powers??   Is This Action in LIBYA a precurser to that demand up the Questionable United Nations Powers?


This Government is acting outside of of it's Authority and MUST BE Reigned In.  CONGRESS....  YOUR DUTY  IS AT HAND AND YOUR ACTIONS THAT MUST BE JOINED ARE ALREADY WRITTEN IN YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION..... THE US CONSTITUTION.  Article 1, Section 8   of that Constitution is your job description and may be reviewed at

your earliest but speedy opportunity.



Perhaps this is how Obama gets away with ALL of the un-constitutional insanity coming out of the White House, Congress and the Senate! 

Under The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 a private corporation named, "The District of Columbia", was formed.  It trademarked the names "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT", "United States", "U.S.", "U.S.A.", "USA", and "America". 

Is this the reason why Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro is NOT concerned about his eligibility to be President of the United States of AMERICA, because he was elected to be President of the United States?





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