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By JB Williams  Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let’s establish right up front that not all Democrats are with Obama, and therefore, not all Democrats are on the wrong side of the fight for freedom, liberty and states’ rights. Former Marine and Constitutional Democrat Tim Curtis is running for congress in the heavily Democratic 11th district in Florida, and because Tea Party and 912 folks still think it’s all about R’s and D’s, he has no real support from the so-called “constitutional” movement. What a real shame!

Meanwhile, Democrats in the Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus (aka Democratic Socialists of America) are fully on-board with Obama. But not all Democrats are on-board…

Obama and all who stand with him today - have openly declared war on the states and the American people and Obama & Co. plan to win that ideological war before the average American figures out that they are indeed at war with their federal government for the future of freedom.

The Tenth Amendment under full frontal Assault
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The term “enumerated powers” is no longer part of the legislative lexicon in Washington DC. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the federal government openly attack Tenth Amendment rights on a daily basis. No ‚Äòtheories” are required as the daily assault on the states is now happening in broad daylight.

    * Arizona—is under federal assault for attempting to uphold existing immigration laws within their sovereign state. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put Arizona on notice during a TV interview in Ecuador, announcing on foreign soil that Obama Democrats intend to stop Arizona from exercising its Tenth Amendment right to pass laws which protect and serve the citizens of Arizona. In addition, Obama has now ceded US land to Mexican drug lords. The same story is playing out in California and other places across the nation.
    * New York—is under federal assault for attempting to avoid state bankruptcy by passing an emergency state budget that included the furlough of 100,000 state employees that New York can no longer afford. A federal judge stepped in to block the state passed and signed emergency budget effort. The reason stated by the judge was “the labor unions did not agree to the furloughs,” placing both the Fed and labor unions above the state’s right to balance its own budget and control its own financial condition.
    * Federal Health Care bill—is a direct violation of Tenth Amendment rights and numerous states (20 at present) have joined a federal suit challenging Obama’s “enumerated power” to force national health care upon the states and the people. Obama Democrats are trying to force the court to drop the health care overhaul suit.
    * Federal Agencies—tell the states that they have NO power against the Fed. According to Obama Democrats, federal laws trump state laws and even the US Constitution. Their criminal and civil “rules of procedure” trump everything. On this basis, federal agencies repeatedly notify states that they have no states rights and that the Fed is not in any way limited to “enumerated powers.”
    * The Gulf States—are dying from federal mishandling of the BP oil spill and they are being told that they are powerless and must rely solely upon Obama Democrats to save the gulf and protect their citizens. Arizona already knows how well that turns out…

Remember when Democrats refused to count Florida and Michigan delegate votes in the 2008 Democrat primaries, because the two states wanted to control their own primaries?

The list of full frontal assaults upon states rights is almost endless after eighteen months of Obammunism. Clearly, Obama Democrats are convinced that the Tenth Amendment no longer stands.

Those who beg to differ should follow the works of the Tenth Amendment Center.

Assaults on Individual Rights
Obama Democrats have not only declared war on the states—they have declared war on the vast majority of American citizens as well.

  •     * The right to peacefully assemble is being prosecuted as a “riot” today.
  •     * The right of peaceful redress is being denied on the basis of “no legal standing.”
  •     * Second Amendment rights are being denied by federal laws and the BATF.
  •     * A fundamental right to Life and Liberty is being denied on the basis of a single case precedent.
  •     * The judiciary is creating laws and the legislature is failing in its fundamental duties.
  •     * The White House is functioning like an absolute dictatorship at odds with more than 70% of the people.
  •     * Citizens are being accused of “domestic terrorism” for demanding a return to constitutional government.
  •     * Numerous judges have advised citizens that they have NO standing to question any of it.

The daily assaults on individual freedoms and liberties are coming so fast and furious at this point that the people can’t even keep count - much less provide a legitimate defense. Our system of self-governance has been replaced with an oligarchy made up of a handful of Chicago thugs and international global socialists.

An increasing number of citizens are living under fear of a contrived “state of emergency” followed by “martial law” as they watch ecological, financial and national security threats grow by the hour.

State legislatures are rushing to put Tenth Amendment and Second Amendment protections in place to protect their citizens from an increasing threat coming out of Washington DC on so many fronts that there is no way to defend against them all on a case-by-case basis.
The Potential for a Peaceful Solution

If our federal government were operating within the confines of the US Constitution, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Because it is not operating within the confines of the supreme law of this land, peaceful solutions are very difficult to identify.

Still, every effort must be made to find and use peaceful options before proceeding to much less attractive alternatives. read the rest of this article here. It gives solutions!!!

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Work to impeach Obumer, and kick the rest out.
Hang in there, Susan. There is something in the works... In the meanwhile contact your state legislators and encourage them to seriously consider using nullification. It's a legal protection in place. When the other is ready, I';ll let folks know.
And socialism provides NO incentive to work...whereas capitalism does so. Of course should this go to the Supreme Court, we could be in trouble, since they're all in on Obama's crimes too. And quite a few judges have taken to legislating from the benches too. If we get a liberal Hispanic judge with sympathetic leanings toward the illegals. that won't work so well either, and unfortunately out in this neck of the desert, we seem to have quite a few of those. Even some of our legislature were having a meeting at which the Sonora state officials were complaining about our law, which doesn't even go into effect for about 5 more weeks yet, causing them serious problems with the sudden influx of returnees {seems about 100,000 have gone back in anticipation} and it's straining their infrastructures; some of our legislators sided with them about how terrible and racist this law is too. Funny thing is the ones who did all have Hispanic surnames... It was kind of like a mini version of Calderon's visit, down in Tucson, a couple of weeks ago. And somehow they all seem to manage to forget that about 1/2 our law enforcement officers, including several who have been KIA by illegals, ARE Hispanics too, as well as the fact that the vast majority of our officers haven't been profiling anyone unduly all this time; so why would they suddenly start now? People! So often the start mouth without first engaging brain; assuming they have the latter. Oh.. logic is something that somehow escapes the liberal mind; I guess they're too open or something and it falls right out.
Is there any freedom loving American not at the point of scratching our finger nails off in frustration.......beating ourselves up searching for the right answer, right time, RIGHT NOW?? If only..........??????
Probably not, at this point; I think we're all getting to the stage where banging our heads against the "brick wall' of an unresponsive government has most about like a full powder room with a lit match a bit too close. It seems like every avenue we try has been blocked or ignored, on the legal front, and many are talking grabbing the guns and just invading DC. There is something coming down the pike that is legal, still and may, with a little luck, avoid it having to go to that point. I do think encouraging state legislatures and governors to seriously look at and exercise nullification is a good avenue too and the 2 can work together. I do understand the urge to blow something up, at this point.. but why not let it be Obama who does the "blowing up" instead? Not literally, but figuratively speaking.
Good plan, and there's something coming down the pike that will go right along with that perfectly. Keep the faith; we haven't yet begun to fight!
That, my friend, is what nullification is all about; encourage your state government to declare it.
Were do we assemble.



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