No amount of warning can raise citizens of the United States to reality. Sinister forces, of which Barack Obama is the primary tool, continues to create distractions that take the American attention away from the consolidation of control over every element of American infrastructure designed to enslave the nation.  There is only a small window to defeat the evil political conspiracy that will shackle every American under the age of 50 into slavery.  The rest of us are expendable and will be of no value nor of any threat to the destruction being leveled on the United States.

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Thanks. Obama is nothing to write home about.

WE the People must and should uphold the United States Constitution.  As a former military officer, I remember the day I took the oath with pride, " I swear that I will uphold and defend the United States and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic...".  I am waiting for the word to defend this Great Country against the present domestic enemy sitting in the White House, namely Barrack Hussein Obama, not born in the United States and is not a "natural born" citizen.  He has fooled the majority of the United States citizens and continues his rogue tyrannical government.

I remember the oath that I took in 1969 when I joined the Army.

i think maybe the time is now soldier this border crises and border patrol stand down orders has started a whole new ball game and homeland security aka muslim brotherhood is killing us as i speak.thanks for your service and we need leaders like you to lead our american people in this revolution that must happen.

 bho's buddy owns the rail line shipping oil from Canada. Political pay back for telling us that his secretary pays more taxes than he does keepong his followers,the ObamaMites,in the dark!!!

It's all about MONEY, POWER AND BELITTLING THE USA.  Obama wants to make the USA a third nation, to break us, destroy everything our forefathers wanted the USA to be.  And what is disturbing is that there are many citizens that believe in what he is doing.  Their heads are in the sand and have been brainwashed by the Obama administration.  He is bleeding our nation dry.  We must open our eyes and start to fight any way possible to rid our nation of his terror.  He has found the root of all evil by finding what everyone has a problem with: race, employment, money, taking whatever a person finds distasteful and using it against us.  We, as a nation, now hate each other and want to destroy each other.  Where is the love for mankind?  He is destroying our faith, the one item that our nation was built strongly upon.  Are you, yes YOU, going to allow this.  God loves all of us, even the ones that are starting this evil within us. All people are different, even twins have differences.  Obama and his group are using the differences to destroy each of us.  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.  The differences in people are what make OUR NATION GREAT.  CAN'T YOU SEE THIS?  Yes, all nations have problems and make mistakes, this is human.  We are not perfect, but we learn from our mistakes.  I HOPE!  We need Canada to start shipping their oil to us. We need that pipeline to help us with jobs, employment and HOPE.  Anything that is good for the USA, Obama is against.  If you are one of his followers...OPEN UP YOUR EYES AND SEE WHAT HE IS DOING TO OUR COUNTRY.  OR just leave the USA and go to Russian, Mexico, or any other third country, because that's where you belong.  Obama's administration does not appreciate the growth, intelligence, experience and the love of making a difference in the world.  WE INVENT, TEACH, HELP OTHERS, PROTECT AND CREATE NEW IDEAS TO MAKE THE REST OF THE WORLD ENVIOUS OF US.

That's why Obama hates us, wants to rip us apart and make us a third nation.  If he loved the USA, he would not be destroying us like he is.

WE MUST PROTECT OURSELVES FROM HIS EVIL.  Who do you think created all these distractions so we would not notice what he truly is doing to our nation and our people. The distractions are: the IRS WITH LOIS LERNER, THE VA PROBLEMS, THE WAR WITH ISRAEL AND HAMAS, ERASING GOD FROM OUR COUNTRY, NOT ABIDING BY THE LAWS FOR THE BORDER, PROTECTING OUR NATION FROM ILLEGALS INVADING OUR BORDERS, USING THE MINORITIES AGAINST THE MAJORITY..like abortion using this against people who believe in God and that abortion is wrong in their eyes and much more.  Don't people of religion have rights anymore? Trying to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which we as a nation our governed by. These are just a few of his distractions.  Oh, don't forget, the Congress and the Judicial system are part of the government that keeps our nation a government.  Our nation is not just ruled by the President, that is called a dictatorship.

This is about cutting the population of the USA.. This is orders from the NWO, NAU, all of it.. The Bilderbergers, etc...This is about obama's CHANGE, the Transformation of the USA, is all about... To transform something, you have to bring it to a halt, and start OVER.. Look the word up...

We are in deep chit, and this is why he did not go down to the Border. His arse is afraid of being infected.

This is not just happening to us, its all over the GLOBE.. 

Google what Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have been doing for the last six years or so...The two have been working on population control.... Yes Mr.Microsoft...(Melinda Gates, remember it) He wife is going to become more well known as she is showing up in my POLL questions...That video told it all.. Most frightening.. If you didn't watch all of the VIDEO, go back and absorb every word. URGENT.

 I have been trying to wake people on blogs with the same things you point out. Smart Americans understand and see what is happening. The ObamaMites as I call them( in your face insect  pests that won't go away) can not be reasoned with. When I get one of their racist,radical responses,I ignore it because there is no reasoning with them.I tried for a whie but they go off subject accusing in attack mode. I have heard that they get payed to argue by the demorat party. If that is true,I am hoping to starve them out by not responding.

Dear Geraldine...I AGREE WITH YOU! And when are we ALL going to stop bitching/complaining and join together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and do something positive for our Country? We need to put ALL our differences(and all the differences the president and his corrupt administration) have distracted us and FACE/ATTEND to the REAL problem and we all know what that is.

Something else I thought about while laying in bed the other evening.."We the People..." are paying the Secret Service, FBI, CIA etc to PROTECT our President from harm and HE is stealing "We the People's..." country right from under our noses! What do the American people NOT see and how can they not come to terms with what is going on!?! With these people coming into OUR country over the South border the terrorists are getting such a foothold...THIS IS DANGEROUS...this a major threat to our lives!!! I could go on for ours. I have my first grandchild being born in October and what kind of world are we allowing happen???


bho is bringing in  12million muslims from Russia in on Political Asylum. You know that Putin protects his people from them by killing them when they cause trouble  just like the rest of the so called tyrant leaders. Why? That's all they understand and the only way they can be stopped. bho also told a top u.n official that America will be a muslim nation by 2016. bho also holds a u.n. seat which is unlawful for him to do. The communist party backed the DemoRat Party in 2008 and 2012 throwing a lot of money their way. ObamaMites are in denial of that fact. The muslims also support the dem's.

Our voting system is corrupt!!! It would take an overwhelming amount of registered Patriots voting for the same person to defeat any DemoRatic nominee.

God bless Col. Ryley for trying & I hope that everyone who threw a wrench into the movement gets what they deserve!!!

  Warren Buffet owns that railroad if memory correct..

I thought that at first also. Now I think it's more to protect the oil interests of his BFFs in the Middle East.
If we every opened up keystone, it would set back the sheiks 100 years.
As long as they can produce and sell their oil, they can fund the terrorists and the mega-mosques popping up everywhere around the globe.
God, please hear our prayers and make this evil president go far, far away.



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