Constitutional Emergency


No amount of warning can raise citizens of the United States to reality. Sinister forces, of which Barack Obama is the primary tool, continues to create distractions that take the American attention away from the consolidation of control over every element of American infrastructure designed to enslave the nation.  There is only a small window to defeat the evil political conspiracy that will shackle every American under the age of 50 into slavery.  The rest of us are expendable and will be of no value nor of any threat to the destruction being leveled on the United States.

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Americans are on it.       This a.m. I met with Patriots, at an Overpass on Freeway 5, in Carlsbad, California.       Many Flags, signs, etc. and a huge bumper to bumper California traffic going South to San Diego right under us.       The reception was amazing, horns honking all over the place, more people joining, all the time.      People from several areas, some as far as 40 miles away.      Upon discussion, it was found they were all there, primarily due to the Illegal Human Trafficking, but they also mentioned the IRS, the Va, and one poor man told of his insurance deductible going to $16,000!!       One of the good things about this, is there were a lot of Tourists, from other parts of the Country, seeing this going on in most Liberal of Liberal States.        I sincerely hope each and every one of you attended a Rally.     Talking is great, but Numbers count.  Until every single American, who desires to preserve our Country ,gets out there on the Front Line, we do not win.

This is great news ... Jo Gonzalez ... however, I just hope it isn't all too late ... those in power ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP WITHOUT A FIGHT OF SOME KIND .... all our rallies, faxing congress critters, etc is ALL BEING IGNORED as they DON'T CARE.  Do you realize they are following alinsky's playbook and demonizing all of us who disagree with the present policies being forced on us ... we are racists, etc etc.  Any label they can lay on us they do.  Of course, it isn't true and I for one am tired of it their tactics but that doesn't stop them either.

Sharilyn, I too, hope we are not "beyond repair", but, as long as the light of Freedom, shines in our hearts and souls, and there are still enough of us left, to remember what a Republic is, and it's value, we cannot despair and give up.       I'm from Texas, and we may die with "our boots on" but fight to the end.

My mother and I have a very good devout Christian friend from Honduras who is in her mid 40's.  And, she is even against what is taking place on the border. She says that most of them coming do not have jobs or food, she says, if they were to stay in Honduras, and IF this gov. would just give the right people there just a little bit of money, they can live off of cents per day there. She said it doesn't take much to take care of them there.  But, NOOO, Obeyme wants to bring them here so he can spend four billion dollars on them and further bankrupt us.

If these people can pay a coyote, big bucks,(7,000) they have money.. This is being organized by your own government.. You can Rally all you want, but remember this, They are going to kill as many of us as they possibly can...The reason they are bringing in these sick people is to spread these diseases and create a Pandemic that will finish the job...   I don't think many of you watched the Video above. You have to watch it. These diseases you can't fight unless you see it coming, and they are invisible. They are allowing this into the General Population.

Please watch the video...


Then there are those that are FED up with this demonic administration and waiting for the "Let's Roll" or "Lock and Load" command.  I am one who is FED up with this arrogant Barrack H. Obama!

 These poor children were kidnapped by so called care workers. bho contracted the kidnapping of these children as well as opening to the gang members who are raping girls on the obammacamps. bho needs to be tried & convicted.

There's only a few children....take another look people......those are basically grown men coming!!!!! (An army?)

The weak are easy to manipulate, they are helpless, and must take what they can get, when starving, one cares little who arrives with food.      This evil manner of exploiting people goes on all over the World, but, pretty much we have been more insulated than other Countries.        However, we now are forced to welcome the Third World, thanks to Obama.         These Children who are being Human Trafficked, will, if given the chance, stay in this Country, grow up on our Dollar, then breed Children, who will automatically become American Citizens.       No knowledge of our History, of our Culture, only interested in Obama's Great giveaway, and they will eventually keep voting for the Freebies.

 If you talk to anyone who works in the oil industry they will tell you that oil is a natural resource,we will not run out of it. That's why they fill wells with water and cap them. During the construction of the Alaskan Pipe Line the largest oil well ever found was capped off by( BP if I remember correctly). The Fed's and the state of Alaska put so many restrictions on it that it took much longer to build and cost more. IMHO as Gov. of Alaska Palin knew of this and could have relaxed st. restrictions. She screamed,"drill baby drill," when she knew there was enough oil capped off and we didn't need to drill!! Read: America's Non-Energy Crisis written by a missionary sent there to to council workers. He was there form day one until work was completed.If I remember correctly the author is Lindsy Williams.It is a thick book with pictures and locations of all wells at that time.

Robbie ... you remember correctly.  Author is Lindsay Williams.  I believe you can still read and print out the book online.  It was very interesting read.  He is still warning Americans that will listen to him today.  Google his name and one can listen to some of his information.



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