Constitutional Emergency

Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face.... Moochelle dines on lobster, caviar, and truffles.

One way of getting the military to rise up and maybe execute a military coup (?) is to starve them out in the field.

Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face


If only American soldiers in Afghanistan were unemployed Democratic voters in Chicago, then they might be getting three square meals a day from the government.


But the military is the one place that Obama feels comfortable slashing expenses. While spending at an uncontrollable rate unseen since the last days of the Roman Empire in every other area, Obama has been cutting “waste” in the military like 20,000 Marines, Tricare healthcare for veterans and breakfast for soldiers serving in areas where he would only venture accompanied by heavy firepower.

Warren Buffett and other crony capitalists can pig out on Obama’s trillion dollar deficits. As for the troops. Let them ear MRE’s.

The Army has stopped serving cooked breakfasts to some of the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan as part of its drawdown, a move that prompted troops to write home asking their families and friends to send care packages with cereal, breakfast bars and other foods.

The Army told the Washington Guardian the current cutbacks began Jan. 1, and affect about 2,700 soldiers deployed in forward operating bases in more remote areas of Afghanistan.

The Washington Guardian reported earlier this month that the current budget crisis in Congress prompted Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to write a memo order preparations for sweeping budget cuts across all military programs to begin as early as next month.

Officials stressed other comforts at the forward operating bases may also soon be reduced, such as laundry and recreation, as officials look for other ways to reduce the American footprint in advance of departing the country.

They said the meal cutbacks are currently affecting forward operating bases in more remote areas of Afghanistan and not affecting the main American bases in Kabul and Kandahar.

Exit questions. How many cooked breakfasts for soldiers would Obama’s 20 million dollar Hawaii vacations and the 1.4 billion that his clan’s non-stop partying buy?


While American soldiers go hungry, here is what Obama and his corrupt cronies had for their inaugural lunch.

First Course: Steamed Lobster with New England Clam Chowder Sauce, Sautéed Spinach, Sweet Potato Hay Second Course: Hickory-Grilled Bison with Red Potato Horseradish Cake, Butternut Squash Purée, Baby Golden Beets and Green Beans, Strawberry Preserve and Red Cabbage Third Course: Hudson Valley Apple Pie with Sour Cream Ice Cream, Artisan Cheeses Wines: Tierce Finger Lakes Dry Riesling (2010), Korbel Natural, Special Inaugural Cuvée California Champagne, Bedell Cellars Merlot (2009)

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were humanitarian social workers compare to Barack and Michelle Obama.

UPDATE: Here are some comments by current and former service members


How outrageous – when I was in the US Army – it was a requirement that they provide 3 hot meals a day unless in field. Failure to provide that was grounds for an immediate honorable discharge.

Warrant Officer US Army/US Army Reserves 1977-1986


I’m over here in Afghanistan right now and it’s no “crock”. I’m on Bagram and they just stopped hot breakfasts here as of 1 Feb. This isn’t about winning or losing it’s about what the current President is doing against the country he is supposed to support.


I’m glad I got out when I did. There were two things in Afghanastan worth looking forward to. Going Home, and hot meals. Now the hot meals were not exactly gourmet, but they got you through the day.


When I ran a mess hall it was stressed to us to do the very best job possible because meals are part of a soliders pay. This is a violation of soliders’ rights. Where is Congress on this?


First off as a vet, I will tell you flat out no one serving active duty is going hungry. That accusation is just ridiculous in its face. Second I think it is really nasty that the government has cut back on giving active duty troops a warm breakfast but military is typically one disappointment after another. Be that disappointment about available duty stations, watch rotations, time allowed for liberty or just a phone call home, and so on. So as a veteran, I deeply sympathize but this is really just one more disappointment from bureaucrats, republican or democrats, who have no idea what it’s like to be deployed. This is however an awesome opportunity for all those who say they support the troops, to put their money where their mouth is by sending care packages. Here are a few trustworthy links:

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That's why ALL OF CONGRESS, SENATE, THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, AND PRESIDENT WITH ALL THE OTHER REMAINING OFFICES SHOULD HAVE TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY FOR AT LEAST 2 YEARS before being elected. THAT SHOULD BE SPECIFIED IN OUR CONSTITUTION.  WHO EVER HEARD OF A PRESIDENT BEING IN COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE MILITARY AND NEVER SERVED A DAY IN HIS LIFE IN THE MILITARY.  How can anyone without the knowledge of what entails about Military... command the military?  Come on, that is the most stupid move in the world.  When you are serving in COMBAT ZONES YOU MAKE SURE THOSE MILITARY PEOPLE GET ENOUGH FOOD, CLEAN CLOTHES, MEDICS AND ANY OTHER NEEDED PREPARATIONS TO TAKE CARE OF THEM.  You do not cut their supplies.  Here the Obama administration is living high on the hog, while the men and women in war are going without.  NO, THAT HAD BETTER NOT HAPPEN.  IF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DOES WANT TO TAKE CARE OF THE MILITARY IN THE CORRECT WAY....THEN BRING THEM HOME TODAY.  DO NOT PUT OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN HARMS WAY.  Our elected officials, especially the Obama family, gouges on expensive foods, vacations and other trips of expense while our troops go without.  BRING OUR TROOPS HOME.  WAKE UP AMERICA, CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING?????

Obama & his unholy administration, are the worst hypocrites in modern American history. They brazenly eat like a herd of privileged swine while our troops are being used for Muslim target practice & suicide bombers. With our modern capabilities, there is absolutely zero justification for our troops to not have 3-hot squares a day otherwise they are not operating at maximum efficiency, and therefore could pose a danger to themselves and their fellow soldiers. Obama is supposed to be their Commander-In-Chief, but he is a sorry excuse for one, and if Congress had any conscience or spine, he would be impeached for this and other impeachable offenses.

So does this cut-back on warm Breakfast meals only affect the lowly grunt, or does this affect all Officers too?

I'm betting that I already know the answer.

Most in James statement is garbage. Money for the soldiers come from taxes and now James wants us to pay more taxes and then pay another tax upon top of what the government has stolen from America already. Sure, make the American people cough up more money now to buy boots, because obozo will take them away or socks, or uniforms, lol, guns?  Next thing will happen is obozo will tell the soldiers overseas to find their own way home because he needs more vacations and million dollar meals, OR according to James, "This is however an awesome opportunity for all those who say they support the troops, to put their money where their mouth is by sending care packages." Destroy America is the order of the day and they are succeeding at unbelieveable pace. That's exactly what obozo wants, is for Americans to send all they have to this and to that and go broke and give all their money to the government so he and his commie cronies steal more money.

I got to say as a career soldier GIVE me C Rats or MRE's over hot meals any day of the week.  And this is from the point of view of a ground combat soldier.

1)  Not sure when the chopper will arrive this am/pm for a A rats.  Often we have moved out already or busy entrenching for the night.  Chopper only forces everyone to try and stop and or work around it.  been there done that

2)  Its raining and its pouring and has been for 2 friggin days...I have stood in line waiting on some chow served up in a paper plate and the rain is filling the mermite cans, there is more water in the eggs then I have in my canteen, been there done this way too many times

3)  Headcount/unit count:  Often is off and that chopper is on a breakfast or dinner tour and we are last stop.  Food is cold, rain water soaked, no bread, not enough to go around and what is left is the grease, and liquid at the bottom and I don't even have bread to put it on, been there done that

4)  Mission conflict:  We got hit at 0300 and are engaged in heavy contact we need 5.56 bad and full complement of basic ammo load ASAP...and this is DAY 2, we are pinned, FO is plotting to call for direct fire support on our position if it intensifies, get me CAS, NOW...been there done that.

In the 1st Cav units I was with we timed socks stuffed with C rat cans on either side of our rucksack, you can get 2 meals per sock, that is 4 meals.

So for this old combat soldier, let me eat when I can I am busy can you call back LATER for the rest, you know, the sick, lame and lazy crowd, please do NOT eat up my MRE's...

Great post, 17 Oaks!  As I told Tony in an earlier post, my deep pantry's stocked with MRE's (the stuff you can get at places like Emergency Essentials) and it'll do the job just fine if we have to get it on again! 

Why don't we send all of CONGRESS AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION overseas to fight the wars they have allowed.  THOSE ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE DOING nothing of value here, so maybe they can do something responsible in the WAR ZONES THEY CREATED.  I think that would be a fair trade.   If anyone of those elected officials get killed, maimed or injured in any way....they can apply for help at the VA Administration.  That means they would have the same benefits as the rest of the military.  Let them also live like all the regular soldiers on limited rations, unclean conditions due to war torn areas, lots of ammunition with faulty weapons, loud and heavy artillery, and the enemy trying to kill them.  LET'S SEE IF THEY CAN SURVIVE IN THOSE CONDITIONS...AS THE REGULAR SOLDIER HAS TO.

what do you expect from that POS

Well, military when will you march with us to take back our country?

Betz, I always pray for our military and hope they will stand with US AMERICANS against the enemy within.

Stay locked and loaded. More and more people around me have weapons.

God bless you all.

What should be desirable is that the higher military echelons, not the Joint Chiefs because they are devoted to protecting their careers and pensions, begin to formulate a plan to neutralize the Obama administration and give the conservative side of Congress the support they need.  And, there are hundreds of retired officers, from Generals to Captains, who can swell up the ranks to make a huge impact, and elicit the public following.

And to add insult to injury, BHO, while cutting meals for the troops, he will use the same troops to confiscate civilian fireamrs; which is a breach of Constituitonal Rights.  Of course, that is no Big Deal, as BHO has now twice sworn to Protect Enforce and Defend the Constitution; then merely goes about HIS Personal Agenda to implement new laws which are unconsitutional and ignore other Consitutional Laws.



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